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Publication numberUS2048612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 21, 1936
Filing dateSep 5, 1935
Publication numberUS 2048612 A, US 2048612A, US-A-2048612, US2048612 A, US2048612A
InventorsWilliam Maguire
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Bottle holder
US 2048612 A
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Filed sept. 5, 1955 o Z7 Z6 nooo fig, 5.

33 INVENTOR Z El( S WVM/[m77 Maynard Z5 29 BY 354 36 3/ EM Ai TTORNEY Patented `lul-y 2l, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE i 2,048,612

BOTTLE HOLDER William Maguire, New York, N; Y.

Application September 5, 1935, Serial No. 39,351

1 Claim.

Vbottle holder for retaining a babys bottle in proper position for use in a carriage or crib.

It is an object of the invention to provide an improved device of the above character which can, in` a minimum of time, be releasably attached to f any type Vof carriage or crib.

A further object is the provision of an improved bottle holder which can be readily adjusted by an adult to hold a'babys bottle in any desired position, but which when adjusted to proper position cannot be accidentally disturbed or shifted from proper position by a baby drinking from the bottle.

In the accompanying drawing:

Fig. 1 is a side elevation of a bottle holder embodying my present invention;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2 2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a detail view of a portion of the clamping element showing the opening provided to adjustably secure it in position;

Fig. 4 is a sectional View in the direction of the arrows on the line 4-4 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 5 is a plan view of a bracket which may be used in association with my improved bottle holder.

My improved bottle holder includes a retainlng member indicated generally at I for holding the bottle holder in proper position in a carriage or the like, and which is formed of a strip of metal having a vertical portion II provided with a hooked downwardly depending upper end I2, the strip of metal preferably being of a relatively resilient or springy character so that the hooked portion I2 serves as a clamp for engaging the side of a crib or carriage. Formed integral with the lower end of the retaining member I0 and secured adjacent the upper end of the vertical portion thereof by suitable means, such as a rivet, are horizontally disposed brackets I3 and I4, each provided with an opening therethrough to receive and retain in position a vertically disposed shaft indicated generally at I5.

Throughout the greater part of its length the shaft I is multi-sided in form as indicated at I6, which is shown in the drawing as being hexagonal in shape, while a small portion of the upper end of the shaft indicated at I'I is cylindrical in shape, the diameter of the cylindrical portion of the shaft being less than the diameter of the hexagonal portion. Along one of the faces of the hexagonal portion of the shaft a series of Aed upon the shaft I5.

small openings or recesses I8 are preferably provided.

To hold the babys bottle in proper position while in use,I provide a clamping member indicated generally at 20 which is adjustably mount- A5 Y The clamping member is formed of an arcuate or concave cradle 2| on which the bottle rests, an abutment wall 22 which may be formed integral with the cradle for engaging the lower end of the bottle, a resilient clamping arm 23 extending upwardly from the abutment wall in a loop and having a downwardlydepending concave end 23' for engaging the top of the bottle and holding it firmly in position, and with an angularly projecting lug 24 for engaging the shaft I5 and holding the clamping member in inclined position.

Extending through the lug 24 is a multi-faced opening 25, in the present instance hexagonal in shape, corresponding to the multi-sided portion of the shaft I5. The opening 25 engages the shaft and is shiftable vertically along the shaft, I but the clamping member can not rotate or shift horizontally through an arc with respect to the shaft while the opening 25 is in engagement 25 with the hexagonal portion I6 of the shaft. However, by raising the clamping member upwardly so that the opening 25 engages the cylindrical portion I'I of the shaft, the clamping member may be rotated horizontally through an arc to any desired angle, and then shifted downwardly along the shaft until the opening 25 engages the hexagonal portion I6, when the clamping member will be retained against accidental horizontal shifting.

To hold the clamping member 20 at the desired vertical position I provide a collar 26 mounted on the shaft I5 below the lclamping member 20. The collar may be provided with a circular or hexagonal opening, as shown, of a size to fLt around the hexagonal portion of the shaft, and is provided with a thumb screw 21 extending through a threaded horizontal opening through the collar and which may be screwed into engagement with any of the openings I8 formed in one 45 of the sides of the shaft I5 to hold the collar and accordingly the clamping member 20 at any desired level. Due to the fact that the lug 24 meets the abutment wall 22 at an angle a bottle, as shown in dotted lines in Fig. 1, is held in the clamp in a downwardly inclined position so that the contents thereof flows towards the opening in the bottle, thereby preventing gravitational interruption in the feeding of an infant.

In Fig. 5 I show a bracket 28 which may be used 55 in association with cribs and the like to retain the bottle holderfi'n suitable position for use.

`The bracket'is formed of Ya strip' ofmetal and Y has a horizontally Vdisposed straight portion 29 Vhaving UV-sh'apedV laterally proj ecting extensions 30 and 3| Yformed at itstwo ends, the former being somewhat larger than the latter. Cooperating with the U-shaped extensionsV so'asrtoV provide a,V pair of'clampsf32 and 33 are'U-shaped members 374 and 35. which are secured in position withr respect to the U'eshaped extensionson the bracket,v

as shown, by meanssofthumb's'crews 36 passing through threaded'openings in the horizontal por?V VtionV of'the bracket and inl extensions provided on the U-shaped members 34 and 35. The larger Of course,Y it is to beunderstood that the 'bracket 28v need .only be `'useddn -thos,e1 placesV where the Vbottle holder'its'elfV can not be'rclampedldirectly Y toathecalfriage or crib .sog/asfto hofld the bottle -in properposition `for VIn most vinstances it willyberiound-that the-hooked .portion VI2 of .the

. bottle holdermay beclamped directlyto the; side Vof the carriage :or crib. and lini-proper.position. r Y

vwill* `hold the, bottle Vfrne botrle'snown Aindttedfiiesinr'ig. ..11 Vis Yplaced inthe Yclampingnfi'enfibf'er2.0,1resting upon the cradle 21 and with-itsflower end vin engagerznent with- `the abutment Wall 2.2 lThe clamping -mernber-canthengbeadusted both vertically and companying claim.

horizontally throughan arc as described above. Y t

Vso as to place the end of the bottle inconvenient [position so that the nipple thereon may enter thei Y babys mouth. The clamping member can Ybe adjustedY horizontally within the limits dened by Y the dotted'lines in Fig. 2.` When once"adjusted,Y

the bottle can not Vbe.accidentally shifted from proper position.

It is to be understood, of course, that modi-YY ficationsmaybe'made inthe'illustrated and described embodiment of myin'ventionwithout departing from Vmy invention I claim: A'bottle'holder comprising retaining means for tizmcandzvizith./cylindrical'portionv Vcarried. by said retaining means, a clamping member for releasably 'holding a.V bottle in inclined lposition, and

means. associated :with .said clamping` r'nember .provided -with1 :ag ,multi-faced. opening, disposed around=saidshatsolas1to support said clamping Y memberr. said multi-faced, opening; corresponding tofthe"mullb-sided :porttionY of theshaft so that, the I as defined by the arc-#Vv 15 .releasably securingV the Vholder in place, aV verticaljY `ly disposed shaft formed with a. multi-sidedrpor- Y olampingjm-ember .is adjustable verticallyfofysaid shaft ahdfisishiftable horizontally=throughianfarc Y. when the opening isinzenga'gement with .tl'1e. :y1in,V

dricaliportion of 'the{shaft, and visretainedtagainst horizontal rshifting when-the'\opening isirren- Y,sagement withthe multi-sided portion of: :the a shaft.


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