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Publication numberUS2032717 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1936
Filing dateJul 30, 1932
Priority dateJul 30, 1932
Publication numberUS 2032717 A, US 2032717A, US-A-2032717, US2032717 A, US2032717A
InventorsReinhold John J
Original AssigneeReinhold John J
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US 2032717 A
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J. J. REINHOLD RECEPTACLE Filed July 50, 1952 4 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVE'NTOR (/UW l//fz/i/m/d l ATTORNEY March 3, 936.

March 3, 93 56.

J. J. REINHOLD RECEPTACLE Filed July 50, 1932 4 Sheets-Sheet 5 arch 3, 1936. 1 J' REINHOLD 2,032,77

RECEPTACLE Filed July 5o, 1932 A 4, sheets-sheet 4 fulminiUff INVENTOR ,/QHN E/MHQL a,

Patented Mar. 3, i936' UNITED STATES PATE-NT oFFllcl?.

RECEPTACLE John J. Reinhold, Marietta, Pa.

Application July so, 1932, serial No. 626,729 1 claim. o1.2o644) The present invention relates to receptacles and more particularly to a special receptacle suitable for advertising, display, and other purposes.

Some of the objects of the present invention are to provide an improved receptacle for packing articles, such as cigarette packages, for distribution; to provide a receptacle wherein the `exposed area thereof appears as a facsimile of the packages therein, the arrangement being preferably such as to make it appear that the actual packaging of the goods or articles are directly exposed to view; to provide a receptacle simulating one or more rows of article packages so that the receptacle not only indicates its contents but can also be used when empty as 4a display advertisement for show cases or show windows, thus making it unnecessary to waste the goods themselves for advertising purposes; to provide a receptacle .which gives a faithful reproduction of its contents and thus avoids the obviously articial arl rangement of receptacles heretofore attempted in an endeavor to approximate the new result now made possible; and to provide other improvements as will hereinafter appear.

In the accompanying drawings Fig. 1 represents a perspective of a receptacle embodying one form of the present invention; Fig. 2 represents an elevation of the side of the receptacle opposite to that shown in Fig. 1; Fig. 3 represents an elevation of the end of the receptacle opposite to that shown in Fig. l; Fig. 4 represents a section on line 4 4 of Fig. 2; Fig. 5 represents a perspective of a modified form of the invention; Fig. 6 represents a section on line 6-6 of Fig. 5; Fig. 7 represents a perspective of another form of the invention; Fig. 8 represents a section on line 8 8 of Fig. '7; Fig. 9 represents a still further modification of the invention; and Fig. 10 represents a section on line III-I0 of Fig. 9.

Referring to the drawings and more particularly to Figs. 1 to 4 inclusive a receptacle I embodying one form 0f the invention is shown consisting of an open top body II and a cover I2 which latter is arranged to t over the body II in the packaging of the contents as to make it appear that the original packages are on View, the cover I2 is subdivided by parallel transverse lines I3finto five lelds'ld each of which bears a printed or otherwise prepared Vfront in replica of the front of the cigarette package itis to simulate. These 'lines I3 continue transversely parallel across both sides I5 and I6 of the cover as indicated at I'I and I'B inorder to continue the eiect of separate cigarette packages placed side by side. "Where, as generally preferred, the receptacle is two rows'of packages in depth, a line 20 extends continuously around the cover I0 at the median plane thereof to thereby give the desired impression from either end and either side of two superposed rows of packages. The side I5 of the cover is thus subdivided into ten fields 2|, each printed or otherwise prepared as a facsimile of the overlapping end and design of the package as viewed from the bottom. Likewise the side IB is subdivided into ten elds 22, each printed or otherwise prepared as a facsimile of the overlapping end folds, revenue stamp, or any other design of the package as viewed from the top. The ends of the cover I2 are divided into two fields 23 and 24 respectively, each suitably prepared to appear as a facsimile of the actual package side.

