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Publication numberUS2044428 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 16, 1936
Filing dateNov 30, 1935
Priority dateNov 30, 1935
Publication numberUS 2044428 A, US 2044428A, US-A-2044428, US2044428 A, US2044428A
InventorsGilmer Virginia L
Original AssigneeGilmer Virginia L
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Shoe shining mitt
US 2044428 A
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June 16, 1936. v GlLMER 2,044,428

SHOE SHINING MIT Filed Nov. 30, 1935 2 Sheets-Sheet l June 16, 1936. v. L. GILMER 2,044,428

SHOE SHINING MIT Filed Nov. 30, 1935 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 gkwwwa Patented June 16, 1936 f SHOE Milli;

L. Gilmer, AndersomS. i Application November 30, 1935, Serial No. 52,433 i l 4 Claims. (01. 15-227) This invention relates to the class of cleaning is folded transversely as indicated at 2 and 3 to and polishing devices and pertains particularly form the permanently superposed portions ii and to a device for cleaning and polishing shoes. 5 and a flap or cover portionii. The members i The primary object of the present invention is and 5 are secured in any suitable manner along 5 to provide a shoe shining and polishing device areas paralleling the folds 2 and 3, and the free in the form of a mitt which may be slipped over end edge of the portion i is secured between the the hand for use and which is constructed in a portion and the folded part 3 of the portion 6, simple manner and of inexpensive materials such as illustrated in Fig. 2, so that there is formed as cloth or soft paper of the tissue variety.

a body I of two pieces which is open at opposite Another object of the invention is to provide a ends, and the relatively movable portion or flap shoe cleaning device which has incorporated in 6 which is adapted to be folded over one side of its structure a paste container from which a the body 1, as illustrated in Fig. 1, to cover the necessary amount of polishing paste may be obhereinafter described paste carrying portion of tained for re-surfacing a shoe. the device.

A still further object of the invention is to Disposed over the surface of the portion 3 of provide a shoe cleaning and polishing outfit of the body i is an elongated receptacle or bag 8 compact design so, that it may be readily carried which is preferably formed of material of the inahand-bag or satchel and which is constructed nature of cellophane but which obviously may that the portion be formed of other materials so long as they are impervious to shoe polishing paste, as the bag is adapted to contain such substance. The bag 8 is preferably relatively long and is folded intermediate its ends with one side overlying the outer faceof the portion 6 while the other side extends between the portions 4% and 5 as illustrated in Figs. 4 and 5, where the said other or inner portion of the bag is indicated by the numeral 9. This portion 9 of the bag is pasted or otherwise suitably secured to the inner or underside of the portion 4 and the outer side or part 8 of the bag 0 is provided through its outerwall' with apertures iii thru' which the paste material I! which is placed in the bag may be forced onto the surface of a shoe.

- This paste material H may be in the form of semi-hard paste, so that under normal conditions it will retain its form and not work through appended claims.

In the drawings: Figure 1 is a view in plan of the article embodying the present invention showing a cover 'or flap portion thereofpartly turned back.

the openings I0 but may be forced through the illustrativeofone means which may be employed Fig. 2 is a viewin perspective of the present Op e pressed'against the Surface" of 8 4O invention showing the paste covering flap shoe. 40 partially torn awa In order to protect the article from any paste Fig. 3 is a view in plan of the sho shining m; which may accidentally work through the openopened out. ings l0, there is attached to the folded end of Fig. 4 is a sectional view taken on the line M the bag 8 a ver flap 0r ton ue 52, W is of $5 of Fig. 3. substantially the same configuration as the bag Fig. 5 is a sectional view taken on the line 8 ut f sli t y a r width a d w i 5-5 of Fig. 3. mally lies over the apertured surface or side of Fig. 6 is a perspective view illustrating the the bag so as to form a.protecting shield between article in use. the openings l0 and the cover portion 6 of the 9 Referring now more particularly to the drawdevice. This flap I2 is torn ofi as illustrated in ings wherein like numerals of reference designate Fi 2 before the shoe shi in m i p info 1186- -corresponding parts throughout the several views, While I have described and illustrated an elonthe numeral I indicates the shoe shining mitt as a gated bag-like container for the polishing matewhole, and this comprises, as is clearly shown rial il, it is to be' understood that this is only in Fig. 2, a single sheet or strip of material which the shoe surface. If

