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Publication numberUS2058710 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 27, 1936
Filing dateNov 1, 1935
Priority dateNov 1, 1935
Publication numberUS 2058710 A, US 2058710A, US-A-2058710, US2058710 A, US2058710A
InventorsMontgomery Hanna T
Original AssigneeJacob A Blissenbach
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Combined ash and cigarette container
US 2058710 A
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ORNEYl Patented oct.. 27, 193e commen Asn AND cmAnE'r'rE CONTAINER Hanna T. Montgomery, Spokane, Wash., assignor of forty-nine per cent to Jacob A. Blissenhach,

Spokane, Wash. i

Application November 1, 1935, Serial No. 47,860

sciaims. (c1. s- 38) The. object of this inventionis to provide a novel container for cigarettes and the ash therefrom for personal use by the smoker.

In many places, a smoker is often embarrassed by the absence of an accessible ash tray in which to deposit the ashes, when smoking, and it is a l feature of this invention to provide a combined cigarette andash container whereby the smoker y at any time, withdraw the container from a purse or pocket and deposit the ashes therein.

It is a feature of the invention to maintain the ashes in a separate compartment from that in which the cigarettes are containedso that the latter will never become mixed with the former.

A further object is to provide a novel container wherein the cigarettes maybe inserted just as they come in the original package, or where the cigarettes may loe removed from the original package and reposed loosely in the container.

a. feature of the invention consists in provid- Fig. 2 is a, similar view with the drawer adjusted' endwise to render the cigarettes inthe cigarette' comittment accessible.

Fig. 3 is a similar view showing the container inverted and the drawer shifted to close the cigarette compartment and open the ash compartment to 'dump the ashes.

Fig. i is a plan view ofthe container with parts brokenvaway to show portions of the drawer.

Fig. 5 is a. sectional View on line 5 5 oi Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is a side view oi' the ash lid.

Fig. 'l is an end view of the ash lid.

Fig. d is a longitudinal vertical sectional view of a modified form oi the invention with the cigarettes loosely disposed.

Fig. 9 is a sectional view on line @-9 of Fig. 3.

'- normal position. A partition forming flange it,

Fig. it is a sectional view on line llllt of perforate.

section although this is not an essent It may also be stated that .the walls sudabie within sidsieeve is a. corrbartmerit'vw drawer having a bottom'wall-, side wallsf and 5 end walls 'i and t. Forfa. purpose which will later? appear, the end wall 8-is of reduced height, the`` y upper end 9 being slightly below theupperv edges of the drawer. As illustrated, the drawer does not exceed the length of `the sleeve and when the drawer is in an intermediate or central position therein, the ends of thedrawer are flush with the ends of the sleeve. IThe drawer is capable of being shifted endwise in the sleeve in either of two directions to'render portions of the drawer accessible to the user, and such shifting movement of the drawer in either direction, will always make one portion accessible and another portion inaccessible.

Reference will next be made tb a novelfeature 20 as an article of manufacture, and also in combination with the foregoing structure whereby the drawer is divided into separate compartments.

What I will term al lid it, is employed, and as shown, it is coextensive with a relatively reduced portion of one end of the drawer and serves to extend over the same.` Said lid is provided with an ash depositing and dumping opening il, disposed suiliciently inwardly from .wall l, for the desired purpose.

Said lid is provided with drawer attaching means which may consist of laterally disposed depending ilanges l2, which inwardly telescope the side. walls 6, of the drawer. I have shown said flanges provided with punched out portions it, adapted to register with like punched out portions in walls t of the drawer so that 'the lid can be readily attached and held in place, as shown, and just as readily detached from its 40 extends downwardly from the lid it, toward and preferably into contact with bottom wall 5, of the drawer and is the full width thereof so that it engages the side walls t, thereby dividing the drawer into a relatively small ash compartment A, and a relatively enlarged cigarette compartment B. The ash compartment A, is thus formed by flange ilhthe side walls t, bottom wall 5, and end wall l. The position of the lid it is such that it is ilush with the top of the drawer and hence will readily pass under top wall i, of the sleeve.

