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Publication numberUS2058003 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1936
Filing dateApr 11, 1935
Priority dateApr 11, 1935
Publication numberUS 2058003 A, US 2058003A, US-A-2058003, US2058003 A, US2058003A
InventorsDavies Holden H
Original AssigneeDavies Holden H
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Colon irrigator
US 2058003 A
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iocnzo, 1935, ,H HpAvlEs `2,058,003

A COLOR IRRIGATOR Filed April 11, 21.935

fl] Ven/0f Bar/fes.


patented` ct. 2,0, 1936 `UNETEQ STATES PATENT FFICE COLON IRRIGATOR Holden H. Davies, Pasadena, Calif.

Application April 11, 1935, Serial No. 15,766

1 Claim.

My invention relates to a colon irrigator and hasfor its object to provide an irrigator which is adapted to be removably disposed between the bowl and the seat of a water closet, without any fastening means whatsoever. Means are also provided to supply water at a predetermined temperature and pressure to the nozzle of the irrigator preferably using the water from the hot and cold water faucets oi a lavatory and interposing a pressure regulating mixing valve in the conduit leading to the nozzle.

With the above and other objects in view which will appear as the description proceeds, my invention consists in the construction and arrangement of parts hereinafter described and claimed.

In the accompanying drawing` which forms a part of this specification I have illustrated a pre- ;ferred.embodiment of my invention, and in which Fig. 1 is an elevation with parts in vertical cross section.

Fig. 2 is a partial plan View of the nozzle and its support, showing its disposition on the rear portion of a closet bowl. Y

Fig. 3 is a side View of Fig. 2 with portions broken away for clearness of illustration. Y

Fig. 4 is an elevation partly in section of the mixing and pressure regulating valve.

Fig. 5 is a sectional View on line 5 5 of Fig. fl.

Referring to the drawing, W indicates a water closet bowl of any preferred construction, provided with the customary seat S pivoted tothe top rear as is common. The colon irrigator comprises an elongated nozzle l provided with a perforated head Il. I prefer to use a nozzle construction in which the stem is rather small in diameter so that the nozzle will not interfere with the flushing out of the colon when the nozzle is in use. The nozzle is rigidly mounted by means .of an elbow I2 to a pipe I3 extending at an angle rearwardly therefrom. The pipe I3 is connected by means of a T Ill to a horizontal pipe I closed at one end I6. The pipe I5 is mounted for rotation in a horizontal bearing Il formed at one end of a metal plate IS.

As shown in the drawing, the shape of the plate I8 is a trapezoid and is adapted to lie flat on the top rearward portion of the bowl W and against the pivot posts P to which the seat S is hinged. The plate I8 has a cutaway portion I8' to accommodate the T Ill and the arm I3 when the latter is partially rotated.

At the end opposite from I6 the pipe I5 is provided with a handle portion i9 extending forwardly at an angle whereby the pipe l5 with the arm I3 and the nozzle may be partially rotated (Cl. 12S-229) as hereinafter described. Water at a predetermined temperature and pressure is supplied to the arm I9 of the pipe i5 and I3 in the nozzle I0" as follows: Flexible tubes 20 and 2l are respectively connected to cold and hot water faucets C and H and lead respectively to inlet nipples 22 and 23 of a mixing and pressure regulating Valve shown as a unity at 20. The same consists of a. base 25 from which extends the tubular portion 26 having a mixing chamber Zi communicating at its lower end with a Valve chamber 28 at its top. The valve chamber is of a larger diameter than the mixing chamber 2l and is provided at its lower end with a conical valve seat 29 against which is seated a valve 30. The saine is square in horizontal cross section and is provided at its lower end with a conical portion 3! to seat on the valve seat 29 and close the mixing chamber.' A helical spring 32 interposed between a removable cap 33 and the Valve 33 keeps the latter on its seat. The cap 33 is provided with an outlet port 35.

An outlet nipple 36 leads from the` mixing chamber V2l and communicates by means'of a iiexible tube 3l provided with a shutoff valve 38 to branch arm i3 of the pipe I5.

Operation The shutoff valve 38 is closed so that when opening the hot and cold water faucets, hot and cold water enters through the inlet nipples 22 and 23, the mixing chamber 2l of the mixing and pressure regulating valve 24, the pressure of the water will unseat the valve 3&3 allowing the water to pass out through outlet port 35. It will be understood that the pressure regulator is so constructed as to permit water of comparatively low pressure only to pass to the nozzle IIB. By inserting a thermometer in the outlet port 35 or ordinarily by feeling the temperature of the water issuing therefrom with the hand, the hot and cold water faucets are regulated until the desired temperature is obtained; then the shutoff valve 38 is opened permitting now the water of the desired pressure and temperature to flow to nozzle lll. The person using the irrigator sits on the seat and by manipulating the arm I9 will swing the nozzle l0 upwardly for positioning and use. It should be noted here that the plate I8 which constitutes the support of the nozzle I0 is loosely mounted on the rear portion of the bowl, thereby allowing a slight sliding adjustment laterally and forwardly so that the nozzle can be easily positioned.

Various changes in the construction and arrangement of parts may be made by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of my invention as claimed.

I claim:

A colon irrigator comprising a plate adapted to be loosely mounted between a water closet bowl and its seat and provided with a bearing alo-ng its forward edge, a pipe mounted horizontally in said bearing for partial rotation, said pipe 10 having an angular offset portion extending from the bowl and constituting an arm for partially rotating the pipe, a rigid conduit fast to said pipe and extending toward the center of the bowl and provided with an upwardly extending nozzle, a flexible tube connected to the angular oiTset portion, and means to supply Water at a predetermined temperature and pressure to said flexible tube.

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