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Publication numberUS2064133 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1936
Filing dateMar 12, 1935
Priority dateMar 12, 1935
Publication numberUS 2064133 A, US 2064133A, US-A-2064133, US2064133 A, US2064133A
InventorsVon Schroeder Albrecht
Original AssigneeVon Schroeder Albrecht
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Hanger for handbags and the like
US 2064133 A
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Dec. 15, 1936. A, VQN SCHROEDER 2,064,133


Patented Dec. 15, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFlCE HANGER FOB. HANDBAGS AND THE LIKE Albrecht von Schroeder, Denver, Colo. Application March 12, 1935, Serial No. 10,672

.2 Claims.

It is the object of this invention to produce a hook or support of such construction that it can be readily carried in the handbag and which shall be so designed that it can be used for supporting the handbag from the edge of a table andwhich makes it possible fora woman to keep her handbag within sight and easy reach when seated at a table.

The improved support or hook that forms the subject of this invention will now be described in detail and for this purpose reference will be had to the accompanying drawing on which it has been illustrated in its preferred form and inwhich Figure l is a fragmentary perspective view of 'a card table showing a handbag supported from the edge thereof by the improved hook;

Figure 2 is a section through the edge of the table, taken on line 22, Figure l, and shows the hook in place thereon, the handbag being indicated by dotted lines:

Figure 3 is a section taken on line 3-3, Figure 2, but shows only a portion'of the hook; .and

Figure 4 is an edge elevation of the hook showing the same in folded position and ready to be inserted into the handbag.

In the drawing, reference numeral 5 designates the top of a table, which in Figure 1 has been shown as an ordinary card table provided with foldable legs 6. The hook I is formed from a wire or rod of any suitable material such as steel or brass, and whose surface may have any desirable finish such as nickel, silver or gold plating. The hook is so bent that it resembles, in a general way, the letter S, the upper loop 8 being quite large in comparison with the lower loop 9, all as shown in Figure 2. The end ill of loop 8 is directed downwardly and has its center in a plane :c-a: which passes through the center ll of the loop 9. End I0 is flattened and its sides lie in spaced planes perpendicular to the plane of the hook. End I0 is provided with an opening for the reception of the pivot pin 12. A plate l3, which may be either circular or oblong, is provided on its upper surface with two lugs or ears I that are spaced to receive the end It), and provided with openings for the reception of the pivot pin l2.

Plate II can be turned about pivot l2 from the position shown in Figures.2 and 3 to the position shown in Figure 4:11: the latter position the book can be said to be folded and can be easily put into the handbag or a pocket.

When the hook is to be employed for supporting a handbag or any other object, the plate I3 is turned from the position shown in Figure 4 to that shown in Figures 2 and 3, and the hook is put into position over the edge of the table in the manner shown in Figures 1 and 2. The flat surface of the plate engages the table top and prevents it from becoming scratched or marred. The under surface of the plate may have a covering l5 of rubber or felt if desired.

After the hook has been put into position, the handbag, designatedby numeral l6, may be hung by its handle ll from the loop 9. It will be seen from the drawing that the hook can swing about the axis of the pivot l2, but not in the opposite direction. The handbag can be supported in either closed or open position, and when it is open, the owner has ready access to it at all times, which is a great convenience.

After the hook has been used, it is removed and the plate l3 turned into the position shown in Figure 4, in which position it takes up very little space.

Although the hook is primarily intended to support handbags, it is evident that it can be era--v played for supporting any other articles such as clothing.

In the claims thewords upper and top" are employed to designate the end of the hook having the enlarged loop and the bottom or lower the end having the small loop 9.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A support comprising in combination, a hookportion of substantially S-shape, the upper loop being larger than the lower and adapted to extend over the edge of a table top, the lower loop serving as a hook to support an object, the end of the upper loop terminating in a portion whose axis extended intersects the lower loop, and

a plate attached to the end of the upper loop by a pivot that is perpendicular to the axis and lies in the plane of the hook-portion, said plate serving to contact with a supporting surface.

2. A support comprising in combination a hookthe hook-portion.


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