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Publication numberUS2040083 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1936
Filing dateJan 30, 1934
Priority dateJan 30, 1934
Publication numberUS 2040083 A, US 2040083A, US-A-2040083, US2040083 A, US2040083A
InventorsCary Elliott Earle, Robert Winberg
Original AssigneeHazelwyn Inc
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US 2040083 A
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May 12, 1936. E. c. ELLIOTT ET m.

EARRING Filed Jan. 50, 1934 Earle GZ'ZlzaZZ, lfohri Wz'iaZery,

ATTORNEY WITNE Patented May 12, 1936 PATENT OFFICE EARRING Earle Cary Elliott and Robert Winbcrg, Providence, R. I., assignors to Haaelwyn, Inc., Providence, R. 1., a corporation of Rhode Island Application January 30, 1934, Serial No. 709,037

13 Claims. (01. 6314) The invention relates to a feminine ear ornament and more particularly to an earring.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of an article of this character, wherein the ring is of a shape and construction to embrace the lobe of the external ear with portions engageable with the base of the concha, so that in the wearing of the article there will be safety against loss of the same, as it will have a firm hold and l by such hold maintainedin its proper dress with relation to the ear.

, Another object of the invention is the provision of an article of this character, wherein the construction is such as to permit the application to the outer ear of a person notwithstanding any irregularities in the concha and such article will be comfortably carried to embrace the lobe of the external car.

A further object of the invention is the provision of an article of this character which is simple in its construction, thoroughly reliable and eflicient in its purpose, strong, durable, assuring perfect safety to a wearer, and inexpensive to manufacture. With these and other objects in view, the invention consists in the features of construction, com bination and arrangement of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described in detail, illustrated in the accompanying drawing, which discloses the preferred embodiment of the invention, and

pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.

In the accompanying drawing: Figure 1 is an elevation of the external ear of a person showing the earring worn by the said Figure 2 is a side elevation of the earring showing diagrammatically its mounting upon the external ear of a person,

Figure 3 is a rear elevation.

40 Figure 4 is a perspective view of the earring removed from the external ear of a person.

Figure 5 is a fragmentary rear elevation of a slight modification.

Similar reference characters indicate corre- 45 sponding parts throughout the several views in the drawing.

Referring to the drawing in detail, particularly Figures 1 to 4, the earring comprises a loop-like frame ll open at one side to provide an entrance 50 to the frame and confronting the opening in the side of said frame is a downwardly arched upper saddle l i which is disposed crosswise of the frame and intermediately joined with the uppermost end thereof, while opposite this saddle is an outturned ear I2 having threaded therein a bindins screw l3 carrying the head H at one end and the turning knob .l 5 at the opposite end thereof.

Formed on the frame ill at the closed side thereof, preferably at a point below its center, is a mount it for a precious or semi-precious jewel 5 i1, while the frame immediately above the mount I6 is shaped for effecting an ornamental design i8 so that the latter and the jewel will give attractiveness in the appearance of the earring.

Formed on the frame beneath the mount i6 10 is an eye I 9 with which is loosely connected a pendant 20 of any fanciful or ornamental kind which serves to lend attractiveness to the earring when being worn.

In the application of the earring the lobe 2| of 15 the external ear is passed through the opening in one side of the frame I 0 so that the latter will embrace said lobe and the saddle II will be located within the external ear contacting with the concha at the inside thereof, while the screw I2 20 will engage with said concha externally thereof at the lowermost portion of the same and in this manner the earring will be worn upon the external ear of a person, there being no chance or liability of the accidental removal of the 25 earring when so worn.

In Figure 5 of the drawing there is shown a slight modification, wherein the frame 22 of the earring, which is alike to the frame it, has the saddle 23 provided with the curled terminals 24, 30 the curls being .upwardly and inwardly directed, and such terminals preventing discomfort to the wearer of the earring as the terminals cannot cut into the concha in the wearing of the earring.

It should be apparent that the frame i0 and also the frame 22 must be of a size to be disposed in an embracing relation to the-lobe of the external ear so as to lie entirely about this lobe, with the ends of the frame interiorly of the external ear and exteriorly thereof at the lowermost portion of the concha, this being clearly shown in Figure 2 of the drawing, and in this manner the possibility of the loss of the earring when worn is eliminated. What is claimed is: s 1. An earring comprising a loop-like frame open at one side and of a size to completely traverse a lobe of an external ear, with the ends of the frame confronting the lower portion of the concha of said ear, an ornament carried by said frame, a saddle formed on the uppermost end of the frame for contact with the inner surface of the lowermost portion of the concha, and a binding screw carried at the lower end of the frame and engageablewiththeexternaisinfaceotthc lower portlonol'saidconcha.

