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Publication numberUS2052623 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 1, 1936
Filing dateJun 10, 1932
Priority dateJun 10, 1932
Publication numberUS 2052623 A, US 2052623A, US-A-2052623, US2052623 A, US2052623A
InventorsCyril I Harby
Original AssigneeYawman & Erbe Mfg Co
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US 2052623 A
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C. l. HARBY Sept. l, 1936.

FOLDER Filed June 1o, 1932 FOLDING SHEAR l TABBING FOLD EDGE INVENToR Cyr/ ZW-y ATroRN Y Patented Sept. 1, l1936 l "UNITED STATES PATENT oFFicE y Y FOLDER cyril I. narby, Rochester, N. Y., assignor to rawmanV & Erbe Mfg. Co., Rochesterg-N. YL, a cor-- poration of New York Application June 1o, 1932; snaar No. 616,422 13 claims. (onsen This invention relatestofolders and more par.- the free edge of the marginal strip at the rein-V ticularly to reinforced folders, and the methodof. forced portion of the folder; Fig..4' is a sectional making the same. Y Y Y viewtaken onthe line 1 4 of" Fig. 3; Fig. 5 is a A Inthe'past it has been the'practice to reinforcev diagram showing' certain of1 the more important 5i: one margin of certain types of correspondenceV stepsof manufacturing-a;folderFigs; 6, 7, 8 and 5 Y folder, by attaching to said margin a reinforcing 9 represent fragments'of modified forms of the instripof material. According to the usual pracvention wherein various shapes or patterns ofretice, this reinforcing strip has been formed byI inforcingdepressions are provided along one edge folding over some of the material ofthe folder. of the-reinforcing marginal strip. iTv and adhesively fasteningv it to` the body of the Referringespecially'to Fig. l, Sgenerally desig-V 10 f Y folder. MuchV difficultyV has been encountered in natesf folder formed-of manila stock and having the making of prior folders in applying the ad the parts or body portions Band- 11 hingedly conhesive so that after the finishing operation, it will nectedV together along a line of scoring 8. The extend exactly to the free edge of the stripsince. upper edgeof theportionfl is for-med with a rein- 155 it hasrbeen foundfthat either the adhesive is ex.. forcing marginalE strip 9'- Which terminates near l5 truded beyond the edge of thereinforcingA strip oneemi.ina=tabrl=ll` 'Ihis tab l besides providing Where it presents an unsightly appearance-,or else. a..surface=or"a label'` I'I., also serves as means to the adhesive fails to reach the edge of the strip in be gn'asignadin4 removing thefolder fromfa. cabinet which case the edge becomesloose, sothatit will in Whichitisstored. Thereinforced margin may catch theeorrespondence sheets and subsequently' bev formed by.- a; separate strip appliedtothe por- 20 will become mutilated. Y tion l, but. it is.- preferred to form it integral with In accordance with `the present finvention a thisportion atthe-tab Las shown inFig'. 2. The novel method is provided for manufacturing on reinforcingmarginal strip 9is.adhesively fastened nishing a folder having a reinforcing marginal: to' thefbody; portion 1, but in thepast much difstrip wherein the edgev of. the stripis securely fascult-yhas been-encountered in manufacturing such 25 tenedadhesively tothe body of the folder. reinforcedfolders since either the adhesive failed n An additional feature of the invention relateslt'o` to reach the; edge L2 of the marginal strip when the method of finishing a reinforced folder wherepressure was;Y applied thereto during the finishing incertain areas of the edge of its reinforcing mar'- operation..or elseV the adhesive was extruded be- 30. ginal 'strip is partially embedded into the mateyoud-.tha edge t2 so thatit presented an unsightly 30 rial of. thebody of the folderthereby providingia;V appearance. In accordance with the present insecure adhesive bond between the edge of the' strip vention, the 4portion of the reinforcing strip 9 and the materialfof thebody: near its free edge I2 is crimped or corrugated .Afurther feature of the inventionrelateato the along the parallel lines, such as I3, so that parmethodof finishing a folder having areinforcngi allel areas of the strip 9 are forced' into or em- 35 marginal stripv which comprisesV reinforcingA the bedded into one'surface of the body portion l of free-edge of the marginal strip so that in the. event the folder. In this Way, the area of the edge of that the adhesive bond between theedge of the the reinforcing marginal strip is increased and' strip and the bodyof the folder becomes loose, the theY layer ofadhesivebetween the reinforcing strip' 40 reinforced edge will still be held in. close relation- 9 andthe body portion Tis forced into the fibers 40 to said'body. l of the inaterialof each of these parts, thereby t Another feature of. the invention relates to a forming a Very strong adhesive bond between novel folder. having a reinforcingy marginal' stripV them.' ItA should be noted that the lines or corru- Wherenthe edge of the strip at spaced intervals gations I3V are formed by applying concentrated is'ldepeSSed into the body 0f the folder.. pressure to these areas which serves to distribute 45 :For aclearer understanding of the invention, the adhesive' uniformly overthe desired surfaces, reference is made t0 the drawing in which Fig. 1 and in addition'bringsthe parts 9 andl into more is? a perspective view of a folder havinga reinintimatecont'act. forced marginal strip according tothe present Although theK reinforced folder mayv be made invention; Fig. 2V is an enlargedv sectional view according to any one' of" several methods, the 50 taken substantially on the line 2-2 of Fig.. 1',.i'n4 method: diagrammatica-lly' indicated in Fig. 5 has dicating the constructionV of the tab` portionl of been found t'o `{ie-especially satisfactory. In this the reinforced margin of the folders; Fig. 3 is a methodgaV rectangular sheet of stock of proper fragmentary view of an enlarged portion of the sizev anda scored along' the'lines 8, I 5- and I6; has

5 folder-showing-the'reinforcing corrugations along an adhesive, such` as glue applied tothe area 55 provided with a tab through which said strip is integrally connected with said sheet, one surface of said strip being fastened by adhesive to said sheet at a margin thereof which is parallel to said fold, spaced areas of said strip near an exposed edge thereof being partially imbedded in 5 said sheet at the region of said adhesive.


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