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Publication numberUS2066503 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1937
Filing dateSep 24, 1935
Priority dateSep 24, 1935
Publication numberUS 2066503 A, US 2066503A, US-A-2066503, US2066503 A, US2066503A
InventorsWiggers Blanche E
Original AssigneeWiggers Blanche E
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Breast adapter
US 2066503 A
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Jan. 5, 1937. V W R 2,066,503

BREAST ADAPTER Filed Sept. 24, 1955 a Patented Jan. 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE nasssr ADAPTER Blanche E. Wiuers, Baltimore, Md. Application September 24, 1935, Serial No. 41,921: 2 (eta-267i a This invention refers to devices ior artificially Figure 3 is aphantom or perspective view or improving the appearance of the body, and parthe breast adapter. ticularly tor giving an artificial structure to the Figure 4 is a detail of the front view the bodyin and about the breasts of women; through false breast. i

5 the use oi a special type of breast adapter. It Figure 5 is a sideview of the depression insert has among its objects to provide a breast adapter used with the adapter. i

0! material 01' a nature having a natural resili- V Similar reference characters refer to similar ency, appearance and action: to have provision parts throughout the drawingtor ventilationand comfort, that can be readily The bodyoutline .in Figurel shows the upper 1 washed'and cleaned, yet be non-absorbent and portion of lmdl'flped D n with shoulders lasting; to be free from irritating eifects and and upp Mounted Over the b08011! injury tothe user; to have adjustability in several h fig i i br p r 20 h v n a 1818 directions and positions; to have arrangements breast 2 0f p i n n ent spon y rubber 1 laxgiving a filled-in structure for the breast porgive i natural resiliency in Every re t o 15 tion of the body after surgical incidents, and other It is Provided with a Small p 3 centrally 5- objects that will become apparent as the invenlocated to v i a ip e pp n It i on is r fully t g m, v pierced with passages 42in a general radial direc- Whileprovision has been made through th use tion to} provide for positive ventilation from the of b gs forms t give additional prominence t interior 5 to the exterior periphery 6. The intethe female breasts and an artistic rounding of P r ry 5 i pr vid d with a series of 2d the clothes of the wearer, such have in the past humps 1 that serve to l) the 8188 breast ra not been adaptable to take the place of bodily from the b dy; and a depr ssi Slot 3 is p injurles that have resulted in the removal of the Vided the nipple 0i the 11591. Th1B interim br m usc n flesh 1 t human body'mthe side of the false breast is concaved as shown.

vicinity of the chest. In this invention, provi- The exterior is convexed o th natural form or a 25 sion has been made to provide for a device that feminine breastwill take the place of a removed human breast T false breast is inserted and held in a cloth with its muscular structure ina natural and norenvempe 9 Pmvided with 111113 around the mal appearing manner. The 'muscle structure edges being arranged t0 Provide conventhat leads to the breast follows across the pec- 01191 and natural appearance under the dress- 30 toral plane of the body' towards the deltoidal The envelope has a string II for tying it i interconnections, and its removal brings about a ably across the bOdY- A strap attachment 1B sevemdepression extending from the lower base provided at the top of the envelope for connecline of the breast; upwardly and apexed towards with a similar Shmndel strap mwnted 5 the shoulder juncture. The conventional breast fabric or with depressi, insert This 5 form does not provide .tor the physical depresdepressmn insert is made in triangular mm m above t b t caused by the removal of and provided with a 881195 of hOI'iZOIltfil fl'fliB l the muscular structure and thus leaves a noticeresting each musemmely' able dent in the clothes at this portion of the The shiul-der aim!" suppms the Pew! 40 body In addition the usual term has a tendency portion l5 of depression insert and from thence o to prevent access of to the surface of the body is arranged to go over the shoulder or the user i and connect with the under-arm straps 25 that p T zgg 33 :535: 5: ig; 2:: hold on to the envelopes horizontally. The manp De ner of attaching is shown with snaps l6 spaced adequate ventilation. It enables the depressions to i 1 permit vertical and lateral adjustment, but

to covered and prevents the. pm 5191 a straps that permit tying without the use 0! metal rangement being made apparent or noticeable accessories may be used, in lieu meet under i cmumstances- The manner of attaching and using the device In the drawing which illustrates by way 0! exis apparent but, the particular use of thedeample. an emb dime of this invention: pression insert is where the muscular eu-uomre m t Figure 1 is aview of the breast adapter embodyhas been removed on the person and it is deing this invention shown in position on the outsirable to make some non-apparent when the line oi a body. person is dressed.. At the same time, the use 0! Figure 2 is e section through the adapter along this type or depression insert prevents any onthelineI-2otl'lzurei. v tresstotheuserandlt-avoldstheuseotaatnp The envelope used to contain the false breast is provided with a hemstitched border at II and' has a flap arranged to close over the inserted false breast and securely hold it in place, yet allow its removal for any purpose whatever with a slight manipulation. The frills on the depression insert, by overlapping, provide a suitable formed appearance and give a natural appearing movement to the dress. These parts enable the movements to take place in several directions while not allowing embarrassing displacements, giving a natural and proper appearance. The depression insert covers the depression mentioned and does not interfere with any tendency to ill] in by later growth of flesh about the same. It also avoids any possibility of being pinched in and undesirable chafing of any kind. The depression insert is washable. The cloth envelope over the spongy false breast conforms with the natural use of underwear against the body and can be treated in like manner to suit proper The straps can be taken 01! and separated distinctly from the other parts.

It is, of course, understood that this breast o it is appreciated that other forms might be used that would use the same principles and come within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is:-

1. An adapter for filling-in bodily depressions caused by the removal of female breast and pecthe member being adapted to cover the depression caused by the removal of breast bodily structure and rest softly on the periphery thereof, an envelope of fabric material arranged to receive and hold said member and adjustably position the same, and a depression insert of quasifrom the annular depressions to the exterior of the member and spaced away from each other, said member being arranged to span over the depression caused by the removal of a human breast on a body.


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