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Publication numberUS2042799 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 2, 1936
Filing dateMar 18, 1935
Priority dateMar 18, 1935
Publication numberUS 2042799 A, US 2042799A, US-A-2042799, US2042799 A, US2042799A
InventorsOrt William
Original AssigneeVernon L Bolton
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Shipping and dispensing carton
US 2042799 A
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June 2, 1936. 2,042,799

SHIPPING AND DISPENSING CARTON Filed March 18, 1935 Wi liam Ort 1M 'ENTOR.


Patented June 2, 1936 UNITED, STATES 2,042,793 SHIPPING AND DISPENSING CARTON William Ort, Wichita Falls, Tex.,*assignor of forty-nine per cent to Vernon L.

Wichita Falls, Tex.

Bolton, 4

Application March 18, 1935, Serial No. 11,721

l Claim. ((1206-31) readily converted into a dispenser for delivering the matches as required for use.

While the drawings illustrate a preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that in adapting the same to meet specific needs and requirements, the design may be varied and changes in the minor details of construction may be resorted to within the scope of the invention as claimed, without departing'from the spirit thereof.

the merits thereof, reference is to be had to the following description and the drawing hereto attached, in which:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a carton illustrative of an embodiment of the invention.

Figure 2 is a view similar to Figure 1, parts being broken away and showing the same adiusted for dispensing the contents.

Figure 3 is a central, longitudinal, cross sectional view of the carton.

Figure 4 is a view of the blank prior to ing or folding to form the box or carton. I

Corresponding and like parts are referred to in the following description and designated in the several views of the drawing by like reference characters.

The cardboard or sheet material is cut or otherwise formed to provide a blank of predetermined size and shape,'as shown in Figure 4. The numeral 5 designates longitudinal and transverse score lines upon which portions of the blank are bent or folded to form the carton. The numeral l designates a portion ofthe blank corresponding to the back of the box. Flaps 8 and 9 are at one end of the part III and other flaps It and I are at the opposite end. The parts H and i3 correspond to the sides and the part l2 to the front of the box. A sealing flap Ilia is formed at the outer edge of the part l0. Sealing flaps in are provided at the ends of the part it. The part 9 forms the top of the box and has a V- shaped perforated line 9d and a perforated circle is. When the part defined by the perforate circle 90 is removed, a hole 9b is formed to receive a nail or other projection upon which it may be. desired to suspend the box in convenient position for dispensing matches or the like. The

bendfiap it corresponds with the bottom-of the box.

1 The flap IS forms the lower portion of the front and has end extensions l8 and projections lid.

60 A tab lib at the outer side of the flap "is partly separated therefrom by a perforated semi-circular line I 5a and has a portion l5cgummed. The part lid is loose to be-engaged by the finger nail when it is required to loosen the flap l5.

When the blank is folded to form the box or carton it is made secure by the flaps Illa and Ila I which are glued to the sides against which they are pressed. The extensions l6 are disposed within the box adjacent the sides. The projections |6a form stops to limit the outward movement of the part IS. A notch I 2a is formed in thelower end of the part I 2. When the tab lib is removed on the line l5a a notch is formed corresponding with the notch lZa to receive the thumb and finger 'when removing a match or other article from the box. The gummed portion I50 of the tab l5b overlaps the portion of s the front I2 adjacent the notch I211 and is ad- For a full understanding of the invention and hesively secured thereto, leaving the exterior portion lid loose to be gripped when releasing the flap l5 which is swung outwardly to form a tray to conveniently support the matches for grasping. The top 9 is retained in place by tucking the flap 8 in the box against the front l2. See Figure 3 of the drawing.

When the box is filled and closed, it appears as shown in Figure 1, and when adjusted for service, the part defined by the perforated circle 90 is removed and the tab 9a torn loose on the line 911 and turned to lie in the plane of the back Ill, as shown in Figure 2. The loose portion l5d of the tab lib is grasped and drawn upon to tear the tab away from the front l2. The part l5 being released is swung outward to form the tray. The tab is detached on the perforated line Ho and discarded. The box may rest upon its bottom or be suspended from a nail or like part, as will be readily appreciated. The numeral 1 indicates a match scratch applied to the side of the boxin the form of an abrasive strip.

Having thus described the invention, what I claim is:

A carton substantially as specified comprising a single sheet embodying a back and upper and lower front portions at adjacent sides of the back and connected thereto by intermediate portions, the upper front portion having a notch in its lower end and the lower front portion having a tab partly separated therefrom and adapted to close the notch of said upper front portion and gummed thereto and having a loose extension to be grasped for tearing away the tab to release the lower front portion and form a notch corresponding with the notch of the upper front portion, said lower front portion having end extensions and projections, the latter engaging said upper front portion to limit the outward movement of the lower front portion when swung to rovide a tray. p wnmu car.

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U.S. Classification206/124, 206/806, 229/906.1
International ClassificationA24F27/10
Cooperative ClassificationA24F27/10, Y10S206/806
European ClassificationA24F27/10