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Publication numberUS2041238 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1936
Filing dateMay 23, 1934
Priority dateMay 23, 1934
Publication numberUS 2041238 A, US 2041238A, US-A-2041238, US2041238 A, US2041238A
InventorsDewey Fickes
Original AssigneeBeistle Company
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Attachment for printing presses
US 2041238 A
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, I table.

i 35 there is providedia heater which is indicated genwww yeets and `static press` and `furnish heat to playfdirectly `uponthe j n `of staticzelect'ricity will beovercomei" `Other obi l" jectsoiftheinvention will appearincidentallyin :the course af the follovdngdescription andX the invention` resides incertain noveli features which :Jwillbe particularly pointedpout inthe appended claims.

" t. In,theanneredfdrawings: i

,t Figure 1` isa perspective viewery the delivery w v e endroia printing press showing my-attachment solnnvsltionthereom it j` `Figure2is a longitudinal sectionithroughone i the burners. i

"6r mure 2. i

liigure 4 is `a `perspective viewfoftheattaeh- 1,

mentremoved from the press. t

Figure 5 is a transverse section on the line 5`B of Figure In the drawings, the reference numeral i desn `30` ignatesgenerally the sheet delivery mechanism `of a printing press, the numeral 2 designates the table uponwhich the printed sheets are piled,`

and 3 designates the printed sheets upon the In carrying out thel present invention,

M U erally by the numeral 4 and which `is disposed `between the sides of the sheet delivery mechl anism, as clearly shown in Figure 1. This atn tachment comprises a'yheader 5 having a central i" 4)` notch 8 extending upwardly from its lowery edge and having a nipple l formed thereon to receive one end` of a gas supply pipe 8 whichiS equipped `with aout-off or regulating valve 9 and may be connected `through a hose or otheriiexible `pipe is secured` one end of a \50\stance, `the closures for the ends or the burner `'tubes are in the form of caps I3 which` have threaded engagement with the burner tubes and f `are also provided with threaded sockets on their outer sides to receive securing screws M` which are 55 nttea through bosses non the end wan le of may betvery easily released m1358111? 3 is aftransverse section ongthe line. i

n the circulation of the burning gases.

tubes are providedwith perforations or jet open- 50 v l www y l fATTACHMENT EGR,.PRJNTINGPRESSES`` Dewey, liickes,` wShlppcnsburg, l e 'ThefBeistle Company, Shippenslrurg,` Pa.,v a j 1.

fY."apnicatioamay23massi-lai No. 721,183

l wia-mii t l i, 9,1 Thefobjectof this inventionwi toprovide "an, e attachment I or printing presses by, the ruse of' which offsetting-in the printed s electricityin` the pile ot `printedsheets"will,be

l d 1 vicemfor thelstated-purposewhich may be readily .vtmoutltedsliponthe delivery., endtoi'` a printing i :y the theater. This arrangement l `firmly `supports the ends ot the` burner ioreilectual `closing oi' the same, although, livrepairs or renewalsishould. benecessary, the tubes l nd withdrawn. l

e The end wan le isvnared downwardly and out-`, as clearly 'shownsin Figure 2, so that the e. t. wheat may' spread -as `it passes `through the open 1, ;;printedysheets after theyare ,delivered sotthat .l fio the inkiwill `be thoroughly dried` and the `presence bottom ofthe heaterand, therefore, play upon` the` entire area of the printed sheets which are 1o beingvdeliveredufw :The end wall i8v is` somewhat similar tastenings maybe inserted to secure the @attachment upon a` cross burla of theframe or that the attachment will y `be supported in the` desired location. A central ,l i 1 chamber or space is` thus., provided in the heater through `whichlair` may rise and inner walls, `or partitions 2li extend` longitudinally` of theheater the printing press` so between theheader `E and the 'end wall I8 so as 25 to prevent spreading ofthe heat from the burners into lthe central space vand clearly define said space so that therewill be an ample circulation of cool airto preventthe parts of the press. adjacent the heater, beingraised in temperature to an undesirable degree. Inorderthat the temperature in this central space may be kept low, the longitudinal inner walls or `partitions 20 are provided with linings 2| of asbestos `or other heat-resisting material, which linings are secured against the partitionsby clamping plates 22 in an obvious manner. Secured upon the upper edges of the header 5 `and the end wall i6 and extending between the same are`covers 23 which;`

