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Publication numberUS2064035 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1936
Filing dateMay 24, 1935
Priority dateMay 24, 1935
Publication numberUS 2064035 A, US 2064035A, US-A-2064035, US2064035 A, US2064035A
InventorsEugene Rynearson
Original AssigneeEugene Rynearson
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Amusement apparatus
US 2064035 A
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Dec. 15, 1936. E. RYNEARSON AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Filed May 24, 1955I 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 @Eamon y mvENToR Dec. l5, 1936.A E. RYNEARsoN 2,064,035

AMUSEMENT APPARATUS Filed May 24, 1935 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 ETLIL El E..

INVENTOR l\ QQ Q "ATTORNEY Patented Dec. 15, 1936 UNETE Application May 24,

3 Claims.

This invention relates to amusement apparatus'and it has particular reference to an apparatus of interest to both adults and children and is capable of submergence in water.

The principal object ofthe invention is to provide in an apparatus of the character specied, a plurality of carriages of a construction similar to submarines, spaced around a circle and movably disposed in a circular channel containing water to a predetermined level.

Another object of the invention is to provide means disposed relative to the submergible carriages for controlling the movements thereof and particularly for the purpose of effecting an .undulating or an alternating submergence Yand emergence of the vessel from'the Water. Moreover, the invention provides for the advancement of the vessels in their circular course within the channel during submersionof theY carriages cr Vessels for the purpose specified which is of simple construction and which vis of necessity7 substantially water tight and provided with port holes thro-ugh which passengers may View submarine life purposely provided by the invention in the water of the channel. These vessels are likewise provided, as one of the elementary features of the invention, With a medium of safety in the nature of a conningk tower which ordinarily remains above the surface of the water and through which the passengers Vmay be supplied with the necessary air and likewise affording a means of escape in cases of emergency, should the driving mechanism become impaired or inoperative while the vessel is submerged.

Broadly, the invention comprehends the provision of an amusement apparatus comprising a submergible vessel capable of up and down control motion as Well as circular motion with a water lled channel, whose floor and walls are artificially decorated with caves, grottoes and submarine life such as iish and vegetable growths of interest to the passengers viewing the same from the vessel during submergence.

With the foregoing objects as paramount, the

invention has particular reference to its salient features of construction and arrangement of parts which will become manifest as the description proceeds, taken in connectionv with the accompanying drawings, in (which:-

' Figure 1 is a perspective view of a circular channel showing therein a series of vessels constructed according to the invention and disposed in spaced relationship.

Figure 2 is an elevational View of one of the 1935, Serial No. 23,327

vessels withportions Vbroken away to show. the.,

interior thereof.

Figure 3 is atransverse section on .lines 3 3,v

Figure 6Y is a fragmentary View in perspective i ofthe driving mechanism, andV Y Figure 7 is a Vform of worm vand gearV drive for the driving'shaft and wheel shown in Figure 5.

Continuing with a more detailed description of the drawings, I designates an outer, perpendicular wall and 2, an inner wall defining a channel 3 which is filled with water to a predetermined level.

This channel may be of any.

STATES PATENT OFFICE imparting advancing i movement V shapeV but preferably circular for all practical purposes. Within the confines of the channel 3 is an island 4 shown particularly in Figure l.

Obviously, the island i may be beautiiied by planting suitable shrubbery, and flowers thereon and by`landscaping to lendl to the appearance ofthe apparatus or possibly to aid in simulating the natural surroundings and to remove the appearance of anarticial arrangement. The inner wall 2 has an annular recess therein at a point spaced from the top thereof and extends the entire distance. At spaced intervals withinthis recess Vis a series of perpendicular shafts B, as shown in Figures 4 to 6 inclusive and situated von each of these shafts; is a pair of `spacedV sheaves or pulleys. 1: are conventionally grouped to conceal the upper and lower chains 8 and 9 respectively. VThe chain 8 is endless and surrounds the upper group of sheaves l while the lower chain 9 is likewise endless and encircles the lower group of sheaves but 'functions as vthe drivingY chain and in thisl connection reference is made to Figure 6 which shows a driving sheave IE! mounted on a vertical.

shaft II, the lower end of which shaft is jour- These sheaves naled in a suitable bearing, not shown, in the Y the recess I3 and which recess allows for the extension of the drive shaft II to the surface.

