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Publication numberUS2044948 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 23, 1936
Filing dateApr 6, 1934
Priority dateApr 6, 1934
Publication numberUS 2044948 A, US 2044948A, US-A-2044948, US2044948 A, US2044948A
InventorsMichael Leon
Original AssigneeMichael Leon
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Electrical plug
US 2044948 A
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June 23, 1936.

M. LoN 2,044,94&

ELECTRICAL PLUG Filed April 6, 1934 Inventor Patented June 23, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE lClaim.

This invention relates to an electrical plug for detaohably engaging a wall or iloor socket or the iike, the general object of the invention being to provide means for detachably holding the plug in the socket so that there is no danger oi' the plug being pulled from the socket.

This invention also consists in certain other features of construction and in the combination and arrangement oi' the several parts, to be hereinafter fully described, illustrated in the accompanning drawing and specidcaliy pointed out in the appended claim.

In describing the invention in detail, reference will hehad tothe accompanying drawing wherein like characters denote like or correspending parte throughout the several views, and

tongue 4 on the plug I which has a slot l therein t for receiving one oi' the screws 6 which connects the wali plate to the wall so that this screw and tongue prevent the pl'ug irombeing accidentally pulled from the wall plug, and by providing the slot, the plug can be adjusted to a position where its prongs will engage the sockets of the wall plug.

Itwiil, of course, be understood that another 5 screw can be used instead of a screwwhich connects the plate to the wall and if desired, a number of these tongues can be provided.

It is thought from the foregoing description that the advantages and novel features oi' the in- 10 vention will be readily apparent.

It is to be understood that changes may be made in the construction and in the combination and arrangement oi the several parts, provided that such changes fall within the scope oi the ap- 15 pended claim. f

What is claimed is:-

In combination, an electric plug including a body of non-conducting material having prongs at its inner end for entering the slots in a wall 20 plug. a tongue connected with a portion of the side wall of the body at the inner end thereof extending at right angles to the body, the outer end of the tongue having a longitudinally extending slot therein for receiving a fastening member for connecting the tongue to a wall plate, said slot being of uniform width throughout its entire length.


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U.S. Classification439/362
International ClassificationH01R13/621
Cooperative ClassificationH01R13/6215
European ClassificationH01R13/621A