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Publication numberUS2040337 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1936
Filing dateApr 26, 1935
Priority dateApr 26, 1935
Publication numberUS 2040337 A, US 2040337A, US-A-2040337, US2040337 A, US2040337A
InventorsRosmait John A
Original AssigneeRosmait John A
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Moisture resistant valve bag
US 2040337 A
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May 12, 1936. J. A. ROSMAIT MOISTURE RESISTANT VALVE BAG Filed April 26, 1955 INVENTOR. c/O/fi? A iioamait" ATTORNEYS 40 tion of the bag walls and serves as a continua- Patented May 12, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE MOISTURE RESISTANT VALVE BAG John A. Bosmait, Manistee, Mich.

Application April 26, 1935, Serial No.- 18,313

" 4 Claims; (Cl. 150-9) My invention relates toimprovementsin moishand grip aperture whereby the bag is more ture resistant valve bags. ad y d p b for handling- An object is to provide a moisture resistant Other objects, advantages, and meritorious valve bag which is so constructed that while it is features of my inv ntion will more fully appear moisture resistant it is also adapted to permit the from the -following specifications, appended 5 escape of air through a provided air permeable claims, and accompanying drawing, wherein: portion of the bag wall during the filling of the Figure l is a side elevation of a fragment of a bag. bag embodying my invention wherein the bag is A further object is to provide a bag the major partly broken away to show its construction, portion of the wall of which is characterized in Fig. 2 is a cross-sectional view taken on line 10 that it is impervious to air and to moisture, but -2 of Fig. which bag has a minor portion of its wall formed Fig. 3 is a side elevation of a fragment of a bag of material which is permeable to air but imperembodying my-inventio-n, but of a modified form vious to moisture whereby the bag as a whole is as comp d w h F 1, nd wherein one wall moisture resistant but has a limited wall area f the ag s broken y; which, while it is moisture resistant, is air per- Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional view taken on the line meable to permit the escape of air from the in- 44 of F 3, terior of the bag during the filling of the bag. 5 is a perspective of a bag emhodyinga Another object is to provide a bag of the multimodification of my invention, and I, wall paper type which is moisture resistant and Fig. 6 is a side elevation of a fragment of a -bag wherein thecharacteristic which provides its rewith one wall partly broken away wherein" the 20 sistance to moisture prevents the filtration of air bag embodies my invention and is provided with through the bag wall, but which bag has a wall a feature additional to that shown in Fig. 1. area of limited extent which is so constructed My invention r s to that yp of a w c 0- as to be resistant to moisture but is permeable to is moisture resistant and wherein the moisture H air. In the construction here shown this limited resistant wall portion is substantially impervious air permeable portion is illustrated as located at to the pa of air as a result of its moisture one end of the bag. Preferably each side wall is resistant eharacteristic- These bags a e mprovided with a limited end portion of this strucm y o me f u -p y p p One method 9 ture and the bag walls are secured together at of waterproofi the sa e is o Provide a water such end through said air permeable portions. res D which may b accomplished by The bag filler opening is likewise preferably 10- coating one P y With suitable W r resistant cated between those wall portions which are air material, such as asphalt latex or the like or such permeable, ply may be formed of some suitable metallic foil An important feature is th t t air permeable which is impervious to moisture. If desired, the portion of the bag walls, which portion is water laminated Wall may Contain a single P y which is a and moisture resistant, is fo ed of a tough, inherently moisture resistant. My invention strong, material such as suitably prepared fabalso pertams to bags of the Valve type- These 1.10, which is securl ttac e to th ma-or ob bags are commonly used to contain powdered e y a h d 8 J p material. This material is deposited in the bag through the valve opening. The air within the bag is exhausted duiing the deposit of the content material therein. In a common paper bag, the air filtersout through the paper wall. The waterproof layer is normally impervious to the passage of air and prevents the discharge of air therethrough. I provide a bag of this type with such Permeable Portlons, Such portmns a wall portion of limited extent which is adaptsessing suflicient strength and ruggedness to pered to permit the flow of th erethrough but is mm of re'use to receive the fastemng means a moisture resistant. Certain types of waterproof 50 plurality of times. fabrics possess these characteristi s' T e bag may be Provided With a hand grip would be too expensive, to use for the fnanl ff ag aperture extending through the strong air perture of bags but I employ 'only a relatively small meable woven portions of its side walls, such porportion of such material in each bag.

