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Publication numberUS2027921 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 14, 1936
Filing dateJan 27, 1934
Priority dateJan 27, 1934
Publication numberUS 2027921 A, US 2027921A, US-A-2027921, US2027921 A, US2027921A
InventorsMarcus Charles Lionel
Original AssigneeParfums Corday Inc
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US 2027921 A
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Jan 14 1,936l c, L .MARCUS 2,027,921

COSMETAIC Filed Jan. 27, 1934 2 l MMM lynmxi f l l mmm v /O I 2 `i i 1 Mj- I 35/ 1H 5 INVENTOR *A1 Y B l 5 y i; 36 ATi ORNEY Patented Jan. 14, 1936 PATENT OFFICE COSMETIC Charles Lionel Marcus, Mamaroneck, N. Y., as-

signor to Parfums Corday, Inc., New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application January 27, 1934, Serial No. 708,599

3 Claims.

This invention relates to cosmetics. It is particularly directed to a package containing a lip stick holder and a lip stick rell container.

An object of this invention is to provide a package of the character described having the lip stick holder and the rell container of the same size and arranged in compartments of a case, side by side, the refill container having there in a lip` stick refill adapted to be placed Within the lip stick holder.

A further object of this invention is to provide a refill container constructed to protect the rouge stick contained therein and having transparent portions to permit the purchaser to observe the colo-r of the rouge stick, one end of the container being formed with an opening to permit air to enter the container.

A still further object of this invention is to provide a sealed lip stick container made of transparent material and having a sheet wrapped around the inner surface of the container and simulating a decorative coating for the inner surface of the container.

Another object of this invention is to provide alip stick refill container from which the stick of rouge may be easily removed without mashing or distorting the same or staining the hands.

Still another object of this invention is to provide a neat and compact package of the character 30 described, which shall be comparatively inexpensive to manufacture, easy to carry about the person, which will retain the rei-lll in sanitary condition, and which shall withal be attractive in appearance and practical and efficient to a high 5 degree.

Other objects of this invention will in part be obvious and in part hereinafter pointed out.

The invention accordingly consists in the fea- H tures of construction, combinations of elements,

*"J and arrangement of parts which will be exempliied in the construction hereinafter described, and of Which the scope of application will be indicated in the following claims.

45 In the accompanying drawing, in which is shown one of the various possible illustrative embodiments off this invention,

Fig. 1 is a top plan View of a package embodying the invention, with the cover removed;

0 Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional View taken on line 2-2 of Fig. 1

Fig. 3 is a side elevational view of the lip stick rell;

Fig. 4 is an axial cross-sectional View of the refill container;


(Cl. 20G-46) Fig. 5 is a cross-sectional view taken on line 5 5 of Fig. 4; and

Fig. 6 is a side elevational view of the lip stick holder showing the Ylip stick in projected position, with parts broken away to show the in- 5 terior construction.

Referring now in detail to the drawing, I5 designates a package embodying the invention and comprising a box ll consisting of a case l2 and a cover I3. The case I2 is provided With a 10 bottom wall I 4, side walls l5 and end walls It. Interconnecting the end walls is a central partition Il parallel to the side Walls I5. The bottom wall l2 is formed with a ilange IIB around the sides and ends thereof projecting beyond 15 the side and end Walls.

The cover I3 comprises a top wall 2i) and walls 2l slidably contacting the side walls l5 and end walls I6 of the case. The partition ll dividesv the case into two chambers 24 and 25. Mounted 20 Within one of the chambers 24 is my improved lip stick rell container 26; and within the other chamber is a lip stick holder 2l. The lip stick holder 2l may be of any suitable construction and is preferably of the type wherein the stick of 25 rouge is projected upon turning the bottom end 28. To this end there is fixed in the holder a member or sleeve 3l having a double helical groove 3 la. Attached to the bottom 28 is a sleeve 28a rotating within Xed sleeve 3I and having 30 diametrically disposed longitudinal slots 28h. A cup 29 is slidably mounted within the holder and provided with a cross bar 30 having ends 30a projecting through slots 28h and into helical grooves 3f 3| a. d

The refill member or container 26 comprises a cylindrical tube made of any suitable transparent rigid material, such as glass, and having a bottom wall 36. The tube 35 is preferably transparent and is open at the upper end thereof. Received over the upper end of the glass tube is a cap 3l made ofa nitrocellulose substance such as viscoloid, or any other suitable material, and having a top wall 38 and a cylindrical side wall 39 contacting and receiving the upper end of the 4" glass tube. The top wall 33 is preferably provided with a slit or opening 40.

