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Publication numberUS2051667 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1936
Filing dateJan 28, 1933
Priority dateJan 28, 1933
Publication numberUS 2051667 A, US 2051667A, US-A-2051667, US2051667 A, US2051667A
InventorsWorth Yvonne
Original AssigneeZotos Corp
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Device for use in waving hair
US 2051667 A
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" Y. WORTH Filed Jan. 28, 1953 DEVICE FOR USE 1N wAvING HAIR /ATTORNEYS GQOOOCOO `ocnoonooo` Aug. 11s,` 1936.

Patented Aug. v18, 1936 DEVICE Foa Usa IN wAvlNG mim I Yvonne Worth, East Orange, N. J., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Zotos Corporation, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New York Application :amm-y 2s, 193s, seria No. 553,958

17 cnam.V (ci. 13s-36.2)

My present invention has for its object to provide a no vel device for use in making socalled permanent hair waving which is particularly adapted for the personal use oi and application by thelone so desiring to treat their hair in the privacy' of the home.

A further object of my invention is to provide a. hair steaming and heating device which is made in a iiexible form and capable of enveloplo ing a wsp or tress of hair previously wrapped or entwined on a curler and which can be applied with the same facility aslthat with which the hair is applied to the curler in the first instant. l5 My invention further comprehends the provision of an article of commerce, adapted for the purpose described which comprises a suitable wrapper to which is applied a package of chemical agents adapted to react to generate 20 heat when moistened and a part composed of absorbent material which when wet performs the double function of `furnishing the necessary moisture to cause the chemical action and to provide the desired moisture in the form of vapor for aiecting the hair as the result of the heat generated. l

To these and other ends my invention consists in further improvements and arrangement of parts all as will be more fully described in the following specication', the novel features being `set forth in the appended claims: In the drawing.

Fig. 1 is a view showing two of the devices Fig. 4 is a side viewof-theparts looking in the direction indicated byfthe arrows in Fig. 2.-L

Fig. 5. is ak plan view illustrating theposition of the parts when applied toa wisp of hair.

45 Pigris a'sectional viewion theeline 'Hiott Fig;.7,is an. enlarged cross-sectional view taken step.

sulfe5`-represent-similartpartsra n .presentdaymethod .fotiappiyiag permanent wq'waves to ,awomenFs fhaimnecessitatesmthe cumbersome .and expensive apparatus which must beA manipulated by an operator. This requires one desiring to have het hair so treated to visit a so-called beauty parlor and. be subjected to considerable annoyance with the attendant 5 loss oi. valuable time in addition to which the expense entailed is considerable.

In carrying out my invention I provide a form of wrapper which constitutes an envelope for Athe selected strands of hair, which are rst wound l0 v upon a hair curler, the essential feature' of which is the provision of means -for supplyins automatically the required moisture at a temperature suiliciently high and for a sumcient length of time to eiiect the required "set to the individual l5 hairs comprising a selected strand..v 'I'ozthis end I employ a wrapper of one or 'more thicknesses voi' ilexible.mat'erial which may'easily be rolled into cylindrical form in the lingers and mount thereon a chemical pack in the form vof a thin 20 package, or envelope containing heat generating chemicals in a dry fonnwith means for readily applying moisture thereto. The wrapper also comprises an inner lining of foil which prevents contact of the chemical package with the hair. 25 and serves as an insulating. wall. The latter also assists in retaining lthe heat and protects the outer portion of thewrapper from absorption of moisture when the device is rolled up and in operation.V f 3o In the illustrations the present embodimentof Y my invention is shown as comprising an exterior exible covering A preferably of paper which has a good textile strength and in practicelI use' two thicknesses, indicated by i yand 2, of a light weight bond paper which yare united at' one edge I as by folding centrally a larger sheet. overlying ,the covering Ais a sheet o fffoil` B offa'ny suitable metal such as 4 .the dimensions of wmcn are. such that mammalian-nm :or 46' its areaindicatedl by 4'.. covers one-mn of the outer-portion o! the wrapli' adjacent .the fold #fthe-femmine www* .heme u be folded alongV the line* indicated" by-Iinto overlapping position 5. "rne pms is'imperfome and tnepaufisprovided with numerous 'perfrations y'I' in partfoi its' `f' 'niegionn is lntt'msiieiiby;rsuitmae adhesive Y eovring'l A-fapplied'fin aiiarriiw "strip contiguous"y mummia 11ma-tunisini;willI.neuuuierstooa.n similari-reference `characters-fin the several' Issecureva thin,mats-package'l"l edge to the outer layer 2 of the covering A (see Fig. 8) so that when it is in use it will serve to bind the edges of both layers of the covering A and the panel 4 ofthe foil B together. The' flap 9 is of sufficient size to overlap the envelope 8 and is-preferabiy made of canton flannel or the like which will readily hold enough water when immersed to completely dampen'the contents of the envelope and also retain a suflicient quantity to supply the desired vapor as part of the heat treatment.

In order to facilitate an understanding of the method of using the device it should be first explained that where a head of hair is to be curled, or given the so-called permanent wave effect, it is divided into a number of tresses which are wrapped or wound on hair curlers, indicated by C, of any desired or preferred construction and preferably of metal. This may be done before or after shampooing the hair and with or without x'st treating the hair with a suitable lotion usually employed to effect a softening of the individual hairs and add to the set upon the application of heat and moisture. Y The wisps or tresses of hair at the bottom of the curlers and close to the scalp are surrounded with protectors in the nature of perforated slotted washers lD which serve to protect the scalp against the high temperature to which the hair is subsequently subjected.

