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Publication numberUS2029790 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 4, 1936
Filing dateMay 2, 1933
Priority dateJun 24, 1932
Publication numberUS 2029790 A, US 2029790A, US-A-2029790, US2029790 A, US2029790A
InventorsBernhard Philipp Robert
Original AssigneeCorballogesellschaft M B H
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Flinging device for ball games
US 2029790 A
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Fa.` 4, 1936. RB. PHILIPP l 2,029,790"


Patented Feb. 4, 1936 urriED STATES 2,029,790 FLINGING DEVICE FOR BALL GAMES Robert Bernhard Philipp, Reutlingen, Germany,

assignor to Corballogesellschaft m. b. H., Iteutlingen, Germany Application May 2, 1

In Germany June 933, lSerial No. `668,916

Y e claims. '(cl. 273-96) This invention relates to a ball game, in which the ball is nung by means of a device provided with a basket for catching the ball. The invention has for its object an important improvement of the flinging device for the ball by which the practical carrying out of the ball game is made more expedient.

According to the invention a guiding surface for the ball having the width of the basket is arranged on the catching basket provided with a handle, which guiding surface has side walls and serves as running off and catching surface. The interior of the basket and, if necessary, the portions of the guiding surfaces coming into contact with the ball are covered with a material absorbing the impact of the ball. For this purpose sponge rubber is preferably used. Particularly the bottom of the catching basket is covered with a pad of sponge rubber. In order to absorb the impact of the ball or to prevent the caught ball from immediately springing out of the basket, a ring of sponge rubber or of other shock absorbing material is preferably provided on the inner side of the basket. Besides exerting a shock absorbing effect, this ring at the same time gently clamps the ball, so that not only the objectionable jarring effect is avoided, but it is possible to employ the flinging device with greater force and reliability in order to imp-art the necessary speed of flight to the ball. The flinging device is preferably made of wickerwork. Thus, the device is of light weight. At the same time the guiding surfaces and their side walls, and also the wall of the catching basket are resilient owing to the natural resiliency of the wickerwork. Moreover, the wickerwork allows the passage of air, contrary to a surface made of solid material. Thus, when iiinging the ball, a weaker air current is produced in front of the guiding surface than would form in the case of a solid surface. Therefore, the path of the ball is not influenced to such a great extent by the considerably reduced air current.

All these features produce a flinging device for a ball game, the handling and action of which device are improved in an advantageous manner by the novel construction.

Several embodiments of the invention are illustrated by way of example in the accompanying drawing in which2 Fig. 1 shows the ilinging device in perspective view.

Figs. 2 to 4 are longitudinal sections of different forms of construction of the flinging device.

The flinging device consists substantially of a catching basket a and a guide surface b for the ball arranged on this basket. The guide surface extends from the mouth of the basket, and its lower portion is slightly curved. It is preferably rectilineal towards its end. The guide surface b is of the same width as the catching basket a andhas side walls c. The side walls c at their end adjacent the basket are about half the height of the end edge of the basket and they taper towards the front edge of the guide surface b. A handle d is arranged on the catching basket a. The flinging device is made of wickerwork.

According to Fig. 3 a pad f of shock absorbing material, preferably sponge rubber, is arranged on the bottom e of the catching basket a.

According to Figs. 2 and 4 a ring g of shock absorbing material, such as sponge rubber or the like is provided in basket a. A pad of sponge rubber may be arranged on the bottom of the basket, besides this rubber ring.

Both the guide surfaces b and also the side walls c of the same have a suitable cover.

The flinging device is used in the following mannen- The ball in the catching basket is flung to an opponent who must catch the ball in his basket. The. guide surface and the side walls impart the desired direction to the ball during the flinging movement, whereas these surfaces serve for catching the ball coming from any direction. By the lining of the catching basket the kinetic energy of the ball and its resiliency are destroyed and the caught ball can immediately be again flung in the manner described.

The ball game presents the advantage that no playing grounds which are expensive to prepare are necessary. Further, a cheap and light instrument is produced by making the same of wickerwork. Moreover, the shape of the flinging device makes it possible to develop and utilize great skill and agility. The device is suitable both for single and also for round games, in the latter instance the players form a circle which may b-e of any desired size.

I claim:-

1. A throwing and catching device for ball games, comprising in combination a catching basket, a handle projecting centrally from one end of said basket, an extension on the other end of said basket forming a rolling surface for the ball, said extension having a curved portion adjacent said basket merging into a straight portion at its free end, said straight portion having a straight edge at its end situated above the the rear portion of the Y extended longitudinal axis of said handle, and side walls along said extension, the upper edges of said walls merging into the straight end edge of said extension.

2. A throwing and catching device for ball games as specified in claim 1, comprising in combination with the extension, a covering of soft resilient material on the inner surface of said extension.

3. A throwing and catching device for ball games as specified in claim 1, comprising in combination with the basket, a ring of elastic material arranged in said basket.

4. A throwing and catching device for ball games as specified in claim 1, comprising in combination with the basket, a bottom arranged in said basket, and a pad of sponge'rubber on said bottom.

5. An implement of the class described, comprising an open-mouth longitudinally tapered and elongated openwork basket constituting a ball catching and retaining receptacle, a handle attached to and projecting from the inner restricted end of the receptacle, and a longitudinally elongated scoop-like extension including a screen-like bottom forming a continuation of the lower half portion of said receptacle, said extension being substantially rectangular in top plan view and having its depth decreasing toward the free end or extremity thereof.

6. An implement of the class described, comprising an open-work fabricated longitudinally elongated basket embodying an open mouthed receptacle portion and a scoop-like extension connected to and projecting outwardly beyond the mouth of the receptacle portion, a handle.

attached to the inner closed end of the receptacle portion,r a stop device located adjacent the inner end of the receptacle and including a support and a sponge-like cushion attached thereto.


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U.S. Classification473/513, D21/723
International ClassificationA63B59/02, A63B59/00
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European ClassificationA63B59/02