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Publication numberUS2061865 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1936
Filing dateJul 14, 1934
Priority dateJul 14, 1934
Publication numberUS 2061865 A, US 2061865A, US-A-2061865, US2061865 A, US2061865A
InventorsWells Walter T
Original AssigneeTechnicraft Engineering Corp
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Water eductor and method
US 2061865 A
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Nov. 24, 1936. w. T. WELLS WATER EDUCTOR AND METHOD Fiied July 14, 1954 Hill HI I II] 1N VENTOR y ,5 WM L R aim IA T EX 5 mm ag of the well; and

Paten tecl Nov. 24, 1 936 PATENT OFFICE WATER anue'ron" AND ME'rnon Walter T. Wells, Glendale, CaliL, assignor to The Technicrait Engineering Corporation, Los Angeles, Calif., a corporation or California Application July 14, 1934, Serial No. 735,212

5 Claims.

My invention relates to water eductors for flowing gas wells, and to a method of educting -water therefrom and the objects of my invention are:

First, to provide a device of this class whereby the evacuation of water from a gas producing zone may be"-accomplished repeatedly without withdrawal of tubing from the well;

Second, to provide a device of this'class' which requires only a single tubing string and a packer to form a seal between the tubing string and a surrounding well casing;

Third, to provide a device of this class which may be incorporated as a unit with a packer;

Fourth, to provide a' deviceof this class which incorporates means for indicating when the water level in the well has reached a level where eduction is advisable;

Fifth, to provide a novel'and simple method of educting water irom flowing gas wells which reduces to a minimum the non-producing period Sixth, to provide a means and method of this class which in'no manner interferes or restricts the normal production of gas.

With the above and other objects in view as may appear hereinafter, reference is made to the accompanying drawing, in which:

Figure 1 is a diagrammatical view of a well bore, packer, eductor, tubing string and the control means located exteriorly of the well bore;- Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary longitudinal sectional view of the tubing string packer and eductor and surrounding casing, with parts and portions shown in elevation; Figure 3 is a transverse sectional view through 33 of Figure 2; and Figure 4 is another transverse sectional view through 4-4 of Figure 2 with parts and portions in elevation.

Structures yielding a gas usually-produce water l which accumulates at the bottom of the wall which taps the gas structure. As the water level rises and covers the gas producing structure, the flow of gas is restricted; hence itis necessary to remove the water periodically during the producing life of the'well. Referring to the drawing the numeral I indicates a well casing which leads to the gas producing formation, designated 2. A tubing string 3 is supported within the casing I, the space therebetween is sealed off at the upper end of the casing by a plug 4 shown diagrammatically in Figure l.

The lower end of the tubing string supports a packer 5 preferably of the multiple ring type such as set forth in my patent for Packers issued September 5, 1933, Patent. Number 1,926,017.

Said packer is provided with a centrally disposed tube Saattached to a suitable collar means 512 at the upper end of the packer. A passage 50 is 5 provided between the tube 5a and the expansion packer is provided with ports 30.. Fitted within this portion of the tubing string and within the tube 51; is a pipe 1 which is provided with a. fit- 15' ting la at its upper end adapted to form a substantially fluid tight seal therewith above the ports 3a so as to provide two additional passages through the packer. The passage designated Bl between the pipe .1 and tube 511. communicates 20 with the upper zone B 'through the ports 3a.

The tube 50. and pipe I are connected at their lowerv ends to close the passage Bl by a plug 8. The plug 8 supports a check or foot valve 9 adapted to admit fluid upwardly into the pipe I. 25

A Venturi construction I0 is formed within the pipe 1 near its lower end; and a jet needle II is suitably supported below the venturi. Opposite the jet needle H the pipe 1 is provided with inwardly and upwardly directed ports lb which communicate with the passage Bl. I

At the mouth of the well, pipes l2 and H are connected with the tubing string 3 and the casing I respectively and are controlled by valves I4 and -l5 respectively so that gas may be discharged from the interior of the tubing string or zone B or both. A pressure gauge l6 may be mounted-in the pipe I! to indicate the pressure of gas therein for determining when the water level has risen so as to restrict flow therein. A compressor i1 40 is connected through a valve l8 with the pipe l3 leading to zone B of the casing. Also an auxiliary valve. [9 may be provided for the tubing string for the discharge of water as it is the well.

The eductor is operated as follows:

When the water level has encroached its permissible amount, which may be determined by gauge IS, the valves 14 and ii are closed, valve I9 is opened and compressor I1 is started. Compressed air is delivered down zone B through passage Bl whereupon it flows upwardly with great velocity through the venturi ill drawing water in through the valve 9 and discharging it out valve l9. After sufficient water is removed,

removed from valves l8 and 19 are closed and valves l4 and I5 are opened whereupon production of gas continues.

I claim:

1. A device for educting water from a flowing gas well comprising; a tubing string, a packer adapted when set to divide said well into upper and lower zones; means providing a channel for flow of liquid from said lower zone through said packer and into said tubing string; means providing a conduit for fluid under pressure in said upper zone through said packer and into said tubing string, means for accumulating pressure in said upper zone and check valve means through said packer normally admitting gas to said upper zone and adapted to close in response to pressure accumulation in said upper zone.

2. An apparatus for eduction of water from a gas well comprising, in combination; a well casing; a closure for the top of said casing'fa packer suspended on'said tubing string adapted when set to divide said easing into upper and lower zones; means within said packer providing a plurality of independent flow channels there through; means for admitting well gas and liquid from said lower zone to one of said channels; means responsive to fluid under pressure admitted from said upper zone through another of said channels, for educting said liquid so admitted upward through said tubing string; and

selective means for diverting flow of gas through either said tubing string or said casing after liquid has been educted from said lower zone.

3. Ina water eductor for flowing gas wells; means forming a passage from the mouth to the producing zone of a gas producing well and return to said mouth; a device for circulating fluid under pressure through said means; a port at the bottom of said means communicating with sponges liquid in said well bore; a venturi interposed in said means and coacting with said port to educt liquid from the well upon the circulating of pressure fluid through said 'means; and a gas discharging conduit communicating with the gas producing region of the well incorporating said means in part and including check valves for restricting said pressure fluid from entering said gas producing region.

4. An apparatus for educting deleterious liquids from gas wells comprising: a flow channel fromthe gas producing zone to the surface;

check valve means interposed in said flow channel to prevent return flow of fluid into the producing zone; a venturi ejecting device suspended in said flow channel at a level to act upon deleterious fluids encroaching on the producing zone; a pressure fluid intake communicating between said device and a point in said flow channel above said check valve means; and a discharge line communicating directly between said device and the mouth of the well.

5. An apparatus for educting deleterious liquids from gas wells comprising: a flow, channel from the gas producing zone to the surface; a packer interposed in said channel above the producing zone and incorporating check valve means to prevent application of back pressure in said channel from being applied against the producing zone; a venturi ejecting device suspended in said flow channel below said packer and positioned at a level to act upon deleterious fluids encroaching on said producing zone; a pressure fluid intake communicating between said device and a point in said flow channel above said packer; and a discharge line communicating between said device and the mouth of the well.


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