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Publication numberUS2055094 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 22, 1936
Filing dateMar 15, 1934
Priority dateMar 15, 1934
Publication numberUS 2055094 A, US 2055094A, US-A-2055094, US2055094 A, US2055094A
InventorsSamuel Zweben
Original AssigneeSamuel Zweben
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Apparel garment
US 2055094 A
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Sept. 22, 1936. s. ZWEBEN APPAREL GARMENT Filed March 15, 1934 INVENTOR 5amz1 el Zu elaefl Patented Sept. 22, 1936 APPAEEL GRMENT... Smuial ZWeben, New

Applicatirl March 15, 1934 sc;n5u N5. 115,575 v 4 f My;invention relateslso apparel gar1nents and. more- -particularly;to undergarments, such as bra ssiieresvests and similar*garments in which it is customary toflemployshoulder straps for 5 mainja aining or assisting to maintainthe garment in position on the body of;theqweatet.x I have 15 of garments in which shoulder straps are employed, considerable difficulty is experienced in maintaining the straps in position as they normally have a tendency to slip down over the arms of the wearer. 'Ihis is caused by reason of the unflexibility of the garment and strap arrangement in the usual form of article to which this invention pertains.

The primary object of this invention is to overcome the difficulty thus experienced. and to also obtain an arrangement of garment and shoulder strap in which the position of the strap along the back of the wearer may be adjusted to meet individual requirements.

A further object is to provide a garment of this nature Ire-m which the shoulder straps may be removed for cleaning when desired.

Other objects anal advantages of the invention, which is shown in its preferred. forms in the accompanying drawing, will become apparent as the description thereof proceeds.

Referring to the drawing:

Fig. 1 shows a rear perspective view of a garment constructed in accordance with the present invention.

40 Fig. 2 is a plan view of the garment when open and in a. flat position, and

Fig. 3 is a detail plan view showing a modification of the strap connecting attachment arranged at the back of the garment. 45 'Ihis garment, utilized solely forthe purposes of illustration as heretofore pointed out is of the customary form 015 brassire or bust supporter. With reference particularly to Figs. 1 and 2, the garment is constructed to include a right-hand body portion or member II] and a left-hand bocly portion er member I I. These members are preierably connected. at the front of the garment by a line of stitching as shown at I2. The garment is adapted to extend around the body of the wearer am]. ab the extremity of the left-hand mem- 3 Claixhs. (Clif2-2) 4 her the1e isa-reinfofcement strip I3 to which is co'nnected an elastic strap I4 having afurther reinforcing stripat its extremity as -indicated a1: I5.

The reinforcing strip I5 is' Drov'ided with Sitable cbnncting mea;ns which are, in the' present case, shown as 'eyelets I6. AI? I:he extremitjr of 'the' right-hand member I there is a. reinfdreing strip tion 120 that employed on the strip I5, in this instance taking the form of hooks as indicated at I8. The connecting means, hooks I8 and eyelets I6, are adaptecl to close the garment in a position around the body of the wearer, and as would be understood by the use of the elastic strap I4, the garment is yieldingly maintalned in place. The edges of the garment may also be s uitably reinforced as, for example, the upper edge may be provided with a binding I9 and the lower edge With a binding 20. These parts 0f the garment, however, as shown and. described, are merely illustrative of a. garment in which the invention may be employed.

The present inventive conception relates more particularly to the shoulder straps and the mannar in which the same is arranged in the garment. As shown, the shoulder straps are indicatedat 2I and 22, being a. single tape of suitable material. The ends of the unitary tape extend to a position of support for the front right and left-hand portions of the garment a'nd are connectible thereto through means of the buckles 23 am]. 24 respectively, or in some other suitable manner. The elastic strap member I4 or other member employed at, I:he back of the garment is constructed 1:0 include a plurality of openings or slots spaced circumferentially in the body of the same through which the tape frely passes. The tape Will, cousequently, move to adjust itself to correspond to the movement of the shoulders of the wearer. It will be appreciated from the foregoing description that I;he danger of the straps tearing fro-m the garmen because of a sudden upward thrust of the arms of the wearer is eliminated. The tape, furthermore, may be passed through any pair or sei: of the openings in the central back p0rtion of the garment, so that the distance that the same extends circumferentially may be altered to meet individual requirements to facilitate the positioning of the tape, which extends along the back Cf the wearer in the desired. position. The circumferentially spaced openings in the member I4 are designated in the drawing at 25. II. will be obvious that the shoulder straps formed by the single tape in this construction may be readk washing.

Referring particularly to Fig. 3 of the drawing, a modification of the invention is illustrated. in reference to the construction of the elastic portion arranged at the back cf the garment. 'I'his portion, corresponding in function to part I4 in Figs. 1 and 2, is indicated at 26. The strap connecting attachment; is shown in the foim of a ribbon 21 having a numbeg. of .circumfcrentially spaced openingS-Is'hqffzi-h dcsin'aied at 28g The ribb'0n 1s secured by stitching or' otherwise to the back portion of the garment as indicated at 29. The tape forming the shoulder straps functions in a simili manner 130 that described in connection Witli tlie 'form of the invention illustrated in Figs. 1 and 2.

While I have shown and described th6 p'ie'fefrd l imit myself to the specific forms illustrated, but may alter the construction and arrangemnt cif parts as occaSion requires without;enlarging the of the same the back of the garment being coustructed to include therein a, plurality of circumferentially spaced openings, through any pair of which the tape freely passes, to afiorcl the wearer adjustment for the amount of circumferential extension of the tape ab the back of the garment.

2. In an apparel garment adapted to extend around the wearer, a unitary tape forming shoulder straps the ends of which are respectively connectible to the front rigk 1t and left-handportions cf the'fsame, the back of th e gar'ment being constructed to include thereon a strap connecting attachment having a. plurality 01' circumferentially s1 accd openings therein, through any pair of wh'icli fzfietape freely passes, to afford the wearer v adj ustmenb fo r the amount of circumferential Efis'ion cf the tape at the back of the garment. embodiments of my inventifi I d mit; dtesife t 3. Il'ii11 apparel geirment adapted. to extend around.the wearer, a unitary tape forming should1' straps for the same, the back of the garment being construct'ed to includta therem Iflriiiy of ci-tcumferentia-lly siaaccd. openirigs irialigximer'1t, thzough any pair'of whlch the tape' ffeel3fi pas'ses to a-ficnd the wearer adjus'tment f the distance of circ'zum'ferential extension f the back of thegarmerit.

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