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Publication numberUS2043934 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 9, 1936
Filing dateDec 3, 1932
Priority dateDec 3, 1932
Publication numberUS 2043934 A, US 2043934A, US-A-2043934, US2043934 A, US2043934A
InventorsSpear Walter A
Original AssigneeVictor Electric Products Inc
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Hot air apparatus
US 2043934 A
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June 9, 1936.-


Walter A; Spear, Cincinnati, Ohio, assignor to Victor Electric Products, Inc Cincinnati, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio Application December 3, 1932, Serial No. 645,573

5' Claims.

This invention relates .to, heating and ventilating apparatus and more particularly to the application of a motor fan to a hot air register or other air circulating conduit for augmenting the natural circulation of. air. 7

In the use of hot air heating systems for residences, wherein the air; is conducted through conduits and discharged into the room through either floor or wall registers, it is not unusual for such conduits to become air, bound due to the presence of a body of relatively cold air ove lying the warm air too heavy to be raised by the bouyancy of the warmer air below, and so actingas a stopper for the conduit. 5

In the present invention there is contemplated an electric fan and a resilient. mounting upon which the fan issuspended atthe outlet of the conduit, by the-suction .eiiectoi which upon the conduit and the forcible expulsion of air-fin the vicinity of the register, the pressure of th cold air within the conduit is relieved andthc Warm air allowed to rise. Furthermore, the fan ac celerates the circulation of Warm air, thereby efecting a; more rapid heat ex hange within. t e

room. r

- It is recognized that the use of a motor fanv for ac lerating he distributi n of. warm air irom a register is not. br dly ew but in the present case th fan is advantageously located. and. sunported, in anew and novel manner;

The object of the invention. is to. improve the mounting as well as the means and mode of op.- eration of su h air circulatin pnaratuswhere by it will not only be cheap in construction. b will be more efficient in usecanable of bein easily and'quic y installed. by unskilled persons without the se of tools, substantially noiseless in operation, and unlikely to get out of repair.

A further objectoi the invention is to. provide means for mounting an electric ian within aheating' r v nti atin cond it for accelerating discharge of air therefrom,

A further object of the'inventi-on is to provide a resilient mounting for an electric fanadapted to be secured in pl y application to the .010- sure grille of a conduit or-passage; A-iurther object of the inventionis to provide amounting wherein the vibration of-theian and motor are effectively dampened to ;minimize noise.

A further object, of the invention is to provide air control and directing means for the fan.

Withv the above primary. and other incidental objects; in. view, as will more iully appear in the specification, the invent-ion.-consistsoithe features of construction, the parts, and combinations-thereof, and the mode of operation, or their equivalents, asi.'.hereinaiter;described and set forth in the claims.

In the drawing, wherein is shown the preferred but obviously not necessa i y t e nly f m of em odiment. cithe inv ntion. F u e 1 s. a ertical sectional view of a typical hot air floor regisher to whi h the nvention has b n appli Ffisur isanc spective Vi w f. e fa an m un n emove ircmth re is er. Fi ure 3 is. a ide levation of a spe ia aptation. ci' h invention to, a wall. re er wherein h r s n ufficient space to receive the motor fan. Fig l is a front elevation of he const ction shown in Fig. 3.

Like parts are indicated. by similar characters of, reference throughout the several views.

Referring to Figures .1 and, 2 of the drawing, l is the floor of. a. room having therein a typical floor register of which '2 ls-the register box. or chamber and .3 thelhot. air flue; leading thereto. Over the register chamber is the usual closure. grille 4v through which heated air isdischarged into. the room. Whilethe invention has been illustrated as applied tohct air registers, itis to be understood that it. is. equally applicable to, air circulating passagesor conduits other than. hot air heating installations. In an inverted p0 sition the apparatus may be installed in a cold air 2.5 duct or flue to accelerate the withdrawalof cold air from a room. It is also applicable to any ventilating opening, whether for the distribution of heated or cold air Mounted within the floor register chamber 2 is a motor fan which for special installation or where commercial electric current is not available, may be actuated "by a spring motor, but is preferably an electric motor 5 driving propeller -or fanblades 6. To support the electric fan there is provided a supporting bar 1 extending'trans- "versely of the register chamber 2 with its ends resting-uponled cs at the bottom of the register chamberand' the motor and fan suspended in the conduit 3. This supporting bar 1 is medially bent'int a pendant bieht of sub tan ally hape, th n s 0.15 which are Qu urned. n P". posi directions formin a ms. .9 a b ant ally comm n p ane for suppor in en gement b yondthe' wall of the hot air conduit ,3. The material of the bar is suflicientlyflexible that if too longv the ends may be bent upwardly to fit within the chamber 2,. Cushion sleeves l0 of rubber surroundthe en aging portions of the arms and serve to dampen vibration andso minimize noise. The supporting bar I is preferably of spring material and also dampens vibration and eliminates noise. The-m tor 5 is fi d ec r exte c ly to the medial portion of the dependent bight 8, pr ierablr, th ugh nctine essar y, by the bolts H w ich. also serv to s cure the mo or housin 's-a cutsthe .nictcrlnar s... ..;'I.hc'-.1notor is. :thus in effect suspended from the bar I. The armature shaft projects through a suitably positioned hole .arereversed so that the fan exerts a suction in the bar I andcarries the propeller or' fan blades 6' interiorly of the bight 8;

.Fixdly secured at diametrically opposite point r to the sides of the bight fl' in .approximately mid position between the bottom of the bight and the laterally outstretched arms 9 is a cylindrical ring jl3 of fiat stock peripherally surrounding the pro- 'peller or fan blades 6 and serving to confine the'f tip discharge of air therefrom and directing the 1 discharged air axially toward and: through the grille 4 and also bracingthe supporting bar I, The motor draws its'supply of air from the flue 3, thereby tending to establish and accelerate circulation therethrough. The motor cable-can be disposed in the corner of the chamber 2 outside the frame carrying the'usual closure vanes for the grille, and'extended outwardly beneath the :edgeof the grille.

