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Publication numberUS2058027 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 20, 1936
Filing dateJul 12, 1935
Priority dateJul 12, 1935
Publication numberUS 2058027 A, US 2058027A, US-A-2058027, US2058027 A, US2058027A
InventorsAlex Martinet Wendell
Original AssigneeAlex Martinet Wendell
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Liquid dispensing device
US 2058027 A
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Patented Oct. 20, 1936 UNITED ST'ES oFFIeE 5 Claims.

This invention relates to a liquid dispensing device which is more particularly int-ended for use in dispensing beverages, butv which may also be used as a dispenser of any other kind of liquids.

The invention, speaking more specifically, pertains to a means for dispensing a plurality of beverages, or other liquids, from a single main container which is furnished with a separate outlet for each liquid dispensed, said container being provided with compartments to receive and conceal bottles or the other containers in which the liquids to be dispensed are ordinarily contained, each of said bottles or containers being connected with one of said outlets in such a manner as to deliver its contents therethrough upon the opening of a cock r valve with which such outlet is furnished. When used to dispense beverages, the main container may be a barrel, or a simulation thereof in order to suggest the conventional or popular means of placing well known drinks on the market.

The invention further pertains to an improved means for controlling the delivery of the liquids from the bottles or other individual containers which are housed within the main container.

Among the objects of the invention are to simplify in construction, and render more satisfactory in operation devices for carrying out the aforesaid purposes.

Other objects, advantages and features of the invention may hereinafter appear.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, which illustrates what is at present deemed to be a preferred embodiment of the invention,

Fig. l is a side elevation, parts being broken away and parts sectioned in order to disclose the interior construction.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged side elevation of the means to control the delivery of the liquid from an individual container.

Fig. 3 is an end view of Fig. 1 partly sectioned on line 33.

Fig. 4 is a fragmental enlarged section of a portion of Fig. 2, the delivery tube being omitted. Referring in detail to the drawing, the main receptacle 5 is desirably, and as shown, of a barrel-like character, and is mounted in a horizontally extending position upon a swivel post 6 that upstands centrally from a base plate I. In the upper side of the main receptacle 5 is an opening 8 for which there is furnished a cover 9. Said opening is sumciently large to admit the detached containers H]. The cover is furnished hinges 9a.

The detachable containers H] are shown as bottles supported in an inverted position upon a horizontal rack or shelf member I I having openlugs to receive their neck portions l2. Each bottle has a cork or like stopper l3 which has two passages extending lengthwise through it.

The barrel 5 has a plurality (four in the present embodiment) of spigots, a pair of spigots l4 being shown in one end, and a pair I5 in the opposite end. Each of the spigots l4 has axially secured in it a liquid delivery tube IS with an upwardly directed inner end portion ll, and each spigot l5 has a like tube l8 fixed therein with an upwardly directed inner end portion Hi. It is to be understood that the spigots are firmly fixed in the barrel heads and their said delivery tubes are tightly and nonrotatably mounted. The upwardly directed inner end portion of each of said delivery tubes is positioned to pass through one of the passages of the stopper of a bottle when the latter is supported in its place upon the rack H, in order to form an outlet for such bottle. An air vent tube 2! is inserted through the other passage, said tub-e having a rebent outer end portion 22. All the bottles will ordinarily be equipped with the stopper construction above described.

The barrel could be mounted in an upstanding position with relation to its pivotal support without departing from the spirit of the claimed invention.

The stopper of each bottle is furnished with a check valve flap 23 secured to the inner end of its stopper to prevent premature escape of liquid through the delivery passage of the cork while the bottle is being mounted in its liquid-delivery position within the barrel. As each bottle is being put in place in its inverted position the upwardly directed part of the delivery tube which is caused to project into its stopper will raise said flap, thereby opening up communication between such bottle and its delivery tube.

Each bottle l0 may contain a different beverage. The device may be placed upon a counter, table or shelf, or in other preferred situations, and the barrel, which houses the bottles, will be turned on its swivel by the hand of the operator applied externally thereto, in order to afford convenient access to the user of the particular spigot from which it is desired to draw.

When the delivery tubes l6 are made of a thin or soft metal, a hand opening is provided beneath each of said tubes which is furnished with a closure or door 25 hinged at 2B and furnished with a spring catch device 21 normally maintaining it in the closed position. By opening this door the operator may insert one hand to steady the tube l6 (or l8) while he lowers the bottle ID with the other hand.

If desired, brackets 28 may be provided as supporting means for the delivery tubes I6 and I8.

The spigots hereinbefore described may be positioned below the line of gravitation if desired, as shown at I6a in Fig. 2.

What is claimed is:

1. In combination, a barrel or like housing turnably mounted on a vertically extending pivot, a bottle support therewithin, and a plurality of spigots leading through the walls of said barrel, said spigots having delivery tubes fixedly secured to them, said tubes having upwardly directed inner end portions adapted to drain liquid from bottles mounted upon said support.

2. A main container affording an outer housing for bottles and supported to turn in a substan tially horizontal plane, means to support bottles in a liquid delivery position within said container and housed therewithin, and a plurality of manually controllable outlets communicating with said bottles and leading from diiTerent sides of the container.

3. A barrel, means underlying said barrel and supporting it to rotate with its length extending in a substantially horizontal plane, a plurality of manually removable liquid containers mountable within said barrel, and liquid delivery means communicating with said containers and projecting through the heads of said barrel.

4. A barrel, means underlying said barrel and supporting it to rotate With its length extending in a substantially horizontal plane, said barrel having a convex door in its upper side which when closed maintains the contour of the portion of the barrel in which it is located, liquid containers insertable and removable through the opening controlled by said door, and liquid delivery means for the inserted containers projecting through the Wall of the barrel.

5. In a device of the kind described, a housing, a bottle, means to removably support said bottle Within said housing in an inverted position, said bottle having a stopper furnished with an air inlet tube extending through it, said tube having a rebent outer end portion, and liquid outlet means leading through the wall of said housing and projectable through the stopper of said bottle.


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