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Publication numberUS2065378 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1936
Filing dateDec 13, 1935
Priority dateDec 13, 1935
Publication numberUS 2065378 A, US 2065378A, US-A-2065378, US2065378 A, US2065378A
InventorsKling Fred E
Original AssigneeKling Fred E
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Structural shape
US 2065378 A
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Dec. 22, 1936. F. E. KLING 2,065,378

STRUCTURAL SHAPE Filed Dec. 13, 1955 1710975507: Faso E. KL/NG Patented Dec. 22, 1936 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFlCE 1 Claim.

This invention relates to structural shapes such as metallic I-beams, channels, and the like, and more particularly to those which are made from rolled metalstrip, or plates.

It is among the objects of the invention to provide a structural shape which is easy and economical to manufacture, extremely light in weight, andatlthe same time capable of supporting beams. l Another object is the provision of a structure of the class described which enables the transmission of a load resting on its top flange directly to the web, whereby transverse bending is eliminated.

The foregoing and further objects will be apparent after referring to the drawing, in which the single figure is an end elevation of the structural shape of the invention.

Referring more particularly to the drawing,

the numberal 2 designates the web of an H or I-beam which is of single thickness of metal strip, or plate, and the numeral 3 generally designates the integral flanges thereof.

The flanges 3 are formed in part of a pair of short angular portions 4 which are bent at substantially 45 from the ends of the web 2 in the same direction. -'A substantially wider portion 5 extends at substantially 45 from each of the short angular portions 4. The strip is bent back upon each of the portions 5 in such manner as to form an inside connecting loop 6. The portion of the strip which is bent back upon each of the portions 5 is more than three times the width of the latter, as shown at I. A portion 8 of the strip, which is substantially wider than the width of the portions 5, is bent from, and

back upon, each of the portions I, forming another inside connecting loop 9. The portions 8 of the strip being somewhat wider than the portions 5 provide extended edges l2 which are bent at substantially onto the side of the wb 2 which is opposite that from which the short angular portions 4 are bent. The ends of the angular portions 12 are bent into parallelism with the web 2, as shown at I3. The extremities of the ends I3 of the angular portions l2 are welded to the web 2, as shown at M, to provide a more rigid construction.

According to a preferred embodiment, the por- 10 tions 5 and 8 of the flanges 3 are welded to the portions 1, as shown at l5.

Due to the construction of the flanges 3 and the manner in which they are related to the web 2, a load is transmitted directly to the latter. 15

While I have shown and described one specific embodiment of my invention it will be understood that I do not wish to be limited exactly thereto, since various modifications may be made without departing from the scope of my inven- 20 tion, as defined by the following claim.

I claim:

A metallic beam formed from a single flat rolled section, said beam comprising a web portion and at least one flange portion, said web 2 portion being composed substantially entirely of a single thickness of metal, said flange portion being composed of a double thickness of metal and provided with hollow edge portions, the web portion of said beam adjacent to said flange be- 0 ing composed of a double thickness of metal and forming with said flange a substantially vvshaped connecting portion, whereby said web portion will receive forces from said flange portion at points spaced from the center-line of said web portion, the legs of said substantially V-shaped connecting portion being welded together.


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U.S. Classification52/842
International ClassificationE04C3/04, E04C3/07
Cooperative ClassificationE04C2003/0421, E04C2003/0434, E04C2003/0452, E04C3/07
European ClassificationE04C3/07