To more effectively simulate the present day packaging of articles the cover I0 is preferably covered, in so far as its exposed surfaces are concerned, with cellophane 25 which serves also to protect the rows of facsimiles and make the receptacle one of lasting construction. Also when the receptacle I0 is empty the box II and its cover I2 can serve together as a humidor or other container for loose articles.

In the form of the invention shown in Figs. 5 and 6, a box body 26 is provided of the desired shape having a telescoping cover 21 so arranged and constructed as to adapt the receptacle more particularly for advertising and display work. The desideratum in this type of use is to produce a natural effect as distinguished from that which at once suggests articiality or faked results.

The cover 2l, in this form of the invention, has a top 28 subdivided by parallel linesV 30 so spaced as to correctly indicate the Widths respectively of the fronts of five cigarette packages, though the number so indicated is immaterial in so far as the invention is concerned. Likewise the upper portion of each side and each end of the cover is subdivided by lines 3l forming continuations of the lines 30 in order to give the effect of displaying facsimiles of the respective ends and sides of the packages represented by the aforesaid fronts.

In order to give the effect of an open box with a row of the box contents exposed, a band 32 of appreciable thickness is made fast to the cover 21 and encircles the same with its upper marginal edge 33 spaced from the top of the cover 21. This spacing is preferably such as to expose a sufficient area of the subdivided cover as will exactly reproduce the appearance of a carton of cigarettes 'with' the cover removed to leave the contents visible. In using the term band it is to be understood that generically it includes any thickening of the side and end Walls of the cover as will produce the encircling edge 33 by which the effect of exposed box contents will be obtained. This construction does not interfere in any way with the proper functioning of the terial to give the usual finished package effect.

' member 35 used by itself to simulate a package of goods, thereby saving the expenserof the body or associated part 31. In order that the display part 35 can simulate the appearance of a packed receptacle with the cover removed, the sides and ends of the cover35 are framed with a ledge 38 or other suitable framing means which will give the effect of an open receptacle with the contents of the receptacle exposed to view. Preferably this ledge 38 is a continuous one located at such a distance below the top plane of the cover 35 as will accurately carry out the complemental portion around the top of the receptacle with which the cover ordinarily coacts.

In the form of the invention shown in Fig. 9 a member 4U is provided having its top subdivided into a raised portion 4| occupying the major area of the member 40 and encircled by a ledge portion 42 in a different plane to produce a framing effect for the raised portion. Upon the raised portion there is painted or otherwise prepared an exact replica of the packaging of the goods so that the general effect is that of a receptacle or box filled with candy or other goods neatly packed in a layer and exposed by the removal of the usual cover. To enhance the effect of the filled box, the raised portion 4| is covered with a transparent material 43 such as Cellophane through which the representation of the goods can be seen, and which have a natural appearance.

It Will now be apparent that a complete unitary display device has been devised which is in the form of a receptacle or a form simulating a receptacle wherein a cover is provided giving the effect of a filled receptacle with the cover removed. In other words in each form of the inventionthe visual effect is that of a receptacle with its contents exposed to view to give a realistic appearance and avoid all artificiality. While the preferred form of the modified structures discloses a ledge construction to give the uncovered box effect, it is to be understood that this effect may be obtained by other means and the reference to a ledge is to be taken in a generic sense.

While only four forms are shown in which this invention may be embodied, it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to any specific construction, but might be applied to various forms Without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, I claim:

A receptacle consisting of a body formed of a bottom and a continuous upstanding bounding wall, a cover consisting of a top and a continuous depending Wall arranged to fit over and conceal said body said depending Wall being of one thickness for a portion of its length fromY the top downward and of greater thickness for its remaining length to form a circumferential ledge thereby simulating an ordinary box orreceptacle With its cover removed, and display means on said top representing articles contained in said box, said display and cover giving the appearance of a filled box with the cover removed.


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