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Publication numberUS2038840 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1936
Filing dateJun 3, 1935
Priority dateJun 3, 1935
Publication numberUS 2038840 A, US 2038840A, US-A-2038840, US2038840 A, US2038840A
InventorsEric E Hall
Original AssigneeEric E Hall
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Tool for affixing elastic tubular handgrips to the shafts of golf clubs
US 2038840 A
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April 28, 1936. E. E. HALL 2,038,840



ms ATTORNEY E. E. HALL April 28, 1936.

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Application June 3, 1935, Serial No. 24,607

3 Claims. (01. 2988.2)

My present invention relates to an improved tool which'establishes a means for aflixing or placing an elastic tubular hand grip on the shafts of golf clubs, fishing rods, tennis rackets, and the like.

The object of this invention is to provide an improved, inexpensive and simple expedient for properly applying and afiixing an elastic tubular grip to the shaft of golf clubs or like equipment; and the subsequent placing of the grip on the club shaft where it is held in place and against accidental displacement due to its own resiliency.

A further object is to provide such a tool as one integral member-doing away with a plurality of independent or loose parts, which are apt to become lost or misplaced with the resultant rendering of the incomplete tool ineifective or inoperative.

A still further object is to provide means for making this assembly in a neat, workmanlike manner, so that the grip when applied by the laymen, will present the finished effect of the factory madeproduct.

Having the foregoing objects in view, and others as will be more specifically pointed out in the following specifications and claims, I have illustrated my invention in the accompanying drawings (two sheets), in which:

Fig. 1 is an elevation in perspective of the tool before it is inserted into the grip;

Fig. 2 is a like elevation, showing the starting of the assembly of the grip;

Fig. 3 shows the grip in place on the tool prior its expansion, the top of the grip being folded Fig. 4 shows the grip and tool expanded over the end of the shaft of the golf club;

Fig. 5 shows the top lap folded back onto the club shaft and the grip partially rolled up;

Fig. 6 shows the grip completely rolled up and off from the tool and onto the club shaft, prior to the removal of the tool and the subsequent rolling down of the grip over the club shaft; v

Fig. '7 shows the grip in place and ready for use;

Fig. 8 is an enlarged .detail of the tool only as above illustrated;

Fig. 9 is a like view of modified form of tool;

Fig. 10 is an enlarged section on line l0l0 of Fig. 8; and

Fig. 11 is an enlarged section on line lI-ll of Fig. 9.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the respective views.

As before stated, this invention is specifically directed towards golf clubs, and for purposes of description I elect to describe my invention as it is applied to golf clubs, realizing however, that the methods and procedure are equally applicable to many other structures and equipment.

The tool consists primarily of a. circular ring or base 6, to which are affixed a plurality of resilient fingers i, preferably spaced equi-distant from one another; and as such, form as a unit, a singular mandrel, over which the grip, in the form of an elastic tube 8, is applied.

The fingers I may be aflixed to the ring 6 as shown at Figs. 8 and 10 and wherein the ring 6 has shoulders 6--a which are bent back and up and enclose the lower end of the fingers and crimp them in place, or as an alternate or modified design the fingers designated ID in Figs. 9 and 11 may be oifset as at l2 and pass through apertures l ll-a in the ring l3 and then down forming lugs M; the offset portion having a resilient tongue l5 formed therefrom, so that the free end thereof will engage the ring l3 as shown at Fig. 11 and thus limit the movement of the fingers III with relation to the ring l3.

The grip 8 is drawn down until the bottom edge registers with a mark on one of the fingers, the top of the tube preferably folded back or lapped as indicated at Fig. 3 and the grip is ready for assembly .to the club shaft.

The club shaft i5, is then passed up through the base or ring 6, and as the crown of the shaft passes upwards, the fingers of the mandrel are expanded with the resultant expansion of the grip. The crown of the shaft is carried on through and beyond the mandrel as shown at Fig. 4. The lap of the grip is unfolded up and against the club shaft at a point above the top or end of the mandrel, so as to contract directly upon the club shaft.

Starting from the bottom, the grip is next rolled upwards upon itself, past the upper ends of the fingers 1, and onto the club shaft as a roll and as shown at Fig. 6. Due to the elastic or contractile nature of the grip, it will remain rolled and in place. The mandrel, as a unit, is next dropped down the shaft, the grip unrolled downwards upon and over the shaft into its final position. The mandrel is then removed by passing upwards, over and off from the shaft.

I am aware that expansible mandrels have been employed prior to my invention. I, therefore, do not claim the same broadly; but what I do claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:-

1. An expansible mandrel for assembling an elastic covering on a hand grip comprising an annular-base member provided with an internal opening series'oi spaced resilient nngersfor said member; each of said fingers having me o! its ends lied to said member 2. An expansible mandrel for assembling an elastic covering on a hand grip comprising an annular base member provided with an internal opening, a series of spaced resilient fingers for said member, each of said fingers having one oi.

it's ends fixed to said member, each finger proiecting from the internal sm'iaeeot the member through said opening.

8. Anexpansible mandrel for-assembling aeovering on a hand gripor the like. comprising an annular base member having an internal opening,

a series oi spaced resilient flngers for said member, means for aiii'xing an end of each of said ringers to the internal surface of said annular base member, said means comprising an integral shoulder onjsaid member extending inwardly wiihin said opening and embracing said finger en mac 2:. BALL.

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U.S. Classification29/235, 473/298
International ClassificationA63B53/14
Cooperative ClassificationA63B53/14
European ClassificationA63B53/14