55 tions being secured together surrounding said In the construction shown there is illustrated 55 tion thereof at one end of the bag. The bag walls are secured together through these air permeable portions in such a manner as to facilitate the opening of the bag at such end for discharge of its contents. The bag may be again sealed at such end by fastening means extending through a bag having a side wall III. This side wall is preferably formed of several layers of paper l2.

One of these layers l4 may be rendered water-' but this is for the purpose of simplifying the drawing and it is to be understood that while the wall need not necessarily be laminated that this is a satisfactory form of construction and the wall is rendered moisture resistant and is substantially impermeable to air.

In the bags illustrated in Figs. 1, 3, and 6 there is provided a filler opening l6 formed by turning in corner portions of the side walls and through which the filler spout of filling mechanism may be inserted to fill the bag.

In Figs. 1 and 6 and subsidiary Figs. 2, 4, and 5, the bag is shown as provided at one end with a wall portion formed of moisture resistant air permeable fabric or the like l8. In Figs. 1 and 6 this fabric is shown as an extension of each side wall and the two portions are shown as stitched together along the line 20 to close the end of the bag. In the construction shown in Fig. 5 this fabric is shown as continuous and extends from one wall portion ll] of the bag to the opposite wall portion being stitched thereto as at 22. Figs. 1 and 2 show reinforcement strips 24 secured underneath the line of stitching and reinforcement strips might be provided if desired for the line of stitching 20.

In Figs. 1 and 6 the valve structure is formed in this air permeable portion, the corners being turned in as indicated at l6 for this purpose. Fig. 6 illustrates a hand grip aperture 24. The material 18 is stitched at 26 around this aperture enclosing a cord 21 to provide a good gripping margin. During the filling of the bag as the powdered content material enters through the valve filler opening l6 the air escapes through the foraminous portion I8. This portion, however, is moisture proof so as to protect the material within the bag.

Fig. 3 shows a construction wherein the inturned corners l6 which form the valve opening are integral parts of the side wall elements In and a separate valve member 28 is provided. This valve member is formed of sheet material folded as indicated in Fig. 3 to form a tubular extension of the inturned corner portion I6 and is held in place by the line of stitching 20 which secures the two side walls of the bag together across the end. This tubular extension "is shown as slitted at 30 to facilitate the discharge of the /content material into the interior of the bag.

In the sev- To provide an escape for the air the opposite corners of the side walls of the bag may be cut away as at 32 and a sheet of air permeable moisture resistant fabric or other suitable material may be stitched therein to fill out such cut away portion. The line of stitching is indicated as 34. This provides a bag wherein in the corner opposite to the valve filler opening corner there is a foraminous portion which permits the escape of air.

One well known method of treating woven fabric so that it is rendered waterproof and yet remains impervious to air would be to first wash the fabric with a hot, weak solution of alkali which is afterwards removed by washing with hot water and drying. The fabric is then immersed in a hot mixture of white paraflin wax and cotton oil to which are added resin and OH of turpentine. It is then passed through a wringing machine after which it is tried at a temperatur not to exceed F. 1 v

What I claim:

1. A valve bag having its side walls except for a short distance at one end formed of substantially imperforate moisture resistant material, said short end portion being formed of air permeable and moisture resistant material, and said bag having its valve opening arranged within said air permeable moisture resistant wall portion.

2. A valve bag having the major portion of eachside wall formed of imperforate water resistant material and a minor portion of each side wall at one end of the bag formed of air permeable water resistant material, said bag walls being secured together at such end by a line of stitching extending through said air permeable portions of the side walls, said bag having a valve opening in one corner between said air permeable portions of its side walls.

3. A bag having a wall the major portion of the area of which is formed of material substantially impervious to air and moisture, said wall formed of material pervious to air but substanvhaving a minor portion of its area at one end tially impervious to moisture, said bag having a valve filler opening located at said end.

4. 'A bag of the valve type having the major portion of each side wall formed of multi-ply wall paper substantially impervious to air and moisture, each side wall having one corner portion formed of air permeable moisture impervious material and having its opposite corner portion at the same end of the bag turned into the bag forming a valve filler opening.


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European ClassificationB65D31/14