A worm gear I3 is mounted onv the shaft II `and engages a worm I4 carried by the power shaft I5. It is not considered necessary to show a power plant for imparting rotation to the power shaft I4 since this may be of any conventional design but it is understood that power thus applied will rotate the worm gear I3, shaft II, main drive sheave I0 and consequently the chain 9, which is the drive chain. In so imparting movement to the drive chain 9, the several vertical shafts B are rotated to impart rotation to2 the sheaves 1 fixed to the shafts 6. Obviously, the upper chain 8 is moved and since this chain is connected at IB, as shown in Figures 3 and 4, at spaced intervals to the several vessels or submerged carriages II, these vessels will be moved progressively through the water in the channel 3.

Before entering into a description of the vessels per se, it will be understood that while a chain drive is shown, any suitable method may be employed for bringing about progressive movement or for pulling the vessels through the water of the channel, the chain drive being ,merely suggestive of a suitable mechanical means which will effect this purpose.

The vessels I'I are each constructed of a material which will resist the effects of water and are of course, sealed against the ingress of water and as a safety factor, a device I 8, suggestive of or simulating a conning tower of a submarine, is arranged on the top of each vessel. This tower is not intended to be wholly submerged in the water and affords a means for entrance and egress into and from the vessel of the passengers and likewise provides the interior of the vessel with the necessary air, it .being observed that a suitable cover I9 is provided together with a ladder 2i! as shown in Figure 2. lSuitable seats 2I are arranged conveniently within the vessel alongside which is a series or" port holes or observation windows 22. It is preferred that each of the vessels be provided with a spot light 23 in order that the passengers or occupants may be availed of suitable illumination to enable them to view the marine life within the water of the channel 3, whether real or articial.

It is intended that the water of the channel be stocked with a. desirable number of fish and other marine life, capable of subjection to the coniinement as well as vegetable matter. The outer wall of the channel is preferably provided with a series of caves or grottoes 2A which may be filled with interesting subjects and suitably illuminated.

As a further means for lending entertainment to the apparatus, the vessels are arranged for alternate submergence and emergence, which may be referred toas an undulating motion, combined with progressive movement thereof through the water of the channel. This movement is obtained mechanically and is therefore controllable by the provision of an undulated track 25, secured to the floor 26 of the channel 3. The track 25 is hanged at both its upper and lower surface, the upper surface being indicated at a. A U-shaped member or clevis 2l is suspended by a chain 28 beneath either end of each of the vessels II and each of these members 21 is provided with a pair of rollers 29 which engages the underside of the flange of the track or rail 25.

The buoyancy of the vessel is such as to exert a normal lift thereto in order to maintain the desired stability, but as the vessels are advanced along the channels or therearound as the case may be, the peculiar construction of the rail 25 contrains the vessels to move downwardly and upwardly, in accordance with the curvature of the track. Thus the undulated motion or alternate submersion and emersion of the vessel is eiectively obtained but at no time, unless otherwise provided for, will the towers I8 be entirely submerged.

In event of emergency, such for example as the rendering ino-perative of the driving mechanism or the infiltration of water, during submergence of the vessels or otherwise, it is simply necessary to raise the closure I9 of the tower I8 and permit the passengers to leave the vessel by means of the ladder 2D and provide a suitable bridge from the vessel to the shore, and there will be little likelihood of any danger to the passengers or even to their wearing apparel by any such accident.

It will be understood that the invention is not limited to any particular shape or design of channel nor to the construction of the vessel and that changes and alterations may be made from time to time as fall within the meaning and scope of the appended claims without departing from the spirit and intent of the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. In a submarine amusement apparatus, an endless water-filled channel, having grottoes in its walls and provided with an undulating oor, an endless track partially embedded in the floor of said channel and having a T-shaped protuberance, a buoyant, submergible vessel arranged in said channel, means flexibly suspended from the bottom of said vessel for movably embracing the T-shaped protuberance of said track, whereby to control the vertical movements of said vessel in accordance with the undulations of said track, and means for propelling said vessel around said channel.

2. In a submarine amusement device, a waterlled, circular channel having an undulated floor, a track aflixed to said floor to follow the undulations thereof, a buoyant passenger vessel normally suspended by the water in said channel, means depending from the bottom of said vessel for flexibly holding said vessel in operative engagement with said track and by which said vessel is caused to move vertically in accordance with the undulations in said track and means to transport said vessel in said channel.

SJAn amusement apparatus including a channel lled with water and having an irregular floor, a track secured to said floor to follow the irregularities thereof, a buoyant, submergible vessel arranged to carry passengers and disposed in the water of said channel, flexible means suspended from the bottom of said vessel and having roller engagement with said track whereby to control only the vertical displacement of said vessel in accordance with the irregularities of said track and means to propel said vessel along said track in said channel.


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U.S. Classification104/71, 104/73, 472/136
International ClassificationA63G3/06, A63G3/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63G3/06
European ClassificationA63G3/06