2 for maintaining the polishing material-in the desired position, as it will be obvious that other ways may be devised for carrying the polishing material, and therefore theinvention isnot to belimited in thisrespect except insofar as it is defined by the claims. I

It. is also to be understood that while the material preferred for the construction of the prw ent device is soft tissue paper, the device may be made of cloth or any other suitable material; In theuse of the present article, the same is first held in one hand so that the other hand may be slipped into the body 1 between the wall.

portions 4 and 5 thereof, and the cover 6 is then turnedback so as to expose the the polish carrying bag will be exposed and as the I side of the body I against-whichthe polish rests.

-or'fingers,'it willbe apparent that the polish may is disposed against the front side of the hand thenb e applied and rubbed over the surface of a shoe. After the polish has been suitably distributed over the shoe surface the flap 8 may be turned back to cover the polish carrying bag and the outer surface of the flap employed to fur ther distribute the polish, and polish or finish duired the body 1 may be turned over on' the hand so as to bring the side I against the front of the fingers, and this side may then be used 1 to complete the polishing operation.'

- While the flap l2 may be made I f any suitable materiaL-it is preferred that it be waterproof or moisture-proof so that the'paste cannot be taken up thereby through the apertures It). In-

'tions which are secured together along opposite edges and a third portion constitutinga cover flap, the said two secured-portions being free of permanent connection at their other edges per'-. I mitting the insertion. of a hand therebetween. an apertured paste carrying means secured to the outer side of one of said two portions, said fiap whenin one position overlying and covering said q paste carrying means, and a bodyo f paste in said polish covering. I flap l2. This is then raised and tom 01!, as illusf trated in Fig. 2, whereupon the openings ll of further polishing is" r e--' means adapted to be. forced therethrough-onto. I a surface to be polished.

2. A polishing device of the character de-. scribed comprising an elongated-body formed of two plies of material secured together along op- 5 I poslte'longitudinal edges and open along one end edge for theinsertion of a hand; a flap attached to the body along one of the first mentioned edges which is foldable over one side of the body,

anelongated flexible bag attached to one side of 10 the body and extending longitudinally thereof from one end of the body and having apertures in the wall which is remote from the body and at the end thereof remote from said one end of the body, and a substance in said bag which is 1'5 adapted'to be fed therefrom through said open- I 'ings, said fiap being adapted to cover the bag.

3. A polishing device of the character de scribed comprising a body formed of two plies of material'secured together along op osite edges and open along one edge for the insertion of a hand, a flap attached to the'body along one'of the first mentioned'edges whichis foldable over one side of the body, a flexible bag attached to the said one side of the, body and having apertures in the wau which'is remote from the body, a polishing substance in said bag which isadapted to be fed therefrom through said openings, said fiapbeing adapted'to cover the bag, anda protecting flap secured at one end to the body;

and overlying the ,apertured side of the bag to protect the first mentioned flap from the'polishing material.

I 4. In a device of the character described,"a

body formed of. an elongatedpiece of flexible material having atransverse fold whereby is formed two sup rposed plies, one of said plies having a free edge'which is secured across the I strip of material along a line inwardly of the' opp s te end of the strip to. form a fiap adapted to be folded over either of the two attached plies, said plies being designed to have-a hand inserted therebetween, an elongated receptacle having an end secured between said plies and I and folded across one end edge and extending lengthwise extending lengthwise of. the same of the outer. face of one of the piles, the receptacle having aperture; in one wall a'iacent the outer end for the discharge of material therefrom, and a covering flap of flexible material se-' cured to said receptacle and adapted to normally I .overlie the apertures in the wall thereof. V L. am.

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U.S. Classification401/8, 401/7, 401/266
International ClassificationA47L23/00, A47L23/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47L23/10
European ClassificationA47L23/10