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Publication numberUS2040750 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 12, 1936
Filing dateJan 7, 1935
Priority dateJan 7, 1935
Publication numberUS 2040750 A, US 2040750A, US-A-2040750, US2040750 A, US2040750A
InventorsLong George E
Original AssigneeEdward J Schulte, Raymond W Rush
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Card holder
US 2040750 A
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May 12, 1936.

E. LONG CARD HQLDER Filed Jan. 7, 1935 0902:9165 Z or ATTORNEYS Patented May 12, 1936 PATENT OFFICE accuse .caan notmm George Long, .Plttsburg, Km, assignor to Raymond W. Bush Girard, Kans.

Application January 1. Claim.

This invention is a holder for price cards or tickets and provides a very simple and cheap device which will effectually hold a card or label in such position that legends thereon may be easily read, which will be neat in appearance.-

and which may be easily applied or removed from merchandise. Theinvention is illustrated in the accompanying drawing and will be hereinafter first fully described and then more particularly defined in the appended claim.

In the drawing: Figure 1 is a perspective view of a can having the improved card holder applied-thereto.

Figure 2 is a similar view showing the opposite side of the,holder.

Figure 3 is a-perspective view of the holder detached on a slightly larger scale.

Figure4 is a central longitudinal section.

In the drawing, the reference numeral I desi nates a can having heads 2 around its ends. The

improved card holder is preferably a substantially rectangular plate 3 of resilient metal having parallel slits 4 extending from each end there-.

by forming tongues 5, and 6 connected by a central web 1. The .side tongues 5 are relatively narrow anddisposed in the plane of the web I but they center tongue 5 is relatively wide and slightly oflset for disposal in a plane beyond the plane of the side tongues to facilitate the gripping of a card 8 as shown in Figure 1 and also to define a slight shoulder 9 upon which the card may rest. The outer ends of the tongues 5 are outwardly flared and the outer ends of the side tongues are flared in an opposite direction from that of the ends of. the center tongue. .The card or label may, of course; display any desired announcement. The lower side tongues 8 are likewise narrow and in the same plane with the central web I but the center tongue 6 is wider and 40 somewhat longer than the side tongues and is slightly offset in the opposite direction from the center tongue 5 to'facilitate engagement with the can. This tongue is formed with a transverse and Edward J. Schulte,

"I, 1935. Serial No. m (01.40-11) head 4 0 providing a groove adapted to engage over the bead or flange on the can.

In use, the upper tongues, 5 are engaged with the card-or label as shown, the center tongue bearing against one face of the card and the side r tongues bearing against. the opposite side thereof sothat the card will be held firmly. In like manner, the tongues 6 are 7 engaged with the flange or bead of the can, the side tongues engaging the inner side of the flange and the center tongue engaging the outer side thereofwith the groove of the bead I0 fitting over the flange and thereby resisting any tendencylof the holder to tilt so that the card will be held upright and may be easily read.

While I have shown the holder as applied to a can, it will be understood, of course, that the device may be applied to any article having a beaded or flanged edge.

Having described my invention, what I claim is:

A card holder comprising a plate including a central web, relatively narrow side tongues arranged in pairs extending in opposite directions from the web, relatively wide center tongues ex-v tending in-opposite directions from the web with one center tongue for each pair of side tongues and disposed between the same for cooperation therewith, one pair of side tongues having their outer ends outwardly flared and the center tongue thereof being offset from the web at an inclination and having its outer end outwardly flared in a direction opposite to the flared ends of the side tongues, the other pair of side tongues being straight throughout their length and the center tongue thereof being offset from the web in a direction opposite from that of the other center tongue, said second mentioned center tongue being longer than its side tongues and terminating outwardly beyond the ends thereof, and a rounded bead formed on the longer tongue adiacent its free end to provide a groove extending transversely thereon GEORGE E. LONG.

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International ClassificationG09F1/10, G09F1/00
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European ClassificationG09F1/10