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Publication numberUS2048155 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1936
Filing dateJan 28, 1935
Priority dateJan 28, 1935
Publication numberUS 2048155 A, US 2048155A, US-A-2048155, US2048155 A, US2048155A
InventorsArmantrout Charlie E
Original AssigneeArmantrout Charlie E
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US 2048155 A
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July 21, 1936-` c. E. ARMANTRoUT Filed Jan. 28, 1935 n W Z MM Patented July 2l, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Claims.

My present invention, in its broad aspect, has reference to improvements in targets, and more particularly it is my purpose to provide a target frame which may be readily set-up and taken down, and which will fold up in a small parcel, and which is light, cheap, collapsible, and bullet proof. A further, and equally important object of my invention is to provide a roll target-that is a roll on which targets are printed so that it may be drawn out to display a new target when one is used up; and which is adaptable to display targets for long and short ranges and for rifle and pistol practice. A still further object of my invention is to provide a target assembly including a collapsible frame and roll target, wherein separate footings are provided, so that footings may be driven into the ground and the legs of the target Vframe placed therein to support the target, or if desired ootings may be provided for receiving the legs to mount the target for indoor practice where theoor is cement or the like. My target, as has been previously stated, is bullet proof, but in addition thereto it is also so formed that ricochets are eliminated, that is bullets are deflected down so that injury to `marksmen will not result. The target roll is carried in a weather proof container and the target sheet is supported taut, and may be rolled either up or down (the sheet being drawn out in an upward direction in the present case), and furthermore, when set-up the target frame is steady and rigid, and there are no parts whichl will deteriorate with exposure to the weather.

Other objects of my invention may be briey defined as (l) the mechanism for holding the target sheet is simple, inexpensive and not liable to become deranged or broken, (2) the target can be used either for indoor or outdoor ranges, and for either upright or off-hand or proneV ring, and for either pistol or rifle practice, (3) the parts collapse and fold up for ready transportation to an outdoor range where the target can be set-up v in a moments time, (4) optional equipment can be supplied in the form of lighting or bracing if desired without modifying the principal features of construction, (5) the target rolls cover all standard rifle and pistol arrangements and are unique and replaceable as used, and (6) the assembly is cheap and ecient, wear-resisting and bullet proof.

While in the foregoing I have described some of the principal objects and advantages of my target, others of equal importance will be apparent as the detailed description proceeds, and therefore I wish it understood that changes may be made in form, shape, size and arrangement of parts provided they fall within the scope of my inventive concept.

, In Vthe drawing wherein I have shown a preferred form of my invention;-

Figure 1 is a front elevation;

Figure 2 is a side view;

Figure 3 is a detail view of the top and bottom clamps for the target roll, together with the container and guards, and

Figure 4 is a detail view of the manner 0f mounting my top clamp.

In the drawing wherein like characters of reference are used to designate like or similar parts throughout the several views;-

The numeral I designates a target roll having a core 2 and a continuous roll of targets 3 which may be suitable for pistol or rile practice and are of standard designs. The target sheet may be of heavy paper, fabric or the like, and the core has formed at its ends stub axles 4 for reception in bearings in the target roll container 5. A suitj able clamp 6 of any suitable design is provided to retain and exert a drag on the axle. The target roll case has a bottom 'I, a hingedly mounted back 'Ia and a sloping top 8 which serves as a water shed as indicated by dotted lines at 9. 'Ihe front wall I0 of the case is of heavier metal (or armored) to shield the roll from bullets, and is sloped inwardly and downwardly to deect bullets downwardly into the ground. There is a transverse bar I I above the roll opposing a clamping bar I2; the target sheet is drawn upwardly between bar II and bar I2, and bar I2 is mounted on pins I3 carried in a supporting bar and about which are springs I4 urging bar I I toward bar lI2 to clamp the target sheet therebetween. A cam operating member I5 is provided for releasing bar I2 when it is desired to change targets. The top 8 is formed with a slot through which the sheet is drawn and the edges of which are deflected upwardly as at I5a to prevent ingress of water and the like. The case also has end wallsIB to which are hingedly connected as at I1 and I8 respectively the upper frame members I9 and lower frame members (or legs) designated 20, respectively.

Mounted on the upper frame members I9 is a top target clamp, comprising a frame having end parts 2 I, a downwardly and inwardly inclined armored front wall 22 and a bottom 23 which has a broad slot therein to receive the top clamping bar 24 carried by pins 25 passing through part 26 and having springs 2`I thereon urging the bar' 24 toward part 28 of the bottom constituting the stop for the target sheet which is drawn therebetween. A cam operating member 29 is provided for releasing bar 24, and bar 24 has an upy wardly and forwardly inclined knife-edge 30 for severing the target sheet. Frame members I9 have a series of holes 3l so that theV position of the top clamp may be changed at will, and there are provided wing-bolts 32 for holding the same in position by engaging in said holes.

