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Publication numberUS2061142 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1936
Filing dateJan 13, 1936
Priority dateJan 13, 1936
Publication numberUS 2061142 A, US 2061142A, US-A-2061142, US2061142 A, US2061142A
InventorsAntonio Denocenzo
Original AssigneeAntonio Denocenzo
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Foot treating bowl and footrest
US 2061142 A
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Nov. 17, 1936. DENOCENZO 2,061,142

FOOT TREATING BOWL AND FOOTREST Filed Jan. 13, 1936 50672 (a 77 mewocenzoy Patented Nov. 17, 1936 r FFICE FOOT TREATING BOWL AND FOOTREST Antonio Denocenzo, Los Angeles, Calif.

Application January 13, 1936, Serial No. 58,816

8 Claims.

This invention is a combined foot washing or treating bowl and foot rest.

It is an object of the invention to provide a simple, practical, low-cost and sanitary bowl and foot rest to facilitate the treatment of the feet, more especially in the treatment of the toes and their nails, more commonly called pedicuring.

A further object is to provide, in a device of this kind, a removable foot resting portion in as- 10 sociation with a receptacle of complementary pattern.

The invention consists of certain advancements in this art as set forth in the ensuing disclosure and having, with the above, additional objects 5 and advantages as hereinafter developed, and Whose construction, combination and details of means, and manner of operation will be made manifest in the description of the herewith illustrative embodiment; it being understood that 20 modifications, variations and adaptations may be resorted to within the scope, principle and spirit of the invention as it is more directly claimed hereinafter.

Figure l is a plan of the preferred form of the 25 bowl.

Figure 2 is a section on line 22 of Fig. 1, and

Figure 3 is a cross-section on line 3-3, Fig. 1.

Figure 4 is a plan and Figure 5 is a section on line 5-5, thereof, of a modified form of the ap- 30 paratus. Figure 6 shows another form.

Figs. 1, 2, and 3 show a bowl and foot rest of integral form and including a generally oval shaped vertical wall or skirt 2 having a roll top edge or corner 3 merging at the rear or heel with 35 top portion 4 which constitutes a heel rest for a foot being treated.

The heel rest 4 inclines downwardly and forwardly at 5 and joins with the depressed bottom 6 on which the toes of a foot will rest While the heel is placed on the top rest portion 4. In this form of the invention the toe receiving receptacle is formed integral with the top roll corner 3 by depressing the top down so as to form an inner wall l at the toe and sides of the depressed area 45 of the receptacle. It is understood that this type of bowl may be manufactured of any desired material, of any desired size, and any approved method, as being cast, or drawn, or otherwise produced.

50 Figs. 4 and 5 show a form in which there is provided an oval receptacle Wall having a bottom l upon which is supported a removable foot rest including the upper portion l2 for the heel and the downwardly inclined sole and toe rest portion 55 t3 the forward end of which is supported on the bottom ll. At the rear end of the heel portion there is a down-turned flange 54 which forms a leg supporting the elevated heel portion of the foot rest. The toe end of the portion I3 is shown as terminating in a straight transverse edge I 5 5 parallel to the leg flange It. This form of foot rest may be removed from the receptacle I 0, to which its sides removably conform, and may be used without the receptacle or in some other form of receptacle, if so desired. 10

It will be understood that the foot being treated will rest at its heel on the elevated or top portion of the apparatus and that the toes can be dipped in liquid in the basin of the receptacle for medication. or other purpose, and the toes can be raised to the top of receptacle for such treatment as may be desired; the heel being supported on the heel rest for comfort and convenience.

In Fig, 6 there is shown a longitudinal section of a form of the device which includes an oval basin wall 20 of suitable depth and provided a bottom plate including a heel support 2| near the top edge of the can or basin and a downwardly and forwardly extending portion 22 constituting the bottom of the basin; this bottom plate con- 25 forming to the oval plan of the wall and being connected thereto in approved manner to form a tight or water holding seal, as by soldering.

What is claimed is:

1. A foot treating utensil comprising a receptacle for liquid, and a foot supporting device including an elevated or upper longitudinally and horizontally extending heel portion for resting the heel, and merging with and from which is longitudinally extended a forwardly and downwardly inclined sole and toe supporting bottom; whereby the sole of the foot rests in an inclined position downward from the plane of the elevated heel support.

2. A foot treating bowl having an exterior wall or skirt having a round top corner, and a foot resting portion including a heel rest formed by a top element extending inwardly from and at the rear of the bowl and thence inclining convexly, longitudinally and downwardly at the arch of the foot and having a concave ball and toe supporting end, and an inner wall extending downwardly from the top corner of the toe end of the bowl and joined with the said toe end of said element.

3. A foot treating bowl having an exterior wall, and an integral top with a rear portion extending inward longitudinally and horizontally from the rim of the wall and having a dished receptacle forming portion with its sides spaced inward from 5 the wall; the bottom of the receptacle being sole shaped and forming a rest for the sole and toes of a foot while the heel thereof is supported by the said rear portion of the top.

4. The combination with a receptacle, of a foot rest including an elevated heel support directly from which extends longitudinally a downwardly inclined sole and toe support, said inclined support including a convex arch rest section joining with the heel in a curve conforming to foot sole form, and a concave lower end portion, for the ball of the foot, extending forwardly and downwardly from the said arch section.

5. In a device of the class described, a foot rest having an elevated heel supporting, horizontal part with a downwardly extending leg flange, and having a sole and toe resting portion extending forwardly and downwardly longitudinally directly from the heel part.

6. An oval shaped, pedicure bowl consisting of a vertical wall with a'rolled top rim and having a top merged marginally with the roll of the rim all around; one end of the top being depressed just below the rim roll and forming a heel rest and the remaining portion of the top being depressed to form a basin the bottom of which merges with the said heel rest and extends longitudinally forward in a convex curve and thence extends forward and downward to form an inclined support for the ball of the foot.

7. A device as set forth in claim 6, and in which the sides of the basin are spaced inward from the said vertical wall of the bowl.

8. In a device of the class described, a foot rest for supporting the foot in a generally downwardly inclined position from the heel and including a concaved portion for the ball of the foot and a relatively elevated, substantially horizontal heel resting part; said ball end portion and the heel part being connected by a convex arch supporting section which inclines gradually forwardly and downwardly from the plane of the heel part to conform with the shape of the bottom of the foot.


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