The parts, in this form of the invention, are so proportioned that the original package of cigarettes can be inserted into compartment B, and by opening the top of the package and by reason of the short end Wall t, a cigarette can easily be withdrawn, as shown in Fig. 2. If desired, end wall may be of full height, in which event reliance would be placed von slitting the package to a greater extent and lifting a cigarette out from the latter. In the drawing, as

originally made, and before being reduced for I8, side walls I9 and end Walls 20 and 2|. In

this form, the end wall 2l, is of full height and. the proportions are such that the cigarettes are loosely disposed in layers as indicated at C. The drawer is divided by a partition 22, which in this form of the invention, is formed integral or suitably secured to the bottom wall I8 and side walls I9, ofthe drawer. Thus, the drawer is divided in an ash compartment D, and a cigarette compartment E. A lid 23, is permanently xed to the walls I9 and 20, and is provided with an ash depositing and dumping opening 24. It will be noted that this form of the invention aiords a more compact structure than the form in which the cigarettes are retained in the original package.

While the operation may be clearr from the foregoing, it will be briey recapitulated as follows:

In either form of the invention, both compartments are clascd by the sleeve when the drawer is in a central position therein. If access is desired for the cigarettes, the drawer is shifted endwise from the Fig. 1, to the Fig. 2, position sufficiently to permit the user to withdraw a cigarette, and of course the top walls l and I5, will close the openings ,II and 24, respectively, so that ashes cannot escape. If when smoking, no ash tray is handy, the user merely shifts the drawer into the Fig. 3, position, thereby uncovering opening II or 24, so that accumulated ashes on the cigarette may be deposited therein, and then the drawer is shifted back to the normal or central position shown in Fig. 1. Either opening II or 24, maybe made large enough so 'that the ashes may be dumped out therethrough, when the container is inverted.

However, in many instances, cigarette stubs, as shown in Fig. 2,' may be deposited, and in this form of the invention, the lid I0, is removable s that the container may be inverted to dump the refuse contents of compartment A, and the opening II is advisedly formed of sufficient size to afford a finger grip for that purpose. In removing the lid I0, to dump refuse, the ashes cannot contaminate the cigarettes because of the absence of the partition flange H, temporarily, because the original package protects the cigarettes owing to the fact that the closed end of the package faces the ash compartment.

It Will now be clear, that owing to the novel lid and partition features, in all relative positions with respect to the drawer, serves to interdependently coact' with the latter to the end that one compartment is always'closed when the other isv opened.

AIt will be seen that in both forms of the invention, the lids i0 and 23 are so close to the tops ofk the casing sleeves that said openings are always effectively closed thereby except when that the casing sleevev the drawers are shifted into positions to render the openings I0 and 23 accessible for dumping or depositing ashes. In all other positions which the drawers occupy in the casing sleeves, ashes cannot escape either into the-cigarette compartment or out of the container, and this is a great advantage as it prevents the container from becoming messy either internally or in the pocket or purse of the user.

While I have herein shown and described specific forms of my invention, I do not wish to be limited thereto except for such limitations as the claims may import.

I clairnzf 1. In a combined cigarette and ash container, a casing sleeve open at its ends, a drawer slidable in said sleeve and having bottom end and side walls and being of a length not exceeding the length of said sleeve and adapted to be closed thereby when in a central position therein, and a compartment forming lid closing the top of one end portion of said drawer and having downwardly extending lateral flanges inwardly telescoping said side walls and provided with means for detachably securing said anges thereto and said lid having an ash depositing opening normally closed by said sleeve, and said lid having a downwardly projecting lflange extending toward said bottom wall andI dividing said drawer into ash and cigarette compartments, whereby sliding movement of said drawer in one direction will render said cigarette compartment accessible and maintain said ash compartment closed, and sliding movement in another direction will close said 'cigarette compartment and render said. ash depositing opening accessible or perm'. detachment of said lid. to empty said ash compartment.

2. In a combined cigarette and ash container. a casing sleeve open at its ends, a. drawer slidable in said sleeve and having bottom, side and end walls and adapted to be closed by said sleeve when in a central position therein, and a compartment forming lid closing the top of one end portion of said drawer and being detachably secured thereto and said lid having an ash depositing opening closed by said sleeve when said drawer is in a central position, said lid having a downwardly projecting flange dividing said drawer into ash and cigarette compartments selectively accessible upon sliding movement of said drawer endwise in said sleeve from a. central position.

3. In a combined cigarette and ash container, a casing sleeve open at its ends, and a drawer slidable in said sleeve and adapted to be closed thereby when said drawer is in a central position, said drawer having means comprising a partition dividing said drawer into cigarette and ash compartments and a lid covering the latter, and said lid having an ash depositing and dumping opening and said lid being in such close relation to one portion of said casing sleeve as to eiectively close said opening and thereby prevent ashes from escaping into .said cigarette compartment or outwardly from the container except when said drawer is shifted into an ash receiving or dumping position, and said drawer beingl slidable to render said cigarette compartment accessible.


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