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Publication numberUS2038906 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 28, 1936
Filing dateOct 29, 1934
Priority dateOct 29, 1934
Publication numberUS 2038906 A, US 2038906A, US-A-2038906, US2038906 A, US2038906A
InventorsSidney Ruhland
Original AssigneeSidney Ruhland
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Glare shield
US 2038906 A
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April 2s, 1936. s. RUHLAND 2,038,906

GLARE SHIELD Filed Oct. 29, 1934 y Patented' Apr.- l28, 1936 y UNITED STATES j 2,938,996 f l -PATElSiT ori-ICE GLARE SHIELD A sianey nnhinn, New York, N. Y. Application october 29, 1934, serial No. '159,575 s cleans. (ci. 29e-97) The object of this invention is to provide a device which may be readily mounted within a motor vehicle and adjusted in any desired position to protect the eyes of -the chaueur from the glare of a low sun or from approachingv headlights. The invention is illustrated in the ac- .companying drawing. and consists in certain novel features which will be particularly dened in the claims following a detailed description. In vthe drawing I Figure 1 is an elevation, partly in section, oi a device embodying thepresent invention.

Figure 2 is a section on the line 2-2 of Figure 1'. l

Figure 3 is a section on 4the line 9 3 of Figure 1. Figure 4 is a' detail perspective view of a slide forming anfelement of the glare shield support.

lFigure 5 isa detail view showing a stationary bracket. In carrying out the invention, vthere is provided a bracket I which is adapted to be secured upon the windshield frame of a motor vehicle g nection 'withthe accompanying drawing,vit will just above the windshield, and is provided at its upper and lower ends with arcuate extensions Tand 3, each having a flangeA 4 along its arcuate edge and said flanges being provided with notches 5; as shown. `There is also provided a U-shaped holding frame 6, the arms'L of which are noncircular in cross section, as shown clearly at 'I injFigures 2 and 4, and the extremities of the arms are somewhat resilient so that they may be readily engaged between and held by the plates oi' the bracket I. The side arms of this holding frame are turned laterally to form studs 8 which vare engaged through openings provided therefor in the upper and lower plates 2 and 3 of'the bracket, as shown in Figure 1, whereby the frame will be pivotally supported and carried by the bracket. The side arms are adapted to engage 40 in the notches 5 so that the frame will 'be held -in a position against the frame of the vehicle Hor windshield or at an angle thereto, as will be readily understood upon reference to Figure 3. Mounted upon the lower arm of the suspending frame 6 is a sleeve 9 which is longitudinally split,

d in aset position. Each jaw is provided` with a tongue I3 at each end which extends radially. 'outward and is bent over and secured upon the end of the sleeve9. A ball I 4 is secured to the under side of the sleeve 9 and is engaged by diametrically opposite shallow cup-like jaws I5 y5 at diametrically opposite points, said cups being carried by and held to the ball by resilient tongues I6 secured to and rising from a lower sleeve.v I1 which encircles the upper bar I8. of a' frame Ain -which is iltted the glare shield I9. The sleeve l0 I1 corresponds in all essential respects to the' sleeve 9 and has housed therein angular mating resilient jaws which will frictionally engage and slide upon the frame I8 in which ,the glare shield is mounted. The glare shield may be of any 15 suitable or preferred material and is illustrated as being composed of tinted glass or other translucent material so that, while the eyes of the chauffeur will be protected from'strong glaringlight, they will not be clouded to such an extent 20 that a view of the road will be cut off. From the foregoing descriptiom'taken in coni'be seen that I have provided an exceedingly simple structure in which the glare shield may be 25 readily mounted uponthevehicle and set in any desired position. The sleeves are shiftable longi- 1 tudina'lly along the frames upon which they are or springing the sides of the hanger frame toward each other they may be withdrawn from the main supporting bracket and the device then set aside ifits use is not desired. Likewise the glare shield may be separated from the hanger 4o frame by exerting suilicient pressure upon the cups I 5 to disengage them fromthe ball I4 so that when the device is not in use it may be stored in 'a lvery small space. 'I'he parts'may bejust as 45 easily reengaged when it is'thought the'use of the shield may bedesired.' When the range of adjustment provided by the mounting shown in Figure 1 is deemed unneces sary, the bracket shown in Figure 5 may be em- 50 ployed. This bracket consists of a Hat-sided bar 20 having its ends ofi'set, as at 2|, and provided with openings through which fastening screws 22 may be inserted into the body of the vehicle in front 0I the driver. The split sleeve 9 is mounted 55 engaged with the. glare shield frame and the hanger frame. *n Y 2. A glare shield apparatus comprising a hanger frame,V a glare shield and glare shield frame below the hanger frame, said frames being noncircular incross section, resilient sleeves encircling the respective frames, jaws carried within the sleeves and frictionally engaging the respective frames whereby they may be adjusted along the Irame and held in a set position, a ball xed on one of the sleeves, cups engaging the ball at diametrically opposite points thereof, and resilient tongues on the other sleeve carrying said cups.

l 3. A device of the class described comprising a hanger frame having means for pivotal connection with a. support and adjustable laterally with respect tosaid support, upper and lower sleeves,` one of which is slidably mounted on the hanger trame, a universal connection between the sleeves, a glare shield carrying frame slidably mounted for longitudinal movement within the lower sleeve,

and means disposed within the sleeves and adapt- I ed to rictionally engage the adjacent frames for 4. A glare shield apparatus comprising an' elon- V gated hanger frame, a glare shield and glare shield frame disposed below the hanger frame, said frames having bars non-circular in cross `section and spaced from each other, sleeves slidably encircling the bars of said frames, gripping members disposed within the sleeves and f rictionally engaging the bars of the respective frames, and a universal joint connecting the sleeves, said glare shield frame being adjustable longitudinally withinthe cooperating sleeve independently of the hanger frame.

5. A device of the class described comprising a hanger frame, a glare shield carrying frame, a sleeve slidably mounted on each of said frames for adjustment longitudinallyI thereof, and a universal joint directly connecting one sleeve to the other, the glare shield carrying frame being adjustable longitudinally within one sleeve without disturbing the position of the other sleeve relative to the hanger frame.

6. A device of the class ,described comprising a hanger frame, upper and lower sleeves extending longitudinallyv of said frame,the upper sleeve .being slidably mounted on the hanger frame for adjustment longitudinally thereof, a glare shield carrying frame slidably mounted within the lower sleeve and slidable longitudinally therethrough for adjustment longitudinally of the hanger frame independently of the upper sleeve, a universal joint directly connecting said sleeves to each other whereby to permit tilting movement of the glare shield canying frame with respect to the hanger frame, and means carried by said sleeves vfor engaging the adjacent frames and holding the sleeves in adiusted positions.


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