Both the upper and the lower frame members i S and 2B are mounted on the hinges to swing inwardly (when, the top clamping member lis removed) toform a compactparcel; and the bottom frame members 2o have hinged bracing, members 33 which engage in a series of V-notches 34 in the bottom 7 to hold Ythe frame rigid.

To mount the target frame in theiground there are provided feet 35 withsockets 36 in which Vframe members 20 lare received, and extending laterally below the sockets are wing members 37 which not only serve to anchor and steady the feet but are used -to take 'axe or vhammer blows to'drive `the feet into the ground. vIf desired the feet may be modified by providing a horizontal footing part for supportingthe target on a cement floor of an indoor range if desired. Furthermore lateral supportingmembers can be used Ywith `frame members 2,0 if it is desiredtomount the target frame permanentlyand the frame can alsoVv carry lighting arrangements for night ring. None of these attachmentsare here shown.

From the foregoing it is 'believed that the operation, construction and `advantages of I my invention'are apparent, but it 'is again emphasized that changes may Abe` made in size, shape, lform and arrangement of parts to adapt my target for varying conditions effuse without departing from the spirit'of my invention or the scope of the Subjoinedfclaims.

lI'claimy-Y Y V 1. A collapsible target assembly'comprising a continuousroll of targets, a casing for receiving said roll, spaCed,` relatively parallel supporting frame members below and hinged to the casing formonting theY same, spaced,relatively'parparallel, spaced supporting frame members below and hingedlto the ends of the casing for mounting the same, relativelyparallel,r spaced supporting frame members above'the casing and hinged thereto,`ai1d between which the target is adapted Vto `beY displayed, a top clamping member adjustably and removably carried on thesupp'orting frame members above the casing'for holding the target sheet, and Yprovided with an inwardly and tion.

downwardly sloping armored front face, anda bottom target clamping member.

3. A collapsible target assembly comprising a continuous rollV of targets,rakcasing for receiving the roll and provided with an inwardly0 and downwardly inclined armored front face and a Water shedding top, spaced, relatively parallel support-y ing frame members belowthe casing and hinged to the casing for mounting the same, Vsupporting Y frame members above the casing Vand hinged thereto,and between which the Vtarget is adapted to be displayed, a tcp clamping member having i a knife-edge part, adjustably and removably Vcai'- ried on thesupporting frame members above the Vcasing for holding the target sheet, and provide-d n ,with :an inwardly and downwardly sloping arfmored front face, and a bottom target'clamping member. Y f Y 4. A collapsible target assembly, comprising a core having a continuous roll of targets thereon, aoontainer in which'the core isV rotatably mount-V Y ed, a clamp carriedby said container for `engag- Y ing thesheet of targets at its point of egress from the container and below `a displayedtar-get, said -container Shaving-a Vrelatively thick downwardly slopinglfront IWalland acover,` relatively parallel spaced framemembers above the container and hingedly connected'to the ends of thefcontainer,

relatively parallel lower supporting frame mem-YV bershingedly connectedto the Venols of. the container, a clampV removably and adjustably at-V tached .to the free ends of the upper frame memu bers for engaging the target sheet above a dis'- played target,.: said container having a bottom formed with a seriesV of notches therein, and braces carried bythe lower frame members Vand hinged at one end thereto and engaged with theirV Y free -ends Vin the series ofnotches inset up posi,

5..A collapsible target assembly,rv comprisinga core'having a continuous roll of targets thereon,Y

a container in which the core. is rotatably mountfY .ed,av clampA carried ,by saidcontainer for Yengaging the sheet of targetsat its ypoint of egress from the Vcontainerand below adisplayed target, said container having .a relatively thick front wall sloping'downwardly. and a cover, relativelyfparallel spaced frame members .above thecontainer forming aframe andsunport for a target and hingediy .connected at theirlowerends to-the ends of the container, relatively parallel lower. supporting fname Vmembers hingedly Yconnected at their upper ends` to theends of the container-.n line with VtheY upper frame members@ clamp removablyj andadiustably attached toy the free endsofthe upperxirame, members for engaging the target .sheet abovea vdisplayed target. a cutting member carried 4bysaid upper clamp iorseparatng used-,targets from a sheet, said container having a bottom formed with. seriesrof notches therein, and the lower Y frame members having; braces hingedly connected .thereto at Vone endandar-L ranged withtheir free ends engaging in the series ,ofnotches in set upposition, Y

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