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Publication numberUS2031855 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 25, 1936
Filing dateNov 6, 1931
Priority dateNov 6, 1931
Publication numberUS 2031855 A, US 2031855A, US-A-2031855, US2031855 A, US2031855A
InventorsCharles H Rollason
Original AssigneeWheeling Steel Corp
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Sanitary shipping container
US 2031855 A
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2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Nov. 6, 1931 INVENTDR Feb. 25, 1936. c. H. ROLLASON 2,031,855

SANITARY SHIPPING CONTAINER Filed Nov. 6, 1931 2, Sheets-Sheet2 Patented Feb. 25, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT. OFFICE 9 Claims. (01. 220-10) This invention relates broadly to sanitary containers, and it has for its primary object to provide' a can or drum especially adapted for use in the shipment and preservation of milk and other products which, desirably, are to be maintained at substantially uniform temperatures over considerable periods of time, said can or 'drum having a double-walled construction affording insulation whereby its contents are shielded against rapid transfer either thereto or therefrom of heat or cold.

A further object is to provide a double-walled structure of the character mentioned embodying an inner container of non-corrosive material, as

glass, porcelain, or enamel coated sheet metal, which may readily be cleansed and sterilized, or maintained in a sanitary condition, and an outer sheet-metal shell or Jacket which is so related to said inner container that the latter is thereby efiectually shielded or protected against transfer of shocks incident to rough handling which otherwise would or might result in fracture or breakage of said container.

A still further object is to provide a device of the character referred to wherein a tight, or

liquid proof, joint is provided between the upper ends of the container and the Jacket for precluding the possibility of water or other foreign element entering any part of the insulation, or 30 dead air, space between said parts.

Another object is to provide a simple, comparatively inexpensive and practical form of removable head or cover for thebody structure, a which shall not only serve as a shock absorbing 35 element, but also as a medium of temperature insulation.

A still further object is to provide a structure of the character mentioned which is admirably adapted for use, not only as a shipping container 40 for milk and other products which are to be so With these and other objects in view, the invention resides in the features of construction,

arrangement of parts. and combinations 'of elements which will hereinafter be fully described, reference being herein had to the accompanying ,5 5 drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a view partly inside elevation and partly in section, illustrating my invention;

Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary side elevation of the same, showing in front elevation the clamp employed for securing the cover in 5 p ace;

Figure 3 is a section on line 3-3, Fig. 2; and- Figure 4 is a partial longitudinal section of the invention, showing a modified form thereof.

Referring tosaid drawings, l designates a sheet 10 metal shell or casing which, generally considered, possesses cylindrical form and has fixed therein, or seamed thereto, a sheet metal bottom 2. Fitted concentrically within the interior of said casing, hereinafter termed the jacket, is an inner 15 container 3, preferably of glass, as shown in Fig. l, but which may be made of othernoncorrosive material, as porcelain or enameled sheet metal, the latter being illustrated at 3 :n Fig. 4.

Referring particularly to Fig. 1, the ggass container 3 comprises a cylindrical body having a bottom 4 which is spaced from the bottom 2 of the jacket by means of a relatively thick and heavy ring 6 of soft rubber, m. other appropriately elastic cushioning material, interposed between the bottoms 2 and 4. While, because of the relatively slight cost, it is at present contemplated that the body of the glass container shall consist of a suitable length of a glass tube or cylinder formed by the usual bait drawing method employed in the manufacture of window glass, and that the bottom 4 shall be welded, or fused, to saidbody, it-will be understood that said body and its bottom may be produced in asingle or unitary piece by any preferred available blowmg or pressing method. 1 Interposed between the container body and the I jacket in appropriate locations, as adjacent to the opposite ends of said body, is a plurality of rings 8v and I of soft rubber or other appropriate cushioning material which serve not only to space said body relative to said jacket, thereby to form an intermediate dead air. insulating space, but also effectively to protect said body against trans mission thereto of shocks incident to rough handling which might otherwise produce breakage of said body. As shown. said cushioning rings 6 and I occupy internal annular seats 8 and V I, respectively, provided therefor in the jacket.