, as shown most clearly in Figures 3, `i and 5, are 40 oi' arcuate formation with their `inner edges spaced apart to provide an outlet for the partly eated air between the two branches ofthe heater.` Aburner tube I2 is disposed in each branch e oi' the heater, and,V as shown in Figures 2, 3 and `5, 45 is located `close to the bottom or loweredge oi' the header and `theend wall. thereby providing an ample space above and around the burner i'or` The burner ings 24 which extend from end to end oi' the tubes and are staggered in the respective tubes so as to provideior awide diiusionsoi the heat." Pilot tubes 25 extend from the gas supply pipe,

at a point between the main supply and valve 9,

tubes and also provides l etend'to and through Il and terminate immediately adjacent the ref be seen that I have provided a very simple Awin be supplied through the entire extent n: the -burner andfwill play directlyupon the Printed is to be-started'or stopped.

the partitions or walls spective burner tubes so that a pilot light will be constantly burning and the gas immediately ignited when the valve is opened to'permit a full flow of gas to the burner tubes.

Prom the foregoing description, taken in connection with the accompanying-drawings, it will attachment which may bereadily. secured inV place upon a printing press and easily removed therefrom when desired. The header 5 will deliver the gas to the two burner tubes equally sothat the'heat sheets as they are `brought unde lthe attachment bythe deliveryl mechanism. directed through the open bottom of the heater inamnuch the cover plates 23 and an accumulation of,l hot air which will raise the temperature of the adja- `centparts ofthe printingpress vto snundesirable degree isthereby avoided. 'Any heated airlwhich may tendto accumulatebetween the longitudinal inner 'walls 2lwill vreadily escape through `the openspace'between the upper portionsof said Inasmuch aslthe printedsheets are caused to, travel directly below the heater, the hotair .will play directly uponsthe entire surface of each sheet and' will, consequently.l thoroughly and quickly dry vthe ink which is applied to th'e sheets so that .offsetting upon. the sheets willl befthoroughly eliminated and prevented. .j AJthin film of vhot air will be placed between -the'sheets to eliminate stati'clelectricityin thepile of printed sheets. The device will require no attentiorrupon the part of the .pressman exceptto open and close the regulating valve. as the operation of the press .Having thus described the inventionI AI claim:

. 1S A devi fforthe purpose stated comprising a. header, an'. entiV wall having its lower rportion .downwardly flared', vthev header and said end wail -having centralj notches'in their lower edges wherebythey maybe engaged over a barvof a 'printing press.v burner tubes supported byr the animos plates securedpupon the upper edges of the header,

The heat will 'be as its upward escape is prevented by' header, burner tubes in the header and the end wall and in communication with the interior of the header, means for supplylng fuel to the header, walls extending between the header and the end wall yand inlined with the side walls of the notches. and cover plates se- 5 .cured upon the upper edge of the header, `the end wall and intermediate walls.

2. A device for the purpose stated comprising ,a header, an end wall, the lheader and the end wall having upwardly extending notches at the centers of their lower edges whereby they may be engaged over a bar, of a printing press, longitudinalwallsextending between the header and the end wall vat the'sides of said notches, cover the end walland the longitudinal walls 'whereby .two parallel chambers having open bottoms arey defined, means .for 'supplying fuel to the header.

` and burner tubes communicating with the headenand supported'by the same and the end wall 20 at the bottoms ofth'e'parallel chambers..

3. An lattachment for'-v printing pressesv includ ying amender,l a pipe for supplying fuel tov thev hea/demand extendiing therefrom, an end wall for supporting' the 25 "ends of'the header tubes remote from'theburner,

partitions between the' burner tubes anciextend: ing from the lheader to said tube supports, and :cover plates mounted on the corresponding' upper edges yof the headerl andl said supports, 'corre- 3Q vsponding cover plates and partitions being spaced to permitr circulation of air.

A4. In an attachment for .printing presses, a header havingindependent 'compartments de- 'lining an intermediate passage opening 35 through the top thereof, burner tubes disposed within the compartments, square supports for 4the ends of .the burner tubes remote from the vheaderpxneans for supplying fuel to the yburner tubes,means for controllingthe flow of fuel .to ..40 .said.tubes, means inythe intermediate air passage -forsecuring the header in .position on a printing press. and a. cover plate for each of the compartments for limitingdiffusion of heat from -the attachment. 45- Y DEWEY FICKES.

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