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Publication numberUS2058542 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1936
Filing dateNov 1, 1934
Priority dateNov 1, 1934
Publication numberUS 2058542 A, US 2058542A, US-A-2058542, US2058542 A, US2058542A
InventorsHenry Wise John
Original AssigneeAmerican Can Co
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Display device
US 2058542 A
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Obt. 27, 1936. J. H. WISE DISPLAY DEVICE Filed Nov. 1, 1934 NVENTOR' an. L0.

ATIORNEYS Patented Oct. 27, 1936 DISPLAY DEVICE John Henry Wise, Joliet, Ill., assignor to American Can Company, New York, N. Y., a corporation of New Jersey Application November 1, 1934, Serial No. 751,038

Claims. (Cl. 20679) This invention relates generally to an article of manufacture and more particularly to a device or assembly for holding, shipping and displaying a multiplicity of articles such as receptacles.

An object of the invention is the provision of a self-contained advertising display card, plate or board for removably holding articles such as containers upon it by interengagement of pro- The card II is preferably formed in a single piece by a suitable stamping or cutting operation from suitable material such as stifi cardboard. By the same or an additional operation are formed a series of parallel rows of article or 5 container receiving openings I3, three rows of four openings each being exemplified in Fig. 1. Each of these openings I3 is defined by opposed parallel vertical edges I4 which merge at their jecting parts or flanges on the articles to be held extremities into rounded corner edges I5. 10

and on the card so that the articles held cannot Between the upper rounded edges I5 the mabe accidentally dislodged or shifted while on exterial of the card is extended downwardly to hibition or during shipment and yet may be readform a relatively narrow container engaging ily removed when-desired. flange or tongue I6, having a horizontal edge I1,

Another object of the invention is the proviwhich further defines the opening I3. Between 5 sion of a display card of simple construction which the bottom rounded edges I5 the material of the is particularly adapted for use with containers card is projected upwardly to form a relatively formed with projecting edges, joints or flanges wide container engaging flange or tongue I8, such as end seams or the like, or counter sunk which is bent or creased along a horizontal line or recessed ends, the projecting edges of the I 9, parallel with the edge I I, so that the wider 20 container cooperating with projecting tongues or tongue I8 is divided into a vertical tongue porflanges formed in the card for holding and locktion 2| and a horizontal tongue portion which ing the containerswithin openings formed in the latter can be projected outwardly at a substancard. tially right angle to the vertical tongue portion to Still another object of the invention is the proform a container supporting shelf 22. 25

vision of a display holder for containers, which The card II is supported in desired display pomay be formed from inexpensive material such as sition by a triangular shaped bracket or brace cardboard, which is formed with openings of a I2 (Fig. l) hingedly connected in any suitable shape to conform to the shape of the container manner to the vertical center of the rear side of to be held and which has integral locking prothe card II and may be folded flat against the 30 jections formedthereon which cooperate with rear side for packing or shipping. standard parts of the container and with said A preferred form of container A to be held and openings to produce a firm locking engagement displayed by the card ll, comprises an oblong between holder and container without the embody, having wide flat front and rear walls a and ployment of extra attachments. I) joined by two rounded narrow sides c and also 35 Numerous other objects and advantages of the having countersunk or recessed end closures d invention will be apparent as it is better undersecured to the open ends f the body A by crimpstood from the following description, which, ing or seaming or in y i bl manner to taken in connection with the accompanying provide with the body walls one form of projectdrawing, discloses a preferred embodiment ing edges 1' jo nts 6 (Fig. 2). Other forms of 40 thereof, projecting edges or joints may be provided read- Referring to the drawing: ily by various and well known modes of forming Figure 1 is a front perspective view of a display end closures and joining them with the body card or article holding device embodying the walls. In the container illustrated one end 010- instant invention; sure is formed with a dispensing opening, closed 45 Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken subby means of a friction plug C, which is one of stantially along the line 2-2 in Fig. 1; and many suitable closures which may be employed Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view taken subwith containers having projecting edges or stantially along the line 3-3 in Fig. 2. flanges.