The jacket is suitably contracted at and adjacent to its upper end, as shown in Fig. l, and

closely seated between said end and the corresponding end of the container body and projecting suitably above the level of the latter is a sealing ring IO 01. rubber or other suitable compressible material. Said ring is designed not only for the purpose of forming a close joint by which is prevented access oi foreign matter,

\ including liquids, to the spacebetween said conassi ts is adapted not only to retain said head in place,

but also to depress said head into Joint sealing relation to the'ring or gasket ll. Said cover is preferably of outwardly .dished form, as shown, for positioning its, body outwardly with respect to the body portion of said head I! whereby is pro-- vided an intermediate deadair space ll. Said ployed, it is. at present preferred that the same have substantially the form shown in Figs. 2 and 3, in which an anchor member ll rigidly mounted on the jacket beneath the roll it thereoi' .has

closure It has a peripheral rim flange I! which provides both a seating portion for resting di-' rectlyupon the topsurface of the rim ll of said head I! and a terminal edge portion for overlying and more or less closely embracing the terminal bead or roll' it of the jacket I. means, as one or more clamp-like fasteners, are

Suitable employed for exerting upon said closure downwardly directed clamping force for eflecting depression of said head to the extent that, the underlying gasket i0 is compressed into complete joint-sealing position. 1

While other forms of fasteners may be empivoted thereto, as upon a pivot pin it, the upper end of a lever 19 which, in turn, has inwardly directed lugs 20 carrying a pivot pin 2|. Occupying straddling relation to said end of saidlever seats in overlying relation to the terminal edge" is the bifurcated lower end of a plate 22 which has .its parallel members mounted on the oppoupper end shaped to form a hook. Said plate,

which is normally free to swing outwardly and downwardly relative to said lever I8, is adapted to be elevated to a position wherein its hook end portion of the rim flange liof the closure. Force applied to said-lever i'or swinging it downwardly and inwardlyinto the substantially vertical position shown in Figs. 2 and 3 acts to draw said plate 22 vertically downward for exerting through its hook end the force for depressing the closure to the extent required and for maintaining the later against chance displacement. To guard against unauthorized opening of the adapted for thereception of the supporting wir of any ordinary form 01 seal.

The head It, as herein shown, is of hollow drum-like form, being composed of two circular.

sheet metal plates which have their peripheral edges seamed together to form the rim. .ii and one Or b h of ,Wh h h its body portion con.- relation between said container and said jacket,

cavely dished away from the othe r I a gasket about the open end of said container,

' form an intermediate dead air space 20 adopted subjected, a cushion consisting of a helical spring 21 may be interposed between said closure and said head, as shown in Fig. 1, said spring being attached at one end to said closure and being adapted to have its lower end removably seat within a cup-like socket piece I. provided for on, said head. The jacket I is provided throughout a portion of its length ,with annular corrugations 28 which,

while tending to resist indentation to the extent that the container would become fractured, read.- ily absorb endshocks incident to rough handling.

A plurality of cushioning rings in of rubber or like resilient material are mounted exteriorly of the jacket I, being seated in annular channels 3| provided'therefor' in said jacket, as shown.

" Said rings serve not only to absorb shocks incident to overturning of the drum, but also as floor engaging rolls upon which the drum may be rolled when .turned upon its side.

In the' modification disclosed in Fig. 4, the container 3', which has-a concave-convex curvature intermediate its side wall and its bottom for facilitating internal cleansing, rests 'upona' cushioning ring 6' which hasits'top face shaped to engage conformably about the convex surface so as to partially embrace the bottom end of the container. Thus is obviated the necessity for employing a separate cushioning element, such as the ring I shown in 1, between said con-' tainer and the jacket. Said ring ll rests uponeflectively to prevent shifting of said ring.

