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Publication numberUS2049708 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 4, 1936
Filing dateDec 12, 1933
Priority dateDec 14, 1932
Publication numberUS 2049708 A, US 2049708A, US-A-2049708, US2049708 A, US2049708A
InventorsLieb Gustav
Original AssigneeBosch Robert
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US 2049708 A
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ug. 4, 1936 G. LIEB y y 2,049,708

REFRIGERATOR Filed Dec. 12, 1933 @asau [l'e ffy.

' I /1 Vania/f.'

Patented Aug. 4, 1936 PATENT OFFICE nnmoaaa'ron Gustav Iulieb, Stuttgart. Germany, assigner Robert .Bosch Aktiengesellschaft, Stuttgart,

Germany Application December 12, 1933, Serial No. 701,993 In Germany December 14, 1932 2 Claims.

My invention relates to refrigerators, more especially of the-vaporization type. It is an object of my invention to improve the construction of refrigerators of this kind in such manner as to' render same more efficient and economical.

In refrigerators operated with a refrigerant alternately liquefied and vaporized the cold-producing device evaporator is as a rule arranged within the space designed to take up the food products and beverages to be cooled. vThis arrangement oi."

the evaporator in the cooling'space proper involves the drawback that the space available for the goods to be cooled is considerably diminished,

while at the same time the temperature in different parts of the cooling space is not uniform.

It has already been suggested to avoid these drawbacks by disposing the evaporator in the form of a container or a coiled pipe around the container for the goods to be cooled and rigidly 4Q any danger of the evaporator being damaged in connecting it with this container, for instance by welding. However if the rigidly connected containers are exposed to high temperatures such as required for vinstance when coating the inner container with enamel, one runs the risk that owing' to the inner stresses occurring in the metal at high temperatures the containers may become distorted-and the points of connection as well as the boiler itself unfavorably influenced. Whenr subsequently testing the evaporator for resistivity to pressure much waste must be taken into account. l f f In order to avoid this, I construct thevaporator as a separate unit which is exchangeably mounted on and surrounds the inner container being in heat-conductive metallic connection with it. This evaporator may first betested and only thereafter united with the container for the goods to be cooled, after this latter has been enameled.

I thereby obtain that thek costs of construction of a domestic refrigerator are greatly reduced and subsequent operations excluded. 'Ihe evaporator being loosely mounted on he inner container can easilyjbe exchanged. If i .fisl desired to provide for cold-storage, I prefer combining the evaporator with the cold-storer containing the brine or other storing medium so as to forma self-contained unit. l

same a structural unit.,

In the drawing aiiixed to this specification and forming part thereof an embodiment of a refrigerator according to my invention is illustrated diagrammatic'ally by way of example in longitudinal section.v y

In the embodiment illustrated in the drawing the evaporator mounted on the food containerv c `consists of two sleeves, a plain cylinder w and a spirally corrugated cylinder :c forming between them the spiral conduit f acting as evaporator. y is a cylindrical shell united with the inner sleeve w and spaced from the corrugated sleeve the space z between them being lled with brine. g and h are the feed and discharge pipes, respectively, for the refrigerant. The sleeves w and a: and the shell y are combined to form a self-con-V '15 tained unit exchangeably mounted on the container c in iheat-conductive metallic connection therewith. 'I'his unit is manufactured and tested independently of the manufacture of the container c and thereforeI is not affected by the operations gone through by this container during its manufacture.

I wish it to be understood that I do not desire A to be limited to the exact details of construction 25 shown and described for obvious modifications will occur to a person-skilled in the art.

l. A cooling element lfor use in a domestic refrigerator comprising an inner cylindrical con- 0 tainer for the goods to be cooled, a cylindrical evaorator having an annular chamber therein forN refrigerant, snugly but removably i'ltting around said container whereby 4a direct metallic path for heat transfer/is'formed,v between said container 35 and sid evaporator. 1 y l 2. A cooling'- element/for/.use in a domestic refrigerator comprising an inn'er cylindrical convtainer for the goods to be cooled, a cylindrical around said lcontainer 'tvherebyga directr metallic path for heat transfer is forniedi'btween said container and said evaporator, aiidaj'cold storer com bined with said evaporator so as'to form with the 45 Gus'rnv HEB.

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U.S. Classification62/438, 62/518, 62/439, 165/47, 165/169
International ClassificationF25B39/02
Cooperative ClassificationF25B39/02
European ClassificationF25B39/02