2.Anean'inga1oop-liketnmeopm atonesideandotasiaetocompletelytravemea iohe'otanextemaleanolieendotsaidiramebeingadaptedtoabutupontheinneri'aceofthe lowerportionoftheconchaortsaideantheothuendotsaidh'amecan'yingmeanscapahleotabutmentmtheoutertaceotthelowerportionot said concha,andanomammtcarrledhysaid name.

3. An caning a unitary loop-like frameopenatonesldeandotasintocompietely traverseaiobeotanexternaleanmeendojsaid tramebeingathptcdtoabutuponthelnnerhce ofthelowa-portionol'theconchaotsaklear, theotherendofsaid-fl'amecarrymgmeanscapableotahuhnent upon'the outerfacedflie lowerporticnotsaidconchmandmm'nament can'ledbysaddirame. V

4. An earring a loop-likefl'ame openatomesideandol'asinetocom letelytmversealobeofanexternaleanonemddsaid Iramebeingadaptedtoabutupontheinnerface 'ol'thelower portion of thecomehaotsaideanthe other-endotsaidtramecarryingmovahlemeans capableolabutmentupontheoutertacedthe 1 lower portion 01' said concha, and an ornament the other end ot'said frame carrying movable screw means capable of abutment upon the outer face ol'thelowerportlonot saidconchamndan omament carried by said frame.

'I. An earring comprising a unitary loop-like frameopenatonesideandotasiaetocompletelv traversealobeotanexternaleanonemdol'said Iramcbeingadaptedtoahutuponthemnm-tace of the lower portion of the concha 0! sold ear, the other end of said frame carrying movable screw means capable of abutment upon theoute'r face or the lower portion of said coneha, and an ornament carried by said flame.

8. An earring comprising a loop-like openat onesideandotasisetotrav- 'ersealobeotanexternalear,theumermdoi aoiaoss 'laidfiamehavingasaddlemounted thereon uhptedtoabutupontheinneruppersurtaceot thelowerinnerportionol'theconchatom'event torwudandrearwardflltlngofsaidtrameand thelowerendotsaidhamecan-ylngmovable meansahuttableupontheoutertaceottheear.

l 'rln 'aloop-likelrameopen atmesldeandofasimtocmnpietelyh'avme alobeol'anexternaleantheupperendotsald flame lnvhz a saddle mounted transversely 'thereonadaptedtoahutupontheinnerupper thelowerinnerpoltionoftheconchatoprevent torwardandrearwardtilflngotsaidirameand flielowerendofsaidimmecan'yingmovable meansabuttableuncntheouteriaceol'the ear.

11. An earring comprising a loop-like frame openatonesldeandofasizetocompletelytraverseahbeofanextemaleantheupperendoi said frame having a saddle mounted thereon adaptedtoabutupontheinneruppersurlaceo! thelowerinnerportlonoftheconchatoprevent tornrd andrearwardtiltingotsaidframeand thelowerendotsaidtramecarrying movable meansupontheulterfaceottheear toprevmtlateraitilfingofsaidtrame.

12. An caning a loop-like frame opmatonesideandofasizetocompletelytraversealobedanexternaleantheupperendot saidtramehavingasaddlemounted thereon adapted to abut uponthe inner upper surfaceofthelowerinnerportion of the concha tomevmtforwardandrearwardtfltingofssid flameandthelower'endotsaidframecarrying movahlemeansabuttableupontheouterfaceot tbeeartomeventlateraltiitingofsaidfi'ame. "13.An earringcomprising sloop-like frame opmatonesideandotasiaetocompleteiytraverseaiobeofanexternaleantheupperend of saidframehavingasaddie mounted transversely thereon-and having curved front and rear ends adaptedtoabutuponthelnnerlmperslufaceol theiowerinnerportionof theconchatoprevent forward and rcarwardtflting of said frame and thelowerendolsaidframecarryingmovable meamabuttaifleupontheoutertace ottheear,



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