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Publication numberUS2028816 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 28, 1936
Filing dateOct 29, 1934
Priority dateOct 29, 1934
Publication numberUS 2028816 A, US 2028816A, US-A-2028816, US2028816 A, US2028816A
InventorsAllen Howard C
Original AssigneeAllen Howard C
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Measuring valve
US 2028816 A
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Jan. 28, 1936. H. c ALLEN I 2,028,816

MEASURING VALVE Filed Oct. 29, 1934 5 INVENTOR HowARa C. ALLEN ATTORNEYS Patented Jan. 28, 1936 PATENT OFFHTE IMEASURING VALVE Application October 29, 1934, Serial No. 750,585

5 Claims.

My invention relates to improvements in measuring valves which are particularly adapted for dispensing effervescent beverages, such as mineral waters, beer and the like.

The objects of the invention are to provide means whereby the measuring vessel is closed by the admission of a predetermined quantity of liquid and is held closed by the pressure within the supply pipe; to provide means whereby only a momentary movement of the operating lever either to filling or discharging position is necessary to cause the valve to fill or discharge as the case may be.

The invention consists essentially of a measuring chamber having a valve associated therewith, said valve having two ports one to admit a portion of liquid from a source of supply to the chamber and another to discharge all the liquid therefrom, and a further valve adapted for opening in response to the movement of the first valve for admitting further liquid to the chamber, as will be more fully described in the following specification and shown in the accompanying drawing, in which:

Fig. l is a sectional plan View of the invention with the main valve in neutral position taken on the line l-l of Figure 2.

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken on the line -2 of Fig. l.

3 is a vertical sectional view taken on the line 33 of Figure l.

i is a fragmentary plan view showing the main valve turned to filling position.

Fig. 5 is a fragmentary plan View showing the main valve turned to discharge position.

In the drawing like characters of reference indicate corresponding parts in each figure.

The numeral l indicates a base having an inlet connection 2 provided with a passage 3, leading to a valve barrel =3. lhe base is also provided with an outlet passage 5 leading from the valve barrel 4 to a discharge spout i5 and an outlet passage 7 leading from the upper wall of the base to the valve barrel.

An 'nverted valve seat 3 is provided in a port 9 W1 h communicates between the upper wall of base and the passage 3.

above the base i is a chamber it which is preferably enclosed by a cylindrical wall ll of glass and is covered by a head 2. The head is recessed on its upper side as at l3 and is fitted with two valves respectively numbered 14 and Hi. The valve is is fitted with a float it which is adapted to be raised by liquid entering the chamber or measuring vessel ill to close the valve. The valve E 5 is spring loaded to hold it normally closed and is provided with a stem I l by which it is opened, this valve communicates between the recess i3 and the chamber ID to allow air to enter said chamber when the liquid in the chamber is being discharged.

Slidably mounted between the base I and the head i2 is a stem l8 supporting a valve l9 which is adapted to close against the seat and be held against opening by the pressure of supply liquid below it. The stem I8 is adjustably fitted with a float 28 for the purpose of closing the valve l9 when a suitable quantity of liquid has entered the chamber H3.

Fitted in the valve barrel 4 is a valve plug 2| having angular passages or ports 22 and 23 which are at difierent levels. The port 22 is adapted to register with the passage 3 and a further passage 2% which communicates with the chamber ill, and the port 23 is adapted to register with the passages 5 and l. The valve plug is provided with a stem 25 which extends through a gland 25 in the head l2 and through a cover 2'! therefor, and is fitted at its upper extremity with a lever handle 28 adapted to rest when in normal position parallel to and directly above the discharge spout 6. Fitted upon the stem and within the recess I3 is a lever 29, which when the handle 28 is turned to the right to discharge the contents of the chamber ID, will bear upon the stem i? of the valve IE to open it.

Preferably in the inverted seat of the float i4 is a seat 30 which is covered by a ball or other closure 3i, thus forming a relief valve 32 which will close at a predetermined pressure and prevent air from entering the chamber when in use.

In operating the valve to fill it, the handle 28 is swung to the left from normal position, until the port 22 of the valve plug 2| registers with the passages 3 and 24 when liquid will flow into the chamber In, thus momentarily reducing the pressure beneath the valve [9 and permitting it to drop to open position. The handle is then swung back to normal position, closing 01f the flow through the valve plug, filling then takes place solely through the valve seat 8, and as the liquid rises in the chamber to a predetermined level the float 20 rises and closes the valve I9 against its seat 8. If through inattention on the part of the operator, the handle is held to the left of normal position, liquid will continue to fiow into the chamber until the float l6 rises and closes the valve I 4.

To discharge the valve, the lever is swung to the right, thus disposing the port 23 to register with the passages l and 5 and simultaneously causing the arm 29 to bear against the stem ll of the valve l5 to open it and allow air to enter the chamber as the liquid passes outwards therefrom through the spout 6.

What I claim as myinvention is:

1. A measuring valve comprising a chamber having a base and side walls, said base having an inlet connection and a discharge outlet, a float valve for admitting liquid to a predetermined 7 level in the chamber from the inlet connection, a

bye pass valve from the inlet connection to the chamber adapted when open to relieve the pressure of the liquid supply and open the float valve, and a valve for discharging the liquidfrom the chamber through the outlet. q

2. A measuring valve as claimed in claim 1, said bye-pass valve and thevalve for dischargingthe liquid from the chamber being incorporated in a single unit.

3. A measuring valve comprising a chamber having-abase, side walls and a head, said base having an inlet connection and an inlet passage leading therefrom to the chamber, a discharge outlet through said base, a manually operable valve within the base normally closing the inlet passage and the dischargefrom the chamber, said valve in one position establishing communication through the inlet passage to the chamber and in another position establishing communication through the discharge, and a 5 further valve communicating with the inlet passage and the chamber adapted to open by gravity subsequent to the initial movement of the man-, ual valve to admit liquid to the chamber. 7

4. A measuring valve having a base, side walls 0 and a head, said base having separate passages for liquid inletto the chamber and for discharge therefrom, a manually operable valve for selectively opening each passage, a float valve col municating with the liquid inlet passage adapted 15 to close when a predetermined liquid level is reached in the chamber and to be held closed on discharging the liquid from the chamber by pressure in the inlet passage, and a second float valve for sealing the chamber against incoming 2O liquid. 7

5. A measuring. valve as claimed in claim 4,

said second float valve being disposed'to close the egress of air from the chambei' -during the filling operation.


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