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Publication numberUS2047613 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 14, 1936
Filing dateJan 3, 1935
Priority dateJan 3, 1935
Publication numberUS 2047613 A, US 2047613A, US-A-2047613, US2047613 A, US2047613A
InventorsBrown Henry
Original AssigneeBrown Henry
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Tooth brush
US 2047613 A
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July 14, 1936. H. BROWN 2,047,613 TOOTH BRUSH Filed Jan. 5, 1935 Jienzy ,Bcown Patented July 14, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT" OFFICE:

Too'rn BRUSH Y I IIenry Brown, Raleigh, N. C. Y l li atieai nuaryfa, 1935, Serial No. 299

iol'aim. "(01. 306 3) My invention relates to new and useful improvements in tooth brushes, and has for an object to provide a brush which will be more efficient than those now in use in that provision is made for conveniently rotating the brush with regard to the handle to the desired set position.

Withthe brushes now in use, it is rather a difficult matter to well clean the insides of the upper teeth due to the narrowness of the dental arch but by providing a relatively small brush which may be set at right angles with respect to the handle and also by providing a brush wherein the bristles of the same are placed in an arcuate manner, that is, the bristles at the center of the brush being longer than those near the ends and curving the brush back, it is relatively an easy matter to well clean and polish the insides of not only the front teeth but all of the teeth in the upper jaw. Further, by providing a brush of this kind, it makes it possible to better clean and polish all of the teeth in the lower jaw.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a tooth brush wherein the brush has embedded therein two spring disks of a corrugated nature, so that the brush proper can be conveniently set at the desired angle by a slight movement of the hand.

Still another object of the invention is to provide a tooth brush wherein the bristles are arranged in an arcuate manner to conveniently fit the mouth and to provide an offset handle which is cut away, so that the brush proper may be revolved and set as desired with respect to the handle.

With these and other objects in view, the invention consists in certain new and novel arrangements and combination of parts, as will be hereinafter more'fully described and pointed out in the claim.

Referring to the drawing,

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of the tooth brush;

Fig. 2 is a top plan view thereof with the head shown in one adjusted position in dot and dash lines;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional detail of the handle member of the brush;

Fig. 3a. is a bottom plan view of Fig. 3;

Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional detail of the brush back;

Fig. 4a, is a detail top plan view of Fig. 4

Fig. '5 is a detail view of the pivot stud and washer therefor.

Referring now to the drawing showing a preferred embodiment, there is shown the handle I which is preferably offset slightly, as at 2, and

thencut back at its forward endjas at 3, so'that the brush backifor brush proper 4 maybe fitted Within the cut-back portion andbe permitted to I revolve without interference from the handle.

In Fig. 3, I have shown fragmentarily in sec- 5 tion the forward end of the handle and slightly remote from the end the same is bored or drilled, as at 5, with the countersink 6, while from the bore 5 extends the opening 5 through which a stud 1 (see Fig. 5) may pass. Also about the walls of the bore, there is formed a small chamber 8, so that a spring disk or plate 9 may be fitted, which is held in position preferably by the studs or rivets l0. 1

In a like manner, the brush proper or brush 5 back 4 is provided with an opening I I registering with the bore I2 and the countersink portion l3, and also about the bore is formed a small chamber M, in which is placed another metal disk l5 of flexible steel, this metal disk being held in position by the small studs Hi. The under sur-- face (Fig. 4) of this brush back is also provided with the pockets I! into which the bristles l 8 will be cemented.

Each of these small cooperating flexible disklike members is provided with corrugations or raised portions l9 and 20, respectively, or, of course, if considered from the bottom, they would be indentations. Each plate is provided with eight of these so that when the indentations register, for instance, and one raised portion fits in the corresponding indented portion, as shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1, the brush back will be frictionally held in set position. To change the position of the brush, it will be necessary to slightly force the brush back around with the fingers, so that the plates may be slightly sprung apart until the raised portions again register and thus snap the brush head in place.

To assemble the brush and the handle, it is only necessary to place the pin 1 up through the brush head and through the small opening in the handle and the little washer 1 may then be forced down into the bore 5 and the end of the pin 1 hammered to thus, in reality, rivet the two parts together. Of course, if it were desired to use a threaded pin and nut, it might be substituted for the manner of fastening shown.

It is also to be noticed that the brush proper 4 on its under surface is arcuate in form and the bristles l8 will form an arcuate line, so that when the brush back is turned to the position as shown in Fig. 2 (dot and dash lines), the handle may be held in a vertical position in the mouth and the bristles will substantially follow the curve of the dental arch.

As heretofore mentioned, the little plates or disks are preferably made of a flexible or spring steel, so that when the brush back is rotated, they will, although springingly or frictionally held together, flex or bend slightly without placing too great a. strain on their little holding studs.

From the foregoing, it will be seen that I have provided a tooth brush having an offset handle to allow for the rotation of the brush proper and have also provided a practical, as well as a useful, manner of springingly holding the brush back or brush proper to the handle, while by arranging the bristles to provide an arcuate periphery the brush proper may be turned at right angles to the handle and when placed in the mouth will be in a position to clean the teeth in the upper dental arch.

I am aware that it is old to make tooth brushes with a pivotal brush proper and I do not claim my invention broadly as such, but what I do claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:-

In a tooth brush, a handle and a head, the handle having its upper end ofiset and out back from the end, said cut-back portion having a chamber formed therein and a bore centrally of said chamber extending through said offset portion of the handle, a corrugated apertured disk of flexible metal fixed in said chamber, the head

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U.S. Classification403/97, 15/172
International ClassificationB25G1/06, A46B5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA46B5/0083, A46B5/0075, A46B2200/1066, B25G1/06
European ClassificationB25G1/06, A46B5/00B6C4, A46B5/00B6C