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Publication numberUS2063393 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1936
Filing dateJun 15, 1935
Priority dateJun 15, 1935
Publication numberUS 2063393 A, US 2063393A, US-A-2063393, US2063393 A, US2063393A
InventorsMciver Paul D
Original AssigneeHills Bros
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Display stand
US 2063393 A
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P. D. M IVER DISPLAY S'ITAND Dec. 8, 1936.

Filed June 15, 1935 INVENTOR. /?41/L D. M fvze BY ATTORNEY.

Patented Dec. 8. 1936 PATENT GFFE DISPLAY s'r Paul D. McIver, Salt Lake City, Utah, assignor to Hills Bros, San Francisco, Calif a corporation of California Application June 15,

2 Claims.

This invention relates to display stands, and more particularly to devices on which articles or packaged merchandise may be stacked for purposes of display and easy removal.

An object of the invention is to provide a stand which may rest on the floor or other convenient place, on which merchandise may be stacked.

Another object. of the invention isto provide a device of the kind referred to whereby there is less liability of disturbing or upsetting the stacked merchandise.

Another object of the invention is to provide means of the kind described which will carry an advertisement of, or information about,-the merchandise.

Another object of the invention is to provide a device of the kind described which will attract the customer.

Other objects of the invention will become apparent on reading the appended specification.

In the accompanying drawing, which forms a part of this specification, I illustrate several embodiments of my invention. On such drawing-- Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my invention;

Fig. 2 is a similar view of a modification thereof;

Fig. 3 is a partly exploded view of a portion.

of the modification shown on Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is a similar view of the modification shown on Fig. 2; and I Fig. 5 is a perspective view showing how th invention can be used.

I provide a table-like member l0 and an upright member H, which latter may carry a display card I2. The table-like member ID is shown as square on Fig. 1, as is the upright member; while on Fig. 2, the table-like member l3 and .the upright member 14 are both shown as round. Any desired shape may be given to either the table-like member or the upright member, and they need nothave the same shape, in a display device made according to my invention.

The table-like members Ill and 53 may be supported in any suitable manner. One simple method is to make the table-like members it and it each part of a box-like member having sides, respectively, l5 and it. The lower ends of the upright. members are supported in any suitable manner, a simple construction being for the upright members to extend through the table-like members it and it to the plane comprising the lower edges or the sides Eli and it,

1935. Serial Ne. 2am (01. 211-49) respectively, so that the upright members may rest on the same support as do the sides l5 and It.

I preferably provide means to preventtilting of the upright members, and for the modification of Fig. 1 I may have within the box-like member, comprised of the parts l0 and i5, crossed sheets or plates ll forming cells, within one of which, preferably the centermost, the upright'member ll fits. I prefer to have the height of the sheets or plates ll somewhat less than the height of the sides it? so that the table-like member ll] may rest thereon somewhat below the tops of the sides 85, thus leaving a ledge 18.

For the device of Fig. l, the members ll mutually support each other, and with this in view, I provide alternate slots I9, 20, for the purpose of coordinating the members in the usual manner to form the cells.

For the device of Fig. 2, I may provide one or more circular members 2| having registering openings therein, through which the upright member It projects, the bottom thereof being inthe plane of the lower edge of the side It. Radially located pieces 22 may be provided to prevent slipping of the members H;

and for interfitting the members 2! and 22 with each other, the members 2| are provided with. slots 23- and the members 22 are provided with slots 24.

It is desired to place my display stands in stores where the customers may see them and where the customers serve themselves with the articles they desire to purchase and/or where they are served by store attendants. On Fig. 5, I 'show my invention in use on the floor of a store." This store may, if desired, be provided with the usual counters 25, on which any desired merchandise may be placed, and my display device may be located at any convenient point. The merchandise articles 26, which are to be sold by my device, are stacked on the tablelike member and about the upright member and within the confines of the ledge thereon, which is preferably used although it is understood that it may be omitted.

People within the store and especially customers at times accidentally brush. or bump against the stack of articles and there is thus some chance of upsetting the stack, but this is minimized to a great degree by the upstanding member ll, which acts as a support or stop in case the articles are pushed and this is also helped to some extent by the ledge it.

My invention may be built of any desired material, but with a view to economical production, I prefer to make it of cardboard. My invention attracts the eye of the purchaser by its unusual features and/or position within the store, and is thus particularly adapted for increasing sales.

While I have shown and described various details, yet it is understood that these may be varied without departing from the spirit of the invention the scope of which is, defined in the appended claims.

Having described my invention, what I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is 1. A display stand comprising a box-like base and an upright column, said base having an interior reinforcing member of cellular structure and said column being supported by said reinforcing member to retain it in a vertical position, said reinforcing member supporting a top for the base upon which articles to be displayed may be arranged in superposed horizontal rows encircling said column.

2. A display stand comprising a box-1ike base and an upright column, said base having an interior reinforcing member of cellular structure and said column being supported by said reinforcing member to retain it in a vertical position, said reinforcing member terminating short of the top edge of the box-like base, and a top member for the base resting on the reinforcing member whereby a horizontal row of articles to be displayed will be retained on the top by the upper edges of the boxlike base in a position encircling the column and with sufficient rigidity to support similar rows of articles superimposed.


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