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Publication numberUS2059478 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 3, 1936
Filing dateMar 12, 1934
Priority dateMar 12, 1934
Publication numberUS 2059478 A, US 2059478A, US-A-2059478, US2059478 A, US2059478A
InventorsBurt R Noel
Original AssigneeMarquardt Company
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Inner spring mattress
US 2059478 A
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NOV. 3, 1936. B ,R NOEL 2,059,478

INNER SPRING MATTRESS Filed March 12,` 1934 will/,fl


'5M/@Mmm ATTORNEYS Patentedv Nov. 3, 1936 NrrEo STATES FFICE DINER SPRING MATTRESS Burt R. Noel, Milwaukee, Wis., assigner to Marl quardt Company, Milwaukee, Wis., a corporation of Wisconsin This invention relates to improvements in inner spring mattresses.

it is an object of the invention to provide means whereby the premade side border of a spring lled mattress may not only be connected more adequately to the body of the mattress, but may also be employed as a means of covering an inner roll at the margin of the mattress, thus dispensing with the prior art practice of using a separate strip of felt i'or padding to iill the gaps left in the formation of the inner roll.A

In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a cross sectional view of a fragmentary portion of a spring lled mattress embodying this invention. A f

Figure 2 is a cross section through a premade quilted border prior to its application to the mattress in the process of assembling thereof.

Figure 3 isa detail cross section through the quilted border in the plane of the handle.

Like parts are identified by the same reference characters throughout the several views.

The assembly of helical springs is conventional. It is covered above and below with a sheet of burlap il. At this point the premade quilted border is applied about the sides of the spring set and connected with the burlap.

As shown in Fig. 2, the premade quilted border comprises al plurality of plies held together at intervals by staples. There is an inner ply of sheeting at 5, a ply of felt at '6, an intermediate ply oi sheeting at l, an outer ply of felt at 8, and a ply of mattress ticking 9 which covers the exposed surfaces. These several plies are quilted with wire staples I0 whereby the preformed border may be handled and applied as a unit.

The height of the inner ply 5 of sheeting is such that its margins can be folded over on to the burlap sheetsl 4 and stitched thereto as shown at Il. The spring set is now completely encased in the upper and lower sheets of burlap 4 and the interconnecting ply 5 of the border, which is stitched to the burlap.

Felt plies I5 and I6 are now placed upon the burlap sheets I, and are substantially co-extensive therewith. VOver these, throughout the perimeter of the mattress, are folded the free marginal portions I1 of the felt ply B of the border. These marginal rportions are then covered in turn by the outer felt plies i8 and I9 which cover the faces of the mattress, and the layers of sheeting at 20 and 2| are used to cover the felt layers i8 and I 9. These layers of sheeting are stitched along the corner .margins of the mat- -handle for the mattress.

. tress at 22 to the edges oi the intermediate ply 'l of sheeting in the preformed border, thus making a second casing.

'I'he inner roll 25 is now made in the usual manner by a well known machine which engages the sheeting plies l and 2li at some little distance from the line of stitching at 22, com- 2i on the upper and lower faces of the mattress.

' The top and bottom plies of ticking 29 and it are now used to cover the upper and lower faces of the mattress and are connected along their margins with the ticking ply 9 at the preformed border, the seam being preferably covered by a tape at 3l to complete the mattress.

The fact that the border is preformed makes it easily possible to provide a very substantial The handle 35 is mounted on a pair of handle posts 26 flanged at 3l to engage the outer ticking ply 9 and riveted at 38 upon a clamping and spacing plate di. Since the border is formed as a complete unit prior to its assembly in the mattress, the riveting operation at 33 comprises a means by which the handle may easily be ailixed to the preformed border. without the diculties which would be encountered in any attempt to attach a handle of this kind after the mattress had been completed.

It is particularly` to be observed that there are no loose pieces of felt employed in this mattress,and the preformation `of the border with pieces of felt and sheeting of differing widths makes it possible to interleave the felt plies of the border with those of the top and bottom of the mattress in a novel manner and one calculated to bind the whole mattress together in a unitary structure which is more durable than has previously been the case. Also much labor and expense in manufacture is saved by reason of the construction herein disclosed, while producing a superior structure which is more satisfactory than those previously used.

I claim: 1. As anew article of manufacture, a border :loV

unit separately produced for use in mattress construction. said unit comprising a plurality of plies of felt of differing height for connection at different points with top and bottom mattress plies, and inner, outer, and intermediate plies of fabric, together with means permanently interconnecting all of said plies in operative assembly for unitary handling.

2. As a new article of manufacture, a preformed border constructed as a unit for use in mattress production, such borderv comprising a succession of alternate plies of fabric and felt, a successive ply of each material being increased in height over a preceding ply of the same material, together with means permanently inter` connecting all of said plies in operative assembly for unitary handling.

3. A mattress comprising a central resilient filler, a. top section comprising a plurality of plies of material, a bottom section comprising a plurality of plies of material and a side section comprising a plurality of plies of material, the plies of the side section being interleaved with the plies of the top and bottom sections.

4. A mattress comprising a resilient ller, a fabric case for said filler, and a plurality of plies of padding material covering contiguous side surfaces of said case, and interleaved with each other adjacent the corner intervening between said side surfaces, the plies of at least one of said surfaces being extended about said corner to be interleaved with the plies ofk the other.

5. A mattress construction comprising the combination with a spring ller having fabric sheets above and below and a plurality of plies of padding material upon said sheets, of a border comcase, and an outer case of ticking or the like completely enclosing the mattress.

6. As a new article of manufacture, a preformed mattress border comprising a plurality of padding plies each materially higher than the finished height of the border. and means connecting permanently the intermediate portions of said plies, their upper and lower margins being free from each other for a substantial portion of their height, whereby to be available to be separately interleaved with the corresponding padding plies of the top and bottom of the mattress body.

7. As a new article of manufacture, a preformed mattress border comprising a plurality of fabric plies including an inner and outer facing 4:for said border and at least one intervening pad ply materially higher than the finished height of the border, and means connecting said fabric and padding plies together permanently at their intermediate portions, the upper and lower margins of the several plies being free of each other for independent connection with the top and bottom portions of the mattress body.


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