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Publication numberUS2041242 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 19, 1936
Filing dateAug 27, 1935
Priority dateAug 27, 1935
Publication numberUS 2041242 A, US 2041242A, US-A-2041242, US2041242 A, US2041242A
InventorsEdwin R Goldfield
Original AssigneeWaite & Bartlett X Ray Mfg Co
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Auxiliary counterbalance for extra capacity head
US 2041242 A
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' y 1935- E. R. GOLDFIELD 2,041,242


signor to Waite & Bartlett X -lta".Mfg. Co.,

Inc., York Cleveland, Ohio, a corporation of New Application August 27, 1935, Serial No. 38,075

2 Claims.

This invention relates to mobileX-ray apparatus having a tube head capable of maximum range-of vertical adjustment thereon, the apparatus being intended to be movable from room to room of the hospital or other building in which it is to be used.

The principal object of the invention is to provide that the possible vertical adjustment of the parts may be maximum and greater than the height of the usual doorway, yet the apparatus be of small enough height to clear such doorway.

Another object of the invention is to make the apparatus capable of employment with a tube head selected from a number thereof according to capacity, type and the like, depending on the work to be performed-yet retaining the advantages described with respect to clearance.

Further objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description taken in connection with the drawing, in which I Fig. 1 is a side elevation of typical a paratus embodying the invention, the parts being shown as adjusted to an intermediate position, parts being broken away to show details of the construction, and the view illustrating in broken lines another adjusted position; 1

Fig. 2 is an enlarged plan view of certain parts appearing in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a sectional detail in elevation as in the plane of line 3--3, Fig. 2; and &

Fig. 4 is a detail of parts appearing in Fig. 3

as in the vertical plane of line 4-4, Fig. 3.

With reference now to the'drawlng, the principal parts of the apparatus include a mobile base i provided with wheels or the like as indicated, a hollow post 2 carried by the base i and extending upwardly therefrom, and a. carriage 3 vertically adjustable along the post 2. An X-ray head t which may be of shock-proof type and including the usual X-ray' tube and high tension transformer therefor, is detachably mounted on the carriage 3 and arranged for universal adjustment relative to the carriage aslndicated, Fig. 1, and

as will be appreciated by one familiar with the art. A control box 5 for the head t and connected with the latter as by cablet, is mounted on the base Weight means for counterbalancing the carrlage 3 and tube head t are provided and arranged to move within the hollow of the post 2 for the purpose. As here shown, the weight means includes a weight 1 connected with the carriage as by it"fiexible line 8, which runs over a sheave 9 mounted at the top of the post 2 and overhanging the hollow of the post as indicated, the sheave being immediately carried by a suit-' able bracket W at the head of the post and so disposing the sheave that the stretch 8a. of theline 8, suspending'the weight I from the sheave 5 9, will be centrally disposed in the hollow of the post 2 while the stretch 8b of the line 8 suspends the carriage 3 from the sheave 9 will be disposed outside the post and clear thereof.

The bracket I0 is adjustable about the axis of 10 the post 2 and carries an end ofa rod Illa, the lower end of which is carried by a collar lob, similarly adjustable about the post axis. The carriage 3 has means such as a pair of rollers 3a moving on the rod Illa, the arrangement being 15 such that the carriage 3, together with the sheave 9, may be adjustable as a unit about the axis of the post.

The weight I may be cylindrical and substantially occupy the entire hollow of the post, in hori- 20 zontal section, and the parts are so proportioned and arranged, and particularly,,the line 8 is of such length, that the tube head. 4 may have ad justment the full length of the post 2, yet when the head is in lowermost position the weight I will lie within the hollow of the tube 2 and below post 2, when the head 4 is in lowermost position,

as shown, Fig. 3, and in broken lines, Fig. 1. The auxiliary weight may also have a fiat side as at l3 adjacent its slot I2 to clear parts of the bracket In, as shown, Fig. 2. The length of the .post 2 is such that the apparatus may just clear the usual doorway when the parts are in intermediate positions, such as that shown in full lines, Fig. 1, whereas when the tube head is in lowermost position and the weight means projects substantially above the post, as in Fig. 3, and in broken lines, Fig. 1, the auxiliary weight 1' would not pass through the doorway. The relative masses of the weights 1 and I are such that when the auxiliary weight 1' is removed, the permanent weight I will be sufficient to counterbalance a lighter tube head which may be substituted on the carriage3 for the tube head 4 shown thereon. Thus, when such lighter tube head is to be used, the auxiliary weight I'- is removed. This is easily accomplished simply by lowering the carriage I sufllciently'to project the auxiliary weight 1' above the post}, and then litting the auxiliary weight I from the weight I and removing it from the apparatus.

What I claim is:

1. In mobile X-ray apparatus of the class described, and having upright post means and a carriage adjustable therealong, a head mounted on said carriage, weight means sufllcient to counterbalance said carriage and head, sheave means at the upper end of said post means, and a line interconnecting said weight means and carriage and passing over said sheave means, said weight means having a longitudinally extending opening to clear said sheave, and the parts being so proportioned and arranged that when said carriage is in lowermost position said weight means will project substantially above said post means, but said carriage may be adjusted to an intermediate position wherein neither said carriage nor said weight means will project above said post means. 1

2. In mobile X-ray apparatus of the class demeans including an auxiliary I tion.

scribed and having upright post means and a carriage adjustable therealong, a head mounted on said carriage, sheave means at the upper end of said post means, and weight means ior counterbalancing said carriage and head and comprising a permanent weight, a line interconnecting said permanent weight and carriage and passing over said sheave means, the parts being so proportioned and carriage is in lowermost position and said permanent weight in corresponding uppermost position, said permanent weight will be at a lower elevation than said sheave means but adjacent the latter. said permanent weight having a part overhung by said sheave means, said weight weight detachably mounted upon said permanent weight to extend above the sheave elevation when said permanent weight is in its said uppermost position and having a longitudinally extending opening to clear said sheave means and line when said permanent weight is lowered from its said uppermost posi- EDWIN R. GOIDFIELD.

arranged that when said

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