It will be understood that the invention de scribed is admirably adapted for use in large sizes, as of five and ten gallon 'capacities,.ior

; long-distancev shipment ,ofproducts, as milk,

in ordinary. or common forms '-containers..-

1 compressing, position.

which are to bemaintained at approximately .even temperatures, and also that its structure is such that it-may conveniently be kept in a site ends oi said pivot pin 2| and which has: its

sanitary conditionnot'possible of approximation Whatisclaimedis-l 1. A shipping drum comprising inner and outer cylindrical members positioned relatively to provide intermediate temperature insulating spaces,

or shipp n resilient shock absorbing means maintaining the spaced relation between said members, a gasket interposed betweenthe open end portions of said members, a head having one side removably mounted on said gasket for closing the inner of said members, a' closure for embracing said head I having a rim for seating upon the latter on the opposite side thereof and substantially in line with said gasket and for overlying the adjacent end of the outermember, and closure fastening means whereby closing force applied to the closure eil'ects depression of said head to gasket 2. A shipping drum comprising a container, a sheet metal jacket enclosing said container and positioned relative to the latter to provide intermediate temperature insulating spaces, resilient shock-absorbing means maintaining the'spaced a head having a rim for seating upon said gasket,

- head rim and whereby the adjacent and or said jacket is enclosed, and means for fastening said closure, saidfastening means exerting a force the underlying to 1::-

container, a sheet metal Jacket enclosing said container end and the corresponding end of the Jacket, 9. head for said container having a rim for resting upon said gt, aclosure able from said head encl said head, said closure having a rim portion of ntially the diameter of said head for resting upon said head rim and by means of whiclrthe w t end oi the jacket is embraced, and fastening means for said closure'adapted to deprem the latterand tainerposition.

4. A shipping drum a cylindrical container and having the walls and bottom thereof spaced from said container to term intermediate dead air insulating spaces, rlngso! shock absorbing material forming the spacing means, a"

' gasket interposed between the open end portions oi said container and said Jacket, is head having a rim for seating upon said'gasket, and means for depressing and securing said head in closed sealing relation to said container, said in including an end closure for the jacket and -having in body portion spaced outwardly rrom said head and provided with a. rim portion for seating upon the head rim and spring means for engaging the central portion of said head, and means for clamping said closure in place said clamping means being adapted forcibly todepress said cl sure and underlying head for comp said gasket relative to the end or the container. 5. A. shipping drum comprising a cylindri container, a sheet metal Jacket enclosing container and having the walls and bottom there: 'ot irom said container form n ate dead air insulating spaces, rings of shock absorbing material forming the spacing means, a gasket interposed between the open end portions of said container and said jacket, a head for said container, said head having an annular rim portion for seating upon said; gasket, a closure removable !rom said head having a rim portion embracing the end of the'j'acket and enclosing said head and having an annular seating portion resting upon said head rim, and fastening means carried by said jacket andengageable with said closure whereby downwardly directed force is exerted upon the latter for depressing the head upon said gasket into joint sealing relation to said container.

6. A shipping drum as defined in claim 5 wherein the head is formed of a. pair of circular plates separated to provide an intermediate dead air space and having their peripheral edge portions joined together in abutting relationship and shapedtoiorm therimoi said head.

7. A shipping drum, comprising inner and-outer containers-an inner cover for the inner container, and an outer cover for both containers, said outer cover having bearing engagement with said inner cover at both the periphery and central portion thereof, said engagement at said central portion being resilient.

8. A shipping drum, comprising inner and outer containers, an inner cover of .sealed'hollow construction for the inner container, an outer cover of still material for both containers, said outer cover having a bearing engagement with both the peripheral and central portions oi the inner cover.

9. A shipping drum, comprising inner and outer containers, an inner cover of hollow construction for the inner container, an outer cover for both containers, said outer cover having a bearing eneasement with both the peripheral and central portions of the inner cover, the engagement between the outer cover and inner cover at the central portion of the inner cover comprising spring means carried by the outer cover and removable therewith. v


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