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Publication numberUS2051518 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1936
Filing dateOct 28, 1935
Priority dateOct 28, 1935
Publication numberUS 2051518 A, US 2051518A, US-A-2051518, US2051518 A, US2051518A
InventorsCunningham James L
Original AssigneeSherwin Williams Co
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Spray gun adapter
US 2051518 A
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Aug. 18, 1936. J. L. CUNNINGHAM 2,051,518 SPRAY GUN ADAPTER Filed Oct. 28, 1955 0 IIIIIIII I 1/ Patented Aug. 18, 1936 EJNlT STATES SPRAY GUN ADAPTER James L. Cunningham,

Chicago, 11., assignor to Sherwin-Williams 00., Cleveland, Ohio, a corporation of Ohio Application October 28, 1935, Serial No. 46,981

4 Claims.

Spray guns are in common use in automobile repair shops and various other places for spraying paints, lacquers, and other materials upon the surfaces to be finished or refinished. In repair shops particularly, a large number of colors are required to be kept in stock and when any particular color is needed a quantity of the material is poured from the can in which it comes from the factory into the receptacle of the spray gun. The-gun is then attached to the receptacle and the material is sprayed as desired. When that particular job is finished, the material re- 'maining in the receptacle is poured back into the can and the receptacle is required to be cleaned out before another color can be used. All of this results in a considerable loss in both time and spraying material.

The purpose of my present invention is to obviate these losses by providing an adapter by means of which a spray gun may be attached directly to the can or container in which the material to be sprayed is received. When any particular color is required the top of the can is simply removed, the adapter is applied to the can and the spray gun is then attached to the adapter, whereupon the material may be sprayed directly from the can. When the job is finished, the gun and adapter are removed and the can is covered and set away without loss of material or time required for cleaning. By reason of this adapter one spray gun may be used repeatedly with any number of cans of material with a considerable saving in material and also in time for the user.

To facilitate an understanding of my invention, I have illustrated on the accompanying drawing preferredembodiments thereof from an inspection of which, in connection with the following description, many of the inherent advantages of my invention should be understood and appreciated.

Referring to the drawing,

Fig. 1 is a side elevation exemplifying my adaptor applied to a container and a spray gun attached thereto;

Fig. 2 is a sectional view on the line 2-2 of Fig.

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary sectional view on the line 33 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary side elevation showing one of the adapter locking devices;

Fig. 5 is a plan view of a modified form of my invention; and

Fig. 6 is a sectional view on the line Fig. 5.

Referring first to Figs. 1 to 4, inclusive, reference character 1 indicates a container of the pouring type, such as is disclosed in United States Patent No. 1,997,291 Wardly extending pouring throat 8 shaped as illustrated in Fig. 3.

My adapter for this type of container comprises a member 9 of substantially cylindrical shape provided on its lower face with an upwardly ex tending groove I adapted to'receive the upwardly extending neck of the can, the inner wall of the groove being proportioned to snugly fit within the throat of the neck so as to practically preclude leakage therebetween. If preferred, a gasket I2 may be positioned in the groove to engage the upper perimeter of the can neck to insure against leakage. Suitable means are provided for locking or otherwise attaching the adapter member to the container and for illustrative purposes I have shown such means as comprising a plurality of cam levers l3 fulcrumed at M between laterally extending ears I5 so that when the levers are swung into the position shown in Figs. 1, 4, and 5 their cam portions will be engaged beneath the rim of the container neck so as to lock the adapter member securely to the container.

The adapter is also provided with laterally extending lugs or pintles l6 adapted for detachable connection with the attaching arms ll of a spray gun indicated generally by reference character l8, the structural details of which are immaterial as regards the present invention.; The ends of the arms 11 are provided with eyes preferably open at one side for ready engagement with lugs l6, as will be apparent from Fig. 1.

The gun includes a tube l9 adapted to project downwardly into the container, as shown, and upon this tube is mounted a top or cap member 2] which ordinarily fits over and closes the top of the spray gun receptacle and, in this instance, correspondingly fits the top of the adapter member 9. A gasket 22 is employed to insure against leakage at this point. The top 2| is secured to the tube l9 between lock nuts 23 and 24 and the hub 25 connecting the arms I! is interiorly threaded for connection with a correspondingly threaded sleeve 26 surrounding the tube I9 and provided with a handle 21. It will be apparent that by threading the sleeve 26 downwardly on the hub 25 a downward pressure will be exerted upon the cap 2| and an upward pressure on the arms H, to thereby clamp the cover member snugly against the top of the adapter and securely attach the gun to the adapter.

