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Publication numberUS2066597 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1937
Filing dateJun 21, 1934
Priority dateJun 21, 1934
Publication numberUS 2066597 A, US 2066597A, US-A-2066597, US2066597 A, US2066597A
InventorsGeorge H B West
Original AssigneeElectric Storage Battery Co
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Terminal post assembly
US 2066597 A
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Jan. 5, 1937. G. H. B. WEST TERMINAL POST ASSEMBLY Filed June 21, 1934 WM. M 1 Z y Gear W14 aiented Jan. 5, 1937 to The Electric Storage Battery ompany,

Philadelphia, Pa., a corporation of New Jersey Application June 21,

2 Claims.

The object of my invention is .to prevent the creepage of the acid electrolyte of a storage battery onto that portion of the terminal to which the terminal clamp, or the inter-cell connecter,

is attached. For this purpose I provide a grease groove encircling the terminal post and containing grease, and provide, surrounding the top of the terminal post and within the grease groove and above the top of the cell cover, a bushing which is lead-burned to the terminal so as to provide an integral metal union between them.

Thus the creepage of acid is prevented along the top of the cell-cover by the grease, and along the terminal post from the interior of the cell by the lead-burning.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a vertical cross-section showing the parts in assembled position preparatory to lead 'burning or puddling.

Fig. 2 shows in vertical cross-section the completed device with a terminal clamp Ill attached.

Fig. 3 shows in vertical cross-section a modification of my device in which an inter-cell connection is used.

Fig. 4 shows in vertical cross-section the completed device according to the modification shown in Fig.3.

In those embodiments of my invention chosen for illustration in Figs. 1 and 2 of the drawing, 30 there is shown a plate group consisting of a strap I, adapted to be lead-burned or otherwise attached to a plurality of plates (not shown), which make up the positive or negative plates of one cell of a storage battery. Integral with strap I there is .provided a terminal post 2,. which projects through the cell-cover 3 which may be of rubber or like material. The cell-cover 3 has a bushing 4,, preferably of lead alloy although it may be made of other suitable material. Bush- 40 ing 4 is molded into or otherwise formed integral with cell-cover 3 and has flanges 5 on its outer surface to interlock with cell-cover 3. At its upper end, bushing 4 carries a. flange 6 having a grease groove 1 encircling the upstanding portion of the terminal post and of the bushing 4 surrounding the terminal post. Grease groove I is filled with grease, indicated at 8. Within grease groove I, bushing 4- has a spacer collar 9 against which the terminal clamp Ill rests, so 50 that the terminal clamp is held above the surface of the cell-cover and above the outer rim of grease groove 1, with the grease 8 interposed between them.

In assembly, the cell-cover 3, containing the bushing 4, is slipped over the terminal post 2, and the terminal post 2 and bushing 4 are lead- 1934, Serial No. 731,628

burned, or rendered integral, by puddling or depositing lead, indicated in Fig. 2 at H, between the bushing 4 and the terminal post 2. A mold M, shown in Fig. 1 in position for this operation, may be used. The bushing 4 and the terminal post 2 may be united in any other convenient manner if desired. It will thus be seen that creepage of the electrolyte along the top of the cell-cover 3 is prevented from reaching the terminal clamp Ill by the grease I. Also, creepage of electrolyte along the post 2, from the interior of the cell, is prevented from reaching the terminal clamp III by the lead-burned joint. indicated at M.

The modification shown in Figs. 3 and 4 is the same as that described above except that an inter-cell connecter I2 is placed about bushing 4 and terminal post 2 and is lead-burned or otherwise rendered integral with the bushing 4 and terminal post 2, as indicated at It.

I do not intend to be limited save as the scope of the prior art and of the attached claims may require. I claim:

1. A terminal post assembly, comprising in combination, a terminal post for a storage battery, a cell-cover surrounding said terminal post and through which said terminal post projects, a metal bushing embedded in said cell-cover and surrounding said terminal post and having an upstanding portion surrounding the projecting portion of said'terminal post and having in a horizontal surface of said bushing above the upper surface of said cell-cover. a grease groove encircling the projecting portion of said terminal post and the upstanding portion of said bushing, a spacer collar forming a horizontal surface on said bushing above and within said grease groove, 9. lead-burned joint uniting the upper end of said bushing and said terminal post, and grease in said grease groove. 2. A cell-cover assembly for an electric storage battery, comprising in combination, a cellcover of insulating material suitable for covering the top of a storage battery cell, a metal bushing fixedly embedded in said cell-cover; flanges on said bushing co-operating with said cell-cover to retain said bushing therein, a terminal post projecting through said bushing, a spacer collar forming a. horizontal surface on the outer surface of said bushing above said cell-cover, deposited metal uniting said bushing and said terminal post integrally together, and said bushing having a grease retaining ring therein surrounding said deposited metal and above the surface of said cell-cover.


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U.S. Classification429/178, 429/180, 439/485
International ClassificationH01M2/32
Cooperative ClassificationH01M2/32, Y02E60/12
European ClassificationH01M2/32