' Sometimes registers are encountered wherein the registerchamber or'compartnient is of insufficient depth'to receive the motor fan. Such conditions 'are lusually found in wall registers, but may exist also in floor registers. To meet such conditions of use,'and to'provide a portable apparatus applicable to either a floor or wall register 'andreadily' transferable fromone to an- "other as occasion may require, such apparatus may be detachably engaged with the grille 4 exteriorly *of the register chamber as' is illustrated in Figure 3 In such caseithe propeller or 'fan' blades efiefct upon the register and discharges outwardly lover themotorp g n Referring'to Figure 3, the'motori is mounted upon the U shaped supporting bar-as before described and the fan blades 6 are enclosed'by the o ring: I3, butas before 'mentio'ned'the fan 6 is V v reversed and discharges toward the motor 5. The

' 'I-arms -9iof-;the supporting bar are attached by screwsjor :bolts 4 to a baffle licommensurat'e'with the size'ofthe grille4, having thereina'central opening 16 substantially agreeing" with the size of the ring I 3 and through which the air is drawn fromthe register byrthe gfan.- Mounted on the opposite side of the-baflle l5 by the. same screws 7, l4 and, such additional means as may be necessary, are hanger fingers or clips H which are bent V outwardly, from the bafilefor engagement; in the open'ingsrof the register'ggrilletosupport the ap- 'paratus thereon. The bafile covers the grille ex- ";cept the central portion within the opening l5 and prevents airbeing drawn into the register through the grille, thus insuring ample suction upon the T air within [the hot airvflue. Toafiordprotection' not only. to, the motor and fan but also against injury thereby, a wire guard orca'gej I8 encloses the motorvfan audits mountings. This guard cage is attached in any suitable, manner, pr r- V 7 erably'by smalliclamp clips secured by the same screws or bolts which secured certain of the hanger fingersll?" Fromthe above description it will be apparent V that there isthus' provided a device of the character describe'dpossessing theparticular features Q 5 of advantage before enumerated as desirable, but

which obviously is susceptible of modification in l its form, proportions, detail construction and arrangement of parts 7 without departing from the principle involved or sacrificing a'ny of its 'advantages; Q 7

V While in'order to comply with the statute, the

invention hasbeen described in language more or -less specific as to structural features, it is to be preferred'formof several modes of putting the inventioninto effect, and the invention is there- {ifore claimed in any of its forms or modifications within the legitimate pended claims.

and validscope of the ap- Having thus describedmy invention, I claim; 7' 1.;Air circulatory means for a hot air register having a conduit through which hot airis supplied forjdistribution through'a closure grille therefor, said means including the combination of an electrician to be mounted within the register conduit for discharge of air through the:

grille; with a mounting therefor including a resilient supporting bar extending transversely of the, register conduit adapted to rest at opposite sides thereof independently of the .grille, -rubber sleeves enclosing the rested portions of 's'aid bar, 7 said bar'having' a medial U shaped bight' formed T therein to which the *motor of the electrician is ,7 attached, and a ring surrounding the propeller blades of the electric fan and attached to the sides of the u shaped bight for confining and directing the 'air discharged from thexpropeller blades through the grille.-

2. Air circulatory means' for' a hot air register,

for distribution and a closure grille therefor, said means including-the combination of an electric.

having a chamberto whichhotair is supplied:

fan -mounted 'for dischargefof air-through the;

portionsof the bar. 1

3. A mounting bracket for an e I eluding a ring of suflicient size to surround the V grille with. a resilientsupporting bar for the electric fan adapted to extend transversely of the" register chamber with its ends "adapted to be supported at opposite sides ottheregistercham-f her, and" rubber sleeves enclosing the supported electric ffanin v V 40 fan blades, 'a transverse supporting-bar attached tojt he ring at diametrically opposite points and having a medial bight engageable with the motor of the electric fanbeyond the plane'of the ring,

the terminal ends of thesupporting bar being laterally-extended radially with respect tojthe ring and at the sidethereof oppositethe'motor v i for engagement with a supporting structure}; a 4. A mounting bracket for an electric fan comprising a supporting bar bent intoa substantially U shaped bight, theendsof whichare oppositely 'tumed in a; common plane, and adapted for the interconnection of the motor of anelectric fan to the medial rtionof such bight, andaring;

attached to the sides of the bightin mid position between the bottom of the bight and the oppositely, turned ends, in' a positionto surround the fan blades'of' the electric fan.

*5. An air circulatory means for a hot air reg-r 'ister having a conduit through which hot air is V supplied for distribution and a closure grilletherefor, said means including the combinationof an electric fanmounted for discharge of air through the grille, said fanhaving a ring positioned about the propeller blades for confining and directing too" thedischarge of'air by the fan throughthe grille with a resilient bar-for the electric fan' adapted to extend transverselyofthe register conduit with its ends adapted to'be supported at opposite sides of the register conduit, and rubber snubber members contacting the supported portionsof the bar.

' wAIQ'rERaserum}-

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