In using my invention, after the cover has been removed from. the can containing the desired and which includes an upmemb'er 3"Fis-provided with a groove 32 adapted can; the inner. wall 33 spraying material the adapter member 9 is inserted into position upon the .container and is securely locked thereto bythe cam levers l3. The spray gun is then'attached by connecting the terminal eyes'of the arms I! over the stud l6, whereupon the sleeve 26 is screwed down to securely clamp the parts in assembled relation. The apparatus isnow ready for use and the mate'- rial may -be sprayed directly from the container'in which it is received and without the necessity of pouring it into a spray gun receptacle. Whenthe job is finished the gun is removed by loosening up the sleeve 26,whereupon the cam. levers are swung outwardly to release the adapter sothat it may be removed from the container-J In many instances it is unnecessary to disconnect the gun' from the adapter, as the gunand adapter may be removed as a unit from the container by simply releasing the locking levers. 1

The form of the invention shown in Figs. 5 and 6-is thesame'in-principle as that? previously described but isdesignedj for use in connection with a different of can, designated generallyby reference-character" 28;: andwhich has-a pouring mouth 29 located below the upper end'of the canproper 'instead oi above; as in-the t'ype previously described; In thisinst'ance the'a'dapter" nulardepressiomsurrounding the pouringmcuth my invention-enables a spray gun ofthe'cam. The locking levers-l3 in this instance engage beneath the head of the' can to lock the adapter member infpo'sition. The gunis'attached to the adaptermember iiithe manner previously;

explained. V r g It will be apparenti r'om the foregoing that direct- 1yincorinection'with'the container'in which the spraying material is" received; and obviously tlienecessit-y" of pouring the material out into' another 'receptacle and also the necessity of-clean-- ing such aireceptacle-=after each use is'eli'minated. Gonsiderame-economy; both in time andmaterial,

: is them-byeffected and the spraying material is at ail ti'm'esi retained in it's? original container without dangeriof spilling or of contamination b'y'dust anddirtz 7 V V 'The details-of my invention illustrated'and described'areobvio'uslycapable-o'f considerable vari-' attached to said member.

to be used? and cooperating ing mouth; of 'a member provided with a downwardly opening annular groove adapted to receive the flared mouth of the container, the inner wall of said groove being shaped to enter and fit said throat and the outer wall thereof being adapted to surround said flared mouth, inwardly projecting means carried by said outer wall of the member and movable. laterally of. said container for engaging beneath the rim of'said mouth to secure said member to'said container, a closure engageable with the top of said member to close said container, and means carried by said member. cooperable with companion means carried by a spray gun whereby said gun may be 2' The combination with a container for coating materials having a restricted cylindrical throat terminating in an outwardly flared pouring. mouth, of a member provided with a downwardly opening annular groove adapted to receive theflared 'mouthof 'the container, the inner-wall ofisaid groove'being shapedto enter and fit-said throat andthe outer wall thereof=beingadapted to surround said flared mouth, means pivotally" mounted on and carried by said-outer-walkof the member for engaging beneath the rimofisaid mouth" to secure'said memberto said container;

and means carried by' said member'and cooper- V able: with" companion meanscarried by a spray gun whereb'ysaid gun maybeattached to said member '3'. The combination with a container for coat! ing materials having a;-- restricted cylindrical" t'hroa-t terminating in an outwardly flared pour ing mouth, of amember shaped to' receive' the flared mouthof the container and comprisinga 7 depending flange surrounding said mouth; inwardly projecting means carried by said flange and movable laterally" of said container-tor en'- gaging beneath the-rimsaid. member to said' container; and cooperating meanscarried-by said memberand'a spray gun; respectively, whereby" said and" memberimay be secured together. 4-: The combination-with a container'forcoat ingmaterials having a pouring mouth; ofaimem ber shaped to receive the mouth'of thecontainer' and comprising a depending flangesunoun'ding. said mouth; means movable laterally off said" mouth for engaging said" flange beneath. said mouthto secure said member to said container,; means carried by said member anda spray gun, respectively; whereby saidgun and'membermay besecured together.


of said moutli to secure 40':

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U.S. Classification222/325, 239/302, 222/564, 220/325
International ClassificationB05B7/24
Cooperative ClassificationB05B7/2408
European ClassificationB05B7/24A3A