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Publication numberUS2025101 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 24, 1935
Filing dateJun 11, 1935
Priority dateJun 11, 1935
Publication numberUS 2025101 A, US 2025101A, US-A-2025101, US2025101 A, US2025101A
InventorsAbraham Halpin
Original AssigneeAbraham Halpin
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Portable receptacle
US 2025101 A
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Dec. 24, 1935. A. HALPIN PORTABLE RECEPTACLE Filed June 11, 1935 l moval of articles is facilitated.

Patented Dec. 24,v 1935 UNITED STATES PATENT OFI-iler.V

3 Claims.

This invention relates to portable receptacles and has among its objects the provision of an improved device of the character described adapted for particularly advantageous and convenient use as a' traveling bag, and whereby packingnand re- Another object of the invention is the provision of a device of the type mentioned having relatively few and simplerparts so arranged and constructed as to require a minimum of time, labor and material in manufacture.

A further object of the invention is to furnish a device of the type mentioned characterized by arigid bottom wall and an otherwise wholly pliable bag body, together with yieldable but sufciently stift reenforcing means to maintain the body in shape and to facilitate an even distribution of the stress exerted by a handle connected to the body for carrying the device, and so as to prevent the pliable body from distorting or rela.- tively collapsing under the stress of the handle.

A further object of the invention is to construct a device of the class alluded to having- .a main compartment, and an auxiliary compartment therein, both compartments independently -ac cessible through individual openings remote'from each other, whereby diierent types of articles in' tended for different uses or at different times may be handled separately, and the device being highly compact, durable, neat and efiicient in use.

Other objects and advantages" of the invention will become apparent as the `specification proceeds.

With the aforesaid objects in view, the invention consists in the novel combinations and arrangements of parts hereinafter described in their preferred embodiments, pointed out in the sub.

joined claims, and illustrated in the annexed drawing, wherein like parts are designated by the same reference characters throughout theseveral views.

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is an isometric perspective view showing a closed device embodying the invention.

Fig. 2 is a similar view of the open device lying on a side to facilitate packing, by reason of the arrangement of the device.

Fig.` 3 is a similar view of the device in upright position and maintained'only partially open toy retain articles in the lower part of the bag.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged vertical sectional view. taken on the transverse line 4 4 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 5 is a horizontal sectional diagrammatic view taken on the line 5-5 of Fig. 4.

ltion or layer I5.

Fig. 6 is a fragmentary tic sectional view taken on the line 6-6 of Fig. 4. I

The advantages of the invention as here outlined are best realized when all of its features and instrumentalities are combined in one and the 5 same structure, but, useful devices may be produced embodying less than the whole.

It will be obvious to those skilled in theart to which the invention Vapperta-ins, that the same may be incorporated in several different construc- 10 tions. The accompanying drawing, therefore, is submitted merely as showing the preferred exemplication of the invention.

Referring in detail to the drawing, I0 denotes a device embodying the invention. The same may reside in a portable receptacle having a bag comprising top and end walls I I, I2, respectively, consisting preferably of a single strip of pliable or flexible material, such as leather, composition or textile fabric. x

The bag I0 may include a plurality of side walls I3, I4 likewise preferably consisting of a single strip or sheet of a material similar to that of the Walls Il and I2, and comprising a bottom por- The bag I0 may have a bottom wall I6 stiffened or reenforced throughout so as to be rigid,` and may comprise rigid material for this purpose. For

\ example, the bottom wall may include a reenforcing slab or panel I1 of wood or composition, ex- 30 tending substantially throughout the bottom. This slab, if desired, may be covered by a sheet of textile fabric I8 infolded as at I9 around the ends and sides of the slab.

Underlying the end portions of the slab or panel I1, the end walls I2 may have portions 20 infolded for securement.

The layer I5 may underlie the panel I1 and the portions 20 and may be secured thereto by continuous transverse lines of stitching 2l at the 40 ends of the bag. Rivets 22 may interconnect the panels and the parts I5 and 22 at the corners of. the bag, and may afford heads to support the bag on the ground.

It is thus seen that the bag consists in the main of two pieces f material. .One piece-provides the top and end walls Il and I2 and is longitudinally curved or arched over the bottom. 'Ijhe other piece provides the side walls I3, I4 and the under the bottom, being concaved upward and -transversely thereof 1in contradistinction to the finishing bottom layer I5 and extending 50 l covered by a piece of fabric handle is equalized over the top tained by the side walls means such as 3|, 3Ia are also may be suitably interconnected, affording a bag that can be constructed with the least cutting, tting, sewing or other fabrication of parts and having a high degree of strength.

A handle 23 may be suitably connected as at 24 to the top wall II. To prevent longitudinal and transverse collapse or distortion of the top wall by the pull exerted thereon by the handle in carrying the bag, suitable reenforclng means may be provided as will now be described.

