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Publication numberUS2048879 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1936
Filing dateJul 2, 1932
Priority dateJul 2, 1932
Publication numberUS 2048879 A, US 2048879A, US-A-2048879, US2048879 A, US2048879A
InventorsBoyd B Moran
Original AssigneeBoyd B Moran
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Means of transmitting fingerprint characteristics
US 2048879 A
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July 28, 1936.

B. MORAN v 2,048,879

MEANS OF TRANSMITTING FINGERPRINT CHARACTERISTI Filed July 2, 1952 inventor Gttorneg Patented July 28 I936 iS T-AT'ES Boyd B. Moran, San Diego, Calif. Application July 2, 1932, Serial No. 620,721

1 Claim.

My invention relates to means of transmitting fingerprint characteristics, invention are:--

and the objects of my First: To provide a means whereby positive 5 identification of a fingerprint record may be made without having the fingerprint in ques- ;tion available for visual comparison with the rec- Second: To provide a means of this class whereby complete information regarding a fingerprint may be sent by telegram or other written means of communication or orally with the assurance that positive identification can be made from the information;

Third: To provide a means of this class which is particularly suited for use in conjunction with the present method of cl andassifying fingerprints,

Fourth: To provide on the whole a novel means 2 of transmitting fingerprint characteristics which is efiicient, accurate and which in no manner requires mutilation or damage to the fingerprint 1 record.

With these and other objects in view as will appear hereinafter, my invention consists of certain novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts and portions as will he hereinafter described in detail and particularly set forth in the appended claims, reference being had to the accompanying drawing and to the characters of reference thereon which form a part ing my novel 3 print characteristics to be means used to determine the fingertransmitted; Fig. 2 is an elevatonal view of my means for determining and codifying fingerprint characteristics; Fig. 3

is an enlarged sectional view through 3-3 of Fig.

formation derived.

Similar characters of =ilar parts and portions 45 views of the drawing.

The usual fingerprint 1, showing the manner in which my means is placed over a fingerprint and the necessary inreference refer to simthroughout the several magnifier comprises a U-shaped base portion I from which extends an upwardly directed post or pedestal 2 arranged at its upper end with a horizontally disposed loop 50 3 positioned over the arranged My means for transmitting fingerprint acteristics comprises a fiat supports a fiat transparent 55 side of the disk 6 there is opening in the base I and to support a magnifying element 4.

charmetallic ring which disk 6. On the under etched groups of parallel disposed lines I intersecting each other at right angles so as to form a plurality of small squares la. Along one side there is provided a column of numerals lb, one numeral corresponding to each row of squares. At the top of 5 the group of squares there is provided a row of letters, designated 'lc, corresponding to the several columns. My means is secured to the under side of the U-shaped base I by screws 8, or the like, in such a manner as to register with the 10 magnifying element 4.

When the magnifier with my means is placed upon a fingerprint various identifying characteristics, such as the cores of loops, or whorls, deltas, ridge ends, islands, bifurcations, or scars or mutilations, appear in the various squares.

My means of transmitting fingerprint characteristics consists in noting the various distinguishing features and identifying them by the numerals lb and the letters 'lc. As for example, the fingerprint shown in Fig. 3 has a loop with a core I located at the intersection of row 6 with column E, in other words at GE. Other characteristics are a delta at 811, designated II, a small scar 4G, designated III, an island extending from 2H into 21, designated IV, a ridge end at 5E, designated V, and a bifurcation at 9B, designated VI The particular fingerprint illustrated was taken from a record which has a general classification,

indicated thus- CHARACTERISTICS RIGHT THUMB CORE SIXE DELTA EIGHTH MUTILATION FOUR-G ISLAND TWO-I-I-I RIDGE END FIVE-E BIFURCATION NINE-B The searcher then places the glass disk 6, similar to the one used by the party requesting the information, over the corresponding fingerprint of the group which he has selected in such a manner that the core and possibly the delta fall in the designated squares and then notes whether or not the other characteristics fall in the remaining designated squares.

Though I have shown and described a particular construction, combination and arrangement of parts and portions, and a certain means of transmitting fingerprint characteristics, I do not wish to be limited to this particular construction, combination and arrangement, but desire to include in the scope of my invention the means substantially as set forth in the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

In a means for determining and codifying fingerprint characteristics, the combination oi a ring member adapted to its open portion, a transparent disk supported on said ring over said opening, a plurality of squares delineated on said disk arranged in rows and columns, indicia for designating said rows and columns of squares at the sides thereof, a U- shaped base portion secured to said ring and extending at the sides .of said transparent disk provided with an upwardly directed post, a horizontally disposed loop secured at the upper end of said po stposi'tioned. over the opening in the base, and said transparent disk, and a magnify- I, j ing element screwably mounted in said loop. receive a. fingerprint in BOYD B. MORAN.

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Cooperative ClassificationG01B5/00