The viscoloid cap may be adhered to the glass by heat or pasted thereto in any other suitable manner to prevent removal of the cap Without breaking the same. To open the tube the top of the cap may be torn away and for this purpose the cap is made of a material which may readily be torn. Wrapped about the bottom edge of the cap and about the tube is a strip of paper 42 55 which may be in the form of a label serving to attach to the tube a folded strip of paper 44 containing advertising matter and lying longitudinally of the tube. There is wrapped around the inner surface of said tube 3'5 a sheet 45 of foil or other decorative flexible sheet material. Within the container is deposited a stick 46 of lip rouge, having wrapped therearound a sheet 41 of tissue paper. The wrapped sheet of tissue paper 41 preferably projects from opposite ends of the stick of rouge, so that the bottom end thereof will contact the bottom wall 36 of the container. Should the container be held bottom side up, the top edge of the rolled sheet 41 will contact the cap portion 38. In this manner the rouge stick is prevented from contacting and smudging either the bottom wall 36 or the wall 38 of the cap. The refill stick of lip rouge 46 may be mounted Within the holder 27 to replace the stick of rouge therein.

The stick 46 may be mounted within the holder by first removing the piece of lip stick remaining within the cup 29 and then forcing the bottom end of the stick Within said cup and onto the rod 30. The container 26 and theholder 2 are of substantially the same size andr fit Within the similar chambers 24 and 25.

Packing lip stick rells in foil is disadvantageous in that when the foil is removed, the lip stick gets out of shape, and moreover, since the lip rouge is soft, in removing the foil the nails dig into the same. Furthermore, with a foil covering it is impossible to see the color of the rouge without removing the foil. With the improved refill container herein described, the color of the rouge may be seen either from the bottom or top of the tube.

The glass tube acts as a protector for the refill stick and prevents same from being mashed or distorted in handling. The tube 35 is sealed and `the lip stick reaches the user in exactly thek same condition as when placed in the reiill container by the manufacturer, Since the lip stick cannot be removed without breaking the seal at the top of the container, the user is assured that no one else has tried the same on her lips.

The cap is provided with an opening so that the temperature within the container will be the same as the outside temperature and sweating of the lip stick, as is the case with an air tight seal, thus prevented. The foil 45 on the inside of the glass tube is so rolled that the foil clings closely to the inside of the glass tube and gives the appearance of a coating for the glass tube and thus imparts a decorative effect to the rell. The seal may be readily broken by breaking the top Wall 38 of the cap. Since the cap is made of thin viscoloid, the top of the cap may be readily broken away. The lip stick may thus be readily removed without mashing or distorting the same and without digging the nails into the lip stick. Soiling of the hands is thus also prevented. The tissue paper may, of course, be very easily unrolled from the stick 46.

It will thus be seen that there is provided a device in which the several objects of this invention are achieved, and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As various possible embodiments might be made of the above invention, and as various changes might be made in the embodiment set forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawing, is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in a limiting sense.

Having thus described my invention, I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent:

1. In combination, a container, a stick of rouge therein, and a sheet of paper wrapped around said stick of rouge and projecting from the opposite ends thereof.

2. In combination, a tube having transparent end walls, a stick of lip rouge within said container, and a piece of tissue paper wrapped about said stick and projecting from the ends thereof to prevent the stick from contacting said end walls.

3. A container comprising a tube of transparent material having an end wall at one end and being open at the other end, a cap made of transparent 40 material closing the open end of said tube, a sheet rolled around the inner surface of said tube, a stick of rouge within said container adapted to be viewed from the opposite ends of the container, and a sheet of paper wrapped around said stick and projecting from the ends thereof.


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