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Publication numberUS205240 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 25, 1878
Publication numberUS 205240 A, US 205240A, US-A-205240, US205240 A, US205240A
InventorsJulius Bbunnek
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Improvement in toy pistols
US 205240 A
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J'QBRUNNER. Toy-Pistol.

No. 205,240. Patented June 25, 1878.



THE NORRIS PETERS cOv, PnaTc-umm wnsumafdu. B-C.



. IMPROVEMENT m 'rov PISTOLSQ Specification forming part of Letters mm No. 205,240, dated June 25. 1878; pp n filed May 24, 1878.

To all whom it may concern:

- Be it' known that I, JULIUS BRUNNER, of Morrisania, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented a new and Improved Toy Revolver, of which the following is a specification:

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section of my improved toy revolver. fig. 2 is a transverse section of the revolver-stock, showing the wheel or cylinder in detail. .-Similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts.

-My invention relates; to that. class of toy revolvers that employ percussion-paper as a means of producing an explosive noise.

end a hammer that strikes the explosive paper carried by the star-wheel. A mortise is formed in the stock for receiving the star-wheel O,

which turns upon a removable split pin, a, that passes through the sides of the stock. Upon opposite edges of each arm of the starwheel there. are undercut lips 11 that project from one side of the arms for receiving the percussion paper.

The sta'r wheel is removed from the stock and a piece of expiosi've paper is placed on each of its arms. It is then replaced in the stock andoperated by turning the star-wheel .by means of the arms that project below the stock, which act as triggers. As the wheel revolves the arms engage the spring-hammer:

and raise it..' As it slips off from one of the arms it strikes the explosive paper on the arm below it and explodes it.

Having thus described my invention, 1 claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patcut-=- 1. In atoy revolver, the star-wheel C, .hav's ing the undercut paper-retaining lips 1), substantially as herein shown and described.

2. The combination, in a toy revolver, of the star-wheel O and the spring-hammer B, substantially as shown and described.



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