In using the device embodying my invention the parts are unfolded or opened to the position shown in Fig. 2 and the cloth tab 9 is dipped in water and then folded over against the face of the envelope 8 as shown in Fig.v 3. Next the perforated leaf 5 of the foil B is folded along the line 6 causing the perforations l to overlap the tab 9 as indicated in Figs.v 5 andAG. The operator now places one of the curlers with the hair entwined thereon against the perforated portion of the foil with the marginal edge I adjacent, or in contact with, the protectional washer and proceeds to wrap or wind the device into cylindrical form. In doing this the overlapping convolutions are compressed against the enclosure and a close union is effected. 'I'hisis maintained by the outer layers I and 2 of the covering A which also serves to retain the heat generated 4for the required length of time toproduce the desired effect or hair treatment. Thereafter the covering is unwound, removed and discarded. 'k

' It will be observed from the illustrations that the fold 3 in the outer covering layers I and 2 and the fold in the protecting foil layers B are atV the inner side'of beginning of the convolutions thusallowing the parts I and to slip with ref- @renee to the .pms 2 and A during the windingy operation so ,that the completed cartridge iscomparatively smooth and. free from wrinkles.

' Various combinations of chemical ingredients plished where the chemical agents employed are comparatively quick in their action by using a less absorbent paper for the envelope 8. Another requirement of said ingredients is that the combination used should be such that the temperature created will within a short period reach-approxi mately 208 F., hold the. heat at this point for about four minutes and thereafter rapidly cool. The latter eiect may ina large measure be effected by the quantity of the material supplied in the package 8. I have found that a combination of calcium oxide, ammonium lchloride, potassium chloride, potassium chlorate and powdered aluminum may be advantageously employed to produce the desired effect and that when mixed in the proper proportions about ten grains will be sufficient for the purposes described.

My invention, it will be observed, can be used by professional hair dressers in lieu of the expensive machine equipment now employed for permanent Waving of the hair and may with equal facility be used by individuals who may wish to treat their own hair without the assistance 'of others.

What is claimed ist 1. A hair waving pad comprising an outer layer- 2. A hair waving pad'comprising an outer layerl of non-absorbentmaterial and an inner layer in the form of an envelope of absorbentmaterial containing an exothermic` material.

3. An article of manufacture comprising superimposed outer and inner flexible sheets, an abcontaining ingredients which'generate heat upon the application of moisturefand an absorbent sheet adapted to be wetted andlaid in contact with the packet. y

6. A hair waving device comprising a flexible envelope of moisture-absorbing material containing ingredients adapted to generate heat when moistened, and a iiexble covering sheet, said envelope and sheet being adapted to be rolled around a wound tress of hair to be waved.

7. A hair waving device comprising superim. vposed layers of paper and metal foil and anab-` sorbent envelope containing ingredientsadapted to generate heat when moistened, said paper, foil and envelope. forming `a unit capable of .being wrapped around a curler containing a ,wisp`of hair. 8. In 'a hair .waving device,.the combination with a flexibleV outer covering sheet,y a sheetfof flexible metal foil overlying oneend thereof and a moisture-absorbent container` for ingredientswhich are adapted to generate,v heat v lher'ifmois-I tened placed upon the f oil, 1of.a1piece=o f,ab

sorbent fabric adapted to overli'esaidcontainer. said several parts beingadaptecllto be placed around a wound tress of hair to be moisture-absorbent container for ingredients '9. an article' or manufacture ycoimsr'ising swhich generate heat when moistened. a -ilexible covering sheet therefor comprising an underlying imperforate portionand an overlying perforated portion, said sheet and container being adapted tobe wrapped around a wound tress of hair to be waved with the perforated portion of the sheet adjacent'thetress.

11. An article of manufacture comprising Aa container of absorbent material Vcontaining ingredients which generate heat when moistened,

a -ilexible sheet o f waterproofv material comprising an imperforate portion-underlying andattached to the container and a perforatedportion adapted to be folded over the container, a wrapping sheet of greater area than the waterproof sheet underlying its imperforate portion and attached theretogand a piece of absorbent material carried by-one of the aforementioned sheets' and arranged to contact with saidr container. 12. An articleof manufacture 'comprising -a container of porous paper containing ingredienti.

which generate heat when moistened, la of of the foil.

face ofA which is perv'ious, ible material.

mem' :on having. impennata portion under lying andv attached to'the'container 'and a perforated portion adapted. to' overlie the container, a paper covering sheet attached to and extending beyond the imperforate portion of said foil, 5

and a piece of absorbent material interposed between said container and the perforated portion 13; Ahair waving pad .including a flexible pervious envelope containing an exothermic material anda backing of flexible material.

- 14. A hair`wa`ving pad including a'exible en# velope containing an exothernic material. one and a backing of :ilex-= 15: A hair waving pad comprising-a layer of non-porous material, a layer -of porous materiaL' and exothermic material between'said layers.

l16. A hair waving pad adapted to be rolled around a wound tress of hair, comprising an outer 20 -wrapper o'f impervious material, aninner. foilbacking sheet and an envelope containing an exothe'rmic chemical, lthe outer wrapper and (foil backing sheet being-secured together along a line parallel to the longitudinal axis of the wound 25 tress.' 1

17. A hair waving padcomprising anl outer wrapper of impervious material, an inner foil backingsheet 'secured thereto, an envelope containing an -exothermic chemical secured to the 30 foil backing sheet; and a sheet of absorbentmate'riall secured tothe outer wrapper adjacent an" andto overliesaid envelope.

- v YvoNNEwoR'rH. 35

edge thereof and adapted to pass around said edge-

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