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Publication numberUS2070088 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 9, 1937
Filing dateMay 17, 1934
Priority dateMay 17, 1934
Publication numberUS 2070088 A, US 2070088A, US-A-2070088, US2070088 A, US2070088A
InventorsMontaruli Antonio
Original AssigneeMontaruli Antonio
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Radio cabinet
US 2070088 A
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Feb. 9, 1937 A. MQNTARULI 2,070,088


' inet having a radio Patented Feb 9, 1937 PATENT OFFICE RADIO CABINET Antonio Montaruli, Pontiac, Mich. Application May 17, 1934, Serial No. 726,117

2 Claims.

My invention relates to radio receiver cabinets and particularly to a cabinet embodying a radio receiver, light and jardlniere combined to form a compact, useful and Radio receivers have more or less ornamental device. been heretofore employed alone, being built in small cabinets 'which may be ornamental and a useful article such as a globe of the world and have the loud speaking element mounted therewithin.

Lights have been employed with the radio receivers for illuminating dials or separately therefrom but have not of themselves constituted an ornamental lighting device embodying a separate light source for illuminating purposes other than the radio receiver dial.

In practicing which is formed my invention, 1 provide a cabinet with a plurality of facets having transparent panels therein through which light from a source is emitted. The top facet of the cabinet is provided with a flower pot to form a jardiniere wherein growing or cut flowers may be disposed for ornamental purposes. A radio receiver chassis is mounted within the cabinet with the dial and indicator disposed on the panel on one of the lower facets of the device for the purpose of controlling the volume, tone and selection of the radio receiver in a well known manner.

A loud speaker is mounted cabinet, directed downwardly and spaced from a are provided in the case of the by legs to have the sound A switch or plurality of switches on a lower facet of the cabinet for controlling the flow of current to the radio receiver and the light, the circuits for which may be independent. The

flower pot is preferably made of non-porous material such as glass, glazed porcelain, synthetic moisture passing resins and the like to prevent therethrough and dropping upon the radio receiver chamis mounted within the cabinet.


the main objects of my invenreceiver chassis in the medial portion thereof and a loud speaker therebelow directed downwardly and supported on spaced legs; to provide a cabinethaving a plurality of facets some of which are provided with transparent panels pervious to light rays; to provide a cabinet ting panels flowers; and,

for a radio receiver with a receptacle for out or growing in general, to provide an ornamentalhaving light emitcabinet which embodies a radio receiver, a loud speaker, a lamp and a receptacle for flowers, all of which forms a compact unit which is serviceable and ornamental.

Other objects and features of novelty of my in- 5 vention will be either specifically pointed out or will become apparent when referring, for a better understandingof my invention, to the following description taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawing, wherein: m

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a radio receiver, a lamp and a flower cabinet embodying features of my invention,

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the cabinet illustra ed in Figfl,

Fig. 3 is a section of the structure illustrated in Fig. 2, taken on the line 3-3 thereof, and

Fig. 4 is an enlarged broken section of the structure illustrated in Fig. 1, taken on the line 4-4 thereof.

Referring to the figures, I have illustrated a combined radio receiver, lamp and flower cabinet which includes a base 6 having spaced projecting legs 1 forming openings 8 from which sound from a loud speaker 9 may pass. The base may be separate but preferably forms part of the upper 'paneling ll having an opening l2 at the bottom through which a radio receiver chassis l3 may be inserted and retained in fixed position by screws II. The chassis for the radio receiver preferably supports an electric lamp l5 which is connected to a suitable conductor I6 and to a switch l1. A service line I8 is connected to the switch having a plug IS on its outer end. The switch controls the flow of current to the lamp l5 and may also be connected by a conductor 2| in the radio receiver chassis l3 so that the operation of the switch l1 will cause current to flow to the radio receiver as well as to the lamp within the cabinet. Two switches may be utilized energized by the line l8, one for the radio receiver and one for the light, so that they may be individually operated.

A plurality of facets 22 are provided along the lower portion of the paneling I I while a plurality of facets 23 are provided on the upper portion thereof. The lower facets are preferably provided with vertical panels 24 formed by pressedin portions of the metal as more clearly illustrated in Figs. 1 and. 2. In one of the panels 24 the radio receiver control knobs 25 are mounted for regulating the volume, tone and selection of the radio receiver set, disposed in a position to be readily operated. An aperture 26 is provided in the panel 24 through which the radio receiver dial is visible and which may be illuminated by a separate light 21. The aperture 26 is preferably covered by a transparent panel 28, as illustrated in Fig. 3. Similar transparent panels 28 may be provided on other of the vertical panels 24, while transparent panels 29 may be provided thereabove on the facets 22 for the passage of light from the lamp I5.

In a similar manner, the facets 23 are provided with openings 3|, herein illustrated as heartshaped, although it is to be understood that any shape may be provided. The openings 3| are covered by a transparent panel 32 through which light from the lamp I is emitted. The panels 28, 29 and 32 may be entirely transparent or may be colored or patterned glass for ornamental purposes. The panels are retained in the cabinet by flanged portions, herein illustrated as Z- shaped strips 33 and are retained at the top by a clip 34.

The top facet 35 of the device is provided with a downwardly flanged opening 36 for supporting a flower pot 31 which, as pointed out hereinabove, is preferably made of glass glazed porcelain, molding composition or rust proof metal, for the purpose of preventing moisture from passing from the pot to the inside of the cabinet. The pot 31 forms a receptacle for out or growing flowers and adds furthed ornamentation to the cabinet.

While I have illustrated particular forms and shapes of the facets and their disposition relative to each other, this, it is to be understood,

is only for the purpose'of illustration and that in the broad aspects of the invention, any shape of facets may be utilized which are joined together to provide a closed structure in which openings may be provided covered by transparent or translucent panels for the emission of light. The under side of the pot 31 may be constructed of a particular shape and material to deflect light from the source l5 directly through the panels. The pot functions in this manner as a reflector for concentrating and directing the light rays through the openings. The outer surface of the facets and other portions of the cablnet may be painted in a. desired manner or may be plated or a combination of plating and painting may be employed, as is well known in the art and which is desirable for ornamental purposes.

While I have described and illustrated but a. single embodiment of my invention, it will be apparent to those skilled in the art that various changes, omissions, additions and substitutions may be made therein without departing from the spirit and scope of my invention as set forth in the accompanying claims.

I claim as my invention:

1. In combination, a cabinet having enclosing walls on all sides, a radio receiver chassis supported within the cabinet intermediate the top and bottom of the latter, a radio loudspeaker supported within the cabinet and immediately below said chassis, said loudspeaker being directed downwardly, said walls at points below the loudspeaker being adapted to permit egress of sound, and said walls at points above said chassis having transparent portions, a top for said cabinet, said top having an opening therein, and a removable closure member associated with said opening.

2. Means for combining a radio, lamp and flower pot, comprising a unitary rigid cabinet enclosed on all sides and the top and open at the bottom, means intermediate the top and bottom of the cabinet for supporting a radio chassis and source of light, means immediately below said first named means for supporting a downwardly directed loudspeaker, apertures in the side walls of said cabinet below said second means, transparent windows in the side walls of said cabinet above said first named means, and an aperture in the top of the cabinet adapted to removably receive a flower pot.


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