The display device is closed in the drawing as a To assemble the container A with the display 50 preferred embodiment of the invention, comprises a display card or plate II (Fig. 1) of substantially rectangular shape and dimensioned to hold a predetermined number of articles such as containers for shipment or display.

card or holder H, the projecting upper edge or flange e, formed by the rear wall b and the recessed top closure d, is slipped behind the depending tongue I6, the edge I! of the latter preferably contacting with the horizontal panel of the top closure d. The projecting lower edge or flange e, formed by the rear wall D and the recessed bottom closure 11, is inserted behind the vertical part of the tongue I8, so that the corner in the tongue I8 formed by the parts 2I and 22 engages the corner formed by the recess of the bottom closure and the horizontal or shelf part 22 of the tongue I8 lies fiat against the flat panel of the bottom closure and the free edge of the tongue I8 contacts with the projecting lower edge or flange e formed by the front wall a and the recessed bottom closure. Thus positioned, the container body A extends partially through the opening I3, opposed wall parts of the container body contacting with the vertical edges I4 and being supported thereby.

It will thus be seen that cooperation exists between the upper and lower tongues I6 and I8 and the opening I3 and the side edges I4 to securely clamp the container A in assembled or locked position. The tongue I6 resists upward andforward shifting, the tongue I8 through its vertical and horizontal parts resists downward, forward and rearward displacement and the edges I4 cooperate in a niche-like manner to prevent displacement of the containers during shipment, handling, or while on display upon a sales counter.

When it is desired to remove a container from the holder or display board, the locking tongue I8 is first pulled down out of engagement with the projecting front edge e and the flat panel of the bottom closure. This action also bends forward the short vertical part 2| of the tongue I8, thus freeing the lower part of the container. It is then only necessary to'exert a slight forward and downward pull to free the upper end of the container from the tongue I6 and thus completely release the container from its clamped position in the opening I3.

It will be understood that the dimensions of the openings I3 and the locking tongues I6 and I8 may be changed to correspond to the dimensions of containers desired to be held or displayed.

It is thought that the invention and many of its attendant advantages will be understood from the foregoing description, and it will be apparent that various changes may be made in the form, construction and arrangement of the parts without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention or sacrificing all of its material advantages, the form hereinbefore described being merely a preferred embodiment thereof.

I claim:

1. A device for holding, displaying or shipping containers having projecting edges, comprising a car-d having a series of openings into which containers may be inserted, and a pair of opposed tongues carried by said card adjacent each of said openings for engaging the projecting edges of a said container to lock the container in position upon the card, one of said tongues having a portion arranged in the plane of the card and having another portion extending at an angle to said first mentioned portion.

2. A device for holding, displaying or shipping containers having projecting edges, comprising a card having an opening adapted to receive a container, said opening being defined by side edges and a pair of opposed tongues, said tongues being adapted to interlock with said projecting container edges, thereby clamping a side of said container against said side edges to hold the container in position upon the card, one of said tongues having a portion arranged in the plane of the card and also having a portion formed integrally with said first mentioned portion and extending at an angle thereto.

3. A device for holding, displaying or shipping containers, comprising in combination, a card formed with an opening adapted to receive a container having opposed projecting edges, a pair of opposed tongues carried by said card and extending into said opening for engaging said projecting container edges in the plane of said card and a locking flange formed integrally with one of said tongues and extending transversely therefrom and from the plane of said card and engaging a projecting container edge outside of the plane of the card for locking said container against movement in said opening.

4. A container holding and display assembly comprising in combination, a supporting plate having an opening substantially of the shape of the container to be held and adapted to surround said container in a frame like manner, said container having end closures with fiat parts and projecting edges, a plate extension adjacent one side of said opening to engage one end edge of the container, a plate extension adjacent an opposed side of said opening to engage the other end edge of the container and being further extended to also engage a flat part of said other end, said opening and said plate extensions cooperating to removably lock said container in position upon said plate.

5. A container holding and display assembly, comprising in combination, a supporting plate having an opening of a shape to receive and surround a container, said container having opposed ends provided with recesses, a tongue extending from said plate and engaging the recess of one of said ends and an opposed tongue on said plate engaging the recess of the other of said ends, said opening and said tongues cooperating to removably hold said container in position upon said plate, one of said tongues having an integral portion disposed in the plane of the plate and another portion extending substantially at right angles to said first mentioned portion and adapted to support said container at a locality spaced outwardly from said plate.


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