The reenforcements referred to include longitudinal strip means 25 extending continuously along and secured to the top and end Walls II,' I2 and in close proximity to the side wallsv I3, I4, down to the bottom wall of the bag and substantially to the anchorage at the rivets 22. A reenforcement 26, consisting of a slab 26 of wood or the like may underlie the top wall and may be 21 stitched to the top wall by a line of stitching 28 extending continuously around the reenforcement 26. The latter may have side edges lying in relative prox- Since the means the pull of th'e wall and directly transmitted to the reenforcements 25 which act like cables to carry the bottom wall. The curved path of these cable 'like reenforcements is main--` I3, I4 which continuously suspend the bottom wall and act as a uniform suspension means. Thus the shape of the pliable bag body is maintained.

If desired, one or more slide fasteners 29, 30 may be provided between portions of the top and end walls, and the side walls. Due to the proximity of the reenforcements 25, the latter are combined with the slide fasteners in imitary constructions. Preferably strip reenforcement provided along the edges of the side walls on the opposite sides of the slide fasteners relative to the reenforceimity to the reenforcements 25. 24 is connected to the slab 26,

' ments 25.

' the adjacent infolded edge of the adjoining wall of the receptacle. A plurality of 4lines of stitching 35 may continuously interconnect the side wall with the strip 34 and the stringer 33 by passing therethrough. At the slide fastener 30, a pouch 36 may be provided openable by the slide fastener and suspended within the bag from the reenforcements 25 and 3Ia as by having edge portions 31 of the pouch continuously inserted into the cor-f-` responding reenforcements 25 vand 3Ia and se; cured therein by the stitching 35. Details of the Cpouch will be later described. It is noted 'that the slide fastener 29 extends substantially down bag. This permits the bag to be placed on a side as shown in Fig. 2 and opened wide with the wall I4 constituting a iiap. 'I'hus the bag may be packed with great convenience. If it should be desired to open the bag in upright position to remove an article without dumping the contents in the lower part of the bag, auxiliary holding means to limit the opening without affecting the freedom of the slide fastener may example, short straps or tabs 36 may be aflixed to the end walls I2 of the bag within the same and may have detachable or snap fastener engagement as at 39 with the side wall I4 intermediate to the bottom Wall |601' the be provided. For' the upper and lower ends thereof. If the flap or side wall I4 is now opened, regardless of the degree of opening of the slide fastener, the lower portion of said side wall remains closed to retain the contents in the lower part of the bag. 5

. midway down the side wall The slide fastener 30 extends only substantially I3 and terminates at 40. 'I'his slide fastener controls the pouch 36 w is ti hich consists of a thin limp fabric or rubber and closed at the bottom 4I and at the lower poron of its ends as at 42. 'I'he upper portions of its ends as well as its upper edges are secured along opposite edges of the slide fastener and the pouch is thus sustained, principally by the adjacent reenforcement 25. 'Ihe pouch 36 may receive articles such as shoes. a wet bathing suit,

and the like.

It will be seen thatt'his device lends itself to rapid and simple manufacture, as the reenforcements mentioned can be quickly attached, and 20 the bag then assembled.

The manner of using the invention will now be used as shown in Fig. 2, and pouch 36 can be distributed articles in the limp to suit the packing,

and a desired article removed or inserted in the 30 position shown in Fig. 3.

When packed, the andbag maintains its shape, and will not lose its form by stretching, distortion or the like.

two slide fasteners,

If desired,` the slide fastener 29 may comprise each beginning at 40 and 35 terminating at a midpoint 45, indicated in Fig.

opened downward to ends so that the straps the slide fasteners can be any desired degree at both 38 may be eliminated.

. In this manner Of course a single slide fastener is cheaper, andl 40 straps 38 aiTord positive action. It will be appreciated that various changes nd modificationsv may be made in the device as shown in the-drawing, and that the same is submitted in an illustrative and not in a limiting 45 sense, the scope of the invention being defined in the following claims.

wall of rigid material, top and 'side walls con- 50 n I claim: 1. A portable receptacle including a bottom sisting of pliable material, the top wall being in the shape of an arc of large radius, reenforcements extending continuously along the meeting lines between the top and side walls and between the end and side walls and being secured to the bottom wall,

a slide fastener extending ontinuously between one side wall and the top nd end walls, a handle, and a stress distributing plate of rigid material connected to the handle and extending along the top wall and being xed to the latter in proximity to said reenforcements. a

ing a sheet'of material 2. A portable receptacle including a bag havproviding a bottom wall and side walls extending upward therefrom, a second sheet of material providing a top wall and downwardly extending therefrom, the

top, side, end and bottom walls being interconend walls and at least one able to constitute 'the said and the connection between the top and side wall being releasside wall, an openable for the bag, a stiil'ening means bottom wall, reenforcement strips exnected,

tending along the lines of connection between' the side walls andthe top'and end walls, a sup- 75 porting handle connected to the top wall, and means connecting the handle to the top wall in relative proximity to and between the reenlorcements to cause the stress exerted by the handle on the top wall in lifting the bag to be communicated by the reenforcements downward toward the region of the bottom wall.

i 3. A portable receptacle including an elongated normally uprlght bag having a downwardly 10 openable pliable side wall to permit the bag to be packed when lying in a horizontal position, a slide fastener closure for said sidewall, andl releasable attaching means independent of the ende closure and located at the ends bf the said side wall in spaced relation to the remote ends of the `slide fastener for limitingthe degree of opening of the side wall regardless of whether the 'slide fastener is fully open.

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