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Publication numberUS2041755 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 26, 1936
Filing dateMay 4, 1934
Priority dateMay 4, 1934
Publication numberUS 2041755 A, US 2041755A, US-A-2041755, US2041755 A, US2041755A
InventorsGordon Joseph I
Original AssigneeGordon Joseph I
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Combined bottle holder and closure-protector
US 2041755 A
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May 26, 1936. J, GORDON 2,041,755

COMBINED BOTTLE HOLDER AND CLOSURE PROTECT OR Filed May 4, 1934 l/vvs/vroe .fojep/l I. 50/6/0/7.


Application May 4, 1934, Serial No. 723,837

1 Claim.

This invention relates to a certain new and useful article in the form of a bracket capable of, and adapted for, both supporting or holding a bottle, such as a bottle of milk or the like, and protecting and preventing the removal of the bottle-closure.

Under modern living conditions in the cities and towns, milk and other such dairy products and the like are delivered to the housewife in bottles, usually deposited in the early hours of the morning on a door-step, window-ledge, or other more or less conveniently accessible place, to be subsequently removed by the housewife. Very frequently, however, the housewife finds the deposited bottle, to her loss and chagrin, overturned and its contents partly or entirely removed, no doubt the result of a visit by a strolling animal of the genus Felidae.

My present invention has hence for its object the provision of a simple, inexpensive, readily constructed, and durable article, which may be easily mounted at a suitable location on the particular premises, and which is so formed as not only to conveniently receive and then eificiently support or hold the deposited bottle until removed by the housewife, but also to protect and prevent the removal of the usual disk or other such closure of the held bottle.

And with the above and other objects in view, my invention resides in the novel features of form, construction, arrangement, and combination of parts presently described and pointed out in the claim.

In the accompanying drawing,

Figure 1 illustrates in longitudinal section and in operative mounted position a combined bottleholder and closure-protector of my invention;

Figure 2 is a front end elevational view of the article;

Figure 3 is an inverted plan view; and

Figure 4 is a plan View of the cut blank, which, when folded and formed, provides the finished article of my invention.

Referring now more in detail and by reference characters to the drawing, which illustrates a preferred embodiment of my invention, the article or bracket is formed or constructed from a suitable blank or section of sheet metal of suitable gauge and weight, the blank being first by dies or otherwise suitably cut and punched into the configuration, best seen in Figure 4, to include and provide opposed approximately equal length end portions A and B and an intermediate or connecting-portion C, the portion A being preferably of arcuate contour, as at a, at its free outer end margin and being preferably of reduced width relatively to the portions B and. C, the portion B being bifurcated into substantially U or yokeform in plan, and the portion C being provided with openings I, I, all for purposes presently appearing.

The so cut and formed blank is then by suitable forming dies bent or folded into approximately U-shape in side elevation, as shown, the portion A then becoming the upper member or leg, the portion B becoming the lower member or leg, and the portion C becoming the bight and being disposed at approximately a right angle to the then approximately parallel and correspondingly spaced upper and lower legs A and B.

At or about the same time, the outwardly extending side marginal portions of the leg B and of the connecting-member C are manipulated in the formation of a strengthening or stiffening bead 2 and inwardly presented flanges 3, which register or align approximately with the side margins of the now overlying upper leg A, as best seen in Figures 2 and 3.

Preferably also, at or about the same time, the member B is slightly flanged downwardly and thereby provided with a strengthening or stiffening lip, as at 4, along the margin of its yoke, and the forks b, b, of the yoke provided with upwardly presented protuberances or knobs, as at 5, at or adjacent their free ends, as best seen in Figure 1.

The article, thus simply, economically, and inexpensively produced, is now ready for use and,

in use, is disposed at its bight C flatwise upon and, by means of suitable fastening members 6, freely accommodated by the openings I, rigidly secured upon a wall or other support D at any desired or suitable elevation, with its members A and B presented outwardly, as illustrated in Figure 1.

It. is known that milk bottles, such as the bottle E, for instance, are beaded at their mouth, as at e, and of standard diametrical dimension at their neck e, and the opening of the yoke of member B is hence of corresponding dimension, and it is, of course, to be understood that the height of the bight C provides sufiicient space between the legs A and B to freely accommodate the bead e of the bottle E.

Hence, when so secured in position, the article at its member B provides a yoke-shaped jaw for conveniently receiving and engaging or embracing the bottle-neck c with the bead e rested on the bifurcations or forks b, b, the member A then, as a so-called cover, overlying the mouth of, and preventing the removal of the usual disk or other such closure from, the mouth of the suspended bottle E. In so suspending the particular bottle E, the bifurcations or forks b readily yield at the knobs or humps 5 to accommodate the insertion or placement of the bottle E and the knobs 5 then function to yieldingly retain the bottle both against accidental removal from suspended position and firmly against the cover-sec: tion A. The article adds greatly to and improves the sanitary conditions of milk deliveries, prevents contamination of the delivered milk, and is in every respect exceedingly efiicient in the performance of its intended functions.

It is to be understood that changes in the form, construction, arrangement, and combination of the several parts of the article may be made and substituted for those herein shown and described without departing from the nature and principle of my invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is,-

A bottle-supporting bracket constructed of a single section of material and integrally including a first fiat plate-like member forked at an end for providing a pair of jaws for embracingly engaging the neck of a beaded-end bottle for dependingly supporting the same, a flange disposed approximately right-angularly to, and joined at its lower margin to the opposite end of, said member for providing an attaching plate for securing the bracket horizontally to and upon a support, and a second fiat plate-like member united at its rear end to the upper margin of, and projecting in spaced approximately parallel relation to and over the first member from, said flange for flatwise overlying the mouth of the supported bottle, said first member being provided with upwardly presented knobs adjacent the free ends of the jaws for yieldingly retaining the suspended bottle against accidental displacement.


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U.S. Classification248/312
International ClassificationA47G29/18, A47G29/00
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