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Publication numberUS2061268 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 17, 1936
Filing dateJun 8, 1934
Priority dateJun 9, 1933
Publication numberUS 2061268 A, US 2061268A, US-A-2061268, US2061268 A, US2061268A
InventorsNicolas Becker
Original AssigneeNicolas Becker
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Device for molding the breasts in the contours and form desired
US 2061268 A
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N. BECKER Nov. 17, 1936.


In France June 9, 1933 1 Claim. (01. 2-26'l) The invention concerns a device for molding the breasts in the contours and form desired.

One object of the invention is to produce the illusion, as much from a visual as from'=a tactual point of view, that a woman is endowed with breasts of a perfect purity of line.

Another object of the invention is to provide an improved breast support, whereby the deformed breast, being enabled to take up its proper position without being in any way crushed, in due course acquires of itself the desired shape owing to the recovery of the glands and tissues,

I and to the improved blood circulation.

Other objectives will be shown in the following 5 description, givenas an example with reference I trinsically rigid, can easily be pressed out of shape, when, for instance, the developer is touched. In other words, the composition is of such a nature as to give .to the developer the appearance of a. real, natural breast.

The developer at is colored as required. It may be, for instance, given a tint approximating to the skin tint of the person whose breasts are to be molded, or else a tint similar to the coloring of the clothes worn over it-swimming suit,

bodice, etc.

The developer a is given the shape of a pretty breast, the shape, in fact, which the female breast is to appear to have. According to requirements, this shape shall correspond to'the breast of a young girl, of a young woman, etc.

The upper portion of the developer 0. is flatter than the lower portion a, which is practically hemispherical in form. The sides are finished ofl differently. As shown in Figure 2 (which represents a right breast developer, the interior of which being designated by the letter i), the inner part 11 stops short, whereas the outer part a is prolonged tocover part of the arm-pit.

Thus the developer is applied to the surface of the body according to a curved outline, made up of various contours, giving a natural appearance and corresponding to where the breast is normally lmit to the female bust.

The developer a, as shown clearly in Figure 1, is made thicker in its lower portion a than in'its upper portion a in order to take into account the greater strain'supported thereby, due in particular to the weight of the breast. 5

With a view to giving a realistic'appearance, the developer a is provided with a nipple b of suitable color and form. This nipple consists, for instance, in a sort of elastic cup, the walls of which taper towards the front, forming a small 10 hollow, c. The nipple, thus formed, can be displaced or flattened by a slight pressure, as is the case with the natural breast.

The nipple of the developer a may also be surrounded with an areola b, as in the case of a 15 natural breast.

The developer, so formed, is applied to the misshapen breast, which originally may be supposed to have occupied the position d (shown in dotted lines on Figure 1); this breast is thus entirely 20 hidden and, according to the case to be considered', takes up either the whole or a part of the total interior capacity of the developer, the spaces left over in the latter case either being filled with an appropriate material or left as they are. 25

Finally, openings (1 are made in the developer, with a view to ventilating the enclosed breast and avoiding thereby any disagreeable feeling of heat. 7

What has been said in connection with one breast is clearly true for both breasts and in 80 general, as shown in Figures 3 and 4, a developer or mold a will be applied on each breast.

The two developers a. are maintained in the required position by any convenient means; for instance, by the mere pressure of the clothing worn over them, or else by buttons, hooks, etc., fixed to the said clothing, or again, and better 7, still, by a system of straps similar to that shown on Figures 3 and 4, consisting in two shoulder- 40 straps e and two lower straps 1, attached to a 'belt g.

It will be evident that the methods above described produce a perfect illusion, giving the appearance that a woman has, under her clothes, 45 instead of misshapen breasts, breasts of great purity of line, for it is always possible to choose developers a of the shape desired.

The edge outline of the molds when placed on the bust does not lie in the same plane nor is it more or. less circular or oval; it is of irregular contour, corresponding to where the breasts are normally knit to the bust. The molds are, thus, to all intents and purposes, invisible. They do not deform the breasts; on the contrary, the latter 55 are lifted without being in any way cramped, brought back to their normal position, and, after a certain-time, owing to the development of the tissues and the proper circulation of the blood, the breasts themselves recover their normal shape.

It is to be noted that, as the breasts are not compressed in the developers, but merely held and supported therein without any cramping action, they keep their freedom of movement throughout any physical exercise (dancing, sports, etc.) and hence are allowed to move slightly of their own volition, this being absolutely indispensable, if a realistic effect is to be attained.

Having now fully described my invention and the manner in which it is to be applied, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:-

A device for giving a breast the desired shape,

the device consisting of a hollow mold of yielda-- ble and readily deformable thin, single layered elastic material, said mold having a nipple porprovides a direct support for the sagging breast.


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