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Publication numberUS2071850 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1937
Filing dateMar 18, 1935
Priority dateMar 18, 1935
Publication numberUS 2071850 A, US 2071850A, US-A-2071850, US2071850 A, US2071850A
InventorsElliot A Miller
Original AssigneeElliot A Miller
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Garment storage bag
US 2071850 A
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Feb. ER


fLL/OT 4/7/44 ER BY I ATTORNEYS Patented Feb. 23, 1931 UNITED {STATES PATENT OFFICE GARMENT s'romonniio Elliot A. Millen New York; N. Y. A plication March is, 1935. Serial No. 11,555

2 Claims.

which are intimately bonded together and provided with a surfacing upon the-inner ply thereof of a hardened oil or fat applied thereto when in a heated or melted condition so as to penetrate the fibers of the inner ply and to form a coating or skin upon the surface thereof to therebyv render the bag resistant to air'and moisture.

The inventionfurtherresides in a garment bag of the character set forth having a coating on the inner surfaceiof the inner ply, of a hardened oil or fat such as an hydrogenated oil which forms a skin thereover. that adheres firmly tothe surface thereof, does not peel or flake ofl, nor re"- .aJct with the fumes of moth repellents or insecticides within the container and which coating also functions to seal the fumes within the bag.

The invention also resides in the combination of a laminated garment bag of the indicated character and a receptacle. carried by-and located within the bag containing a volatile material for emitting into thebag insect repellent and insecticide fumes, the innermost lamination of the bag being such that his impervious to and does not chemically react with the fumes given off by the volatile material. g

- The invention further contemplates a garment storage bag having .aicoating applied thereto of the indicated character which will not stain or injure the garments or other articles in the ba and which bag may beinexpensively produced.

In the drawingw Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a garment has constructed in accordance with the invention, with the mouth, in open condition .to disclose the coated inner surface thereof.

Fig. 2 is an enlarged cross sectional yiew taken approximately on line 2 -2 of Figf 1.

Referring to the drawing by characters of reference, Ill designates agarment storage bag whichis composed of an outer ply ll, of a heavy craftf paper; and an inner ply l2 of 4 la velythin and flexible paper such asrrl elinner ply I2 is intimately bonded to theouter ply and-is impregnated'with a hardened oil or fat such as an hydrogenated oil which renders the paper resistant to air andmoisture.

The innerrply i2 is pretreated with the hydrogenate'd oil before the same is bonded to the outer ply and this may be effected by subgecting the inner surface of the inner ply to a heated and melted bath of thehydrogenated oil after, which the ply is passed between pressure rollers which effects a penetration of the hydrogenated oil into the fibers of the paper while allowinga sufflcient quantity of the oil to remain, on one surface thereof to form a coating or'skin. The inner ply thus treated is impregnated with the hydrogenated oil and has a coating or skin i3 thereof on one surface of the ply which firmly adheres m thereto and does not peel or flake off so as to render the same impervious to air, moisture and fumesof moth repellents and-insecticides, while the opposite surface-of the said ply is uncoatedv or substantially free of the' hydrogenated oil.

The inner ply is bonded. to the outer ply to form therewith a laminated structure, the uncoated surface of the-inner ply being disposed against the outer ply and coated over its entire bond the outer ply thereto. The uncoated surface of the inner ply being free of the hydrogenated oil, readily absorbs the cement or adhesive so that the same will adherethroughout surface with a cement or adhesive to thoroughly its entire surface to -the 'outer.ply. 'I'h'e laminatd structure thus-formed is made into garment'bagssuch asthe garment bag ill, with the coated surface l3 of the inner ply being disposed innermost so that the fumes of the moth repellent or insecticide within the container contacts with the hydrogenated oil coating upon the inner ply. This coating does notreact with' nor is it afiectedby' the usual moth repellent or insecticides such as naphthaline, cedar oil or paradichlorobenzene.

The bag l0 has thefree edges cf thelaminated Paper body folde'd inwardly upon itself 'asat it to provide a finished edge. A foraminous pocket It is provided and mounted within the bag for holding a supply of moth repellent or insecticide such as naphthaline; cedar oil or paradichlorobenzene for emitting fumes or vapors thereof.

What is claimed is:

1: In a garment storage bag, a bag body composed of inner and outer plies of paper, said in; ner ply being pressure impregnated with an hydrogenated oil and formed with a coatin thereof on the inner exposed surface of said ply to render the body resistant to air and moisture; 2; In a garment storage bag, a laminated bag body composed of inner-and outer plies of paper,

said inner plysbeing pressure impregnated with an hydrogenated oil and formed with a coating- "thereof on the inner exposed surface of. the-said pill; the oppositesurface of the said. innerjply be in substantially free of said hydrogenated oiland bonded'over its said opposite surface tothe outer ply by an adhesive.

armor A.

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Cooperative ClassificationA47G25/54, Y10S206/819
European ClassificationA47G25/54