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Publication numberUS2072183 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1937
Filing dateDec 30, 1935
Priority dateDec 30, 1935
Publication numberUS 2072183 A, US 2072183A, US-A-2072183, US2072183 A, US2072183A
InventorsRentchler Frances A
Original AssigneeRentchler Frances A
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Sun mask
US 2072183 A
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March 2, 193.7. F. A. RENTCHL'ER SUN MASK Filed Dec. 30, 1935 INVENTOR Patented Mar. 2, 1937 UNITED, STATES PATENT OFFICE Frances A. Rentchlcr, Mamaroneck, N. Y.

Application December so, 1935, Serial No. 56,644

This invention relates to an eye shield of the general nature of a mask for protecting the eyes of a user from sun glare or the like.

More particularly, the present invention re- 5 lates to an eye protecting mask having water resistant attributes, and thus is adapted for use in many types of sports as forinstance swimming, inclusive of beach wear, skiing, and like activities.

10 The present invention has as its primary objects the provision of -a shield for the eyes" that will:-

1. Minimize the glare of sunlight or other brilliant light, direct and/orrefiectedfwhile still 15 permitting adequate vision;

2. Provide a comfortable fitover the eyes only of the user thereby to prevent unsightly portions on the face as it becomes gradually tanned after long, continued use at the seashore;

20 3. Employ in its manufacture material which is substantially indestructible during use of the device;

4. Be adaptable for embodiment in a wide variety of ornamental forms harmonizing in color 25 and configuration with the costumes worn in various sport and like activities;

5. Possess physical characteristics capable of withstanding strenuous use in sport and the like activities, inclusive of exposure to the elements,

30 such as water, wind, snow, etc.

Embodiments of the present invention are preferably wholly water resistant, flexible, and substantially indestructible during use, and for this purpose may be formed from sheet rubber,

35 rubberized fabric, or the like. Such embodiments are therefore adapted for beach wear or for wear when the user is exposed to the elements, as while skiing or engaging in like outdoor activities.

40 The device comprises a mask-like portion including two eye members integrally interconnected by a nose bridge. Each eye member is configurated to conform to an eye socket ofa wearer of the device, being concave-convex to provide 45 for eyelash extension and movement, the defining edges of the concavo-convex formation being adapted to engage the face of the wearer of the device proximate the eyebrows and the cheek bones. The mask-like portion is secured in place 5 by suitable fastening means, as for instance by a strap or cord encircling the upper part of the head. Desirably the mask-like portion is contoured according to the general formation of the part of the head around which it is to fit, and

5 further, has eye openings therein for afiording adequate visibility therethrough with a minimum exposure of the eyes to the direct and/or reflected rays of the sun or other source of glare, the openings for such purpose being in the form of narrow slits or the like. 5

Further features and objects of the present invention will be apparent from the following detailed description and the accompanying drawing in which:

Fig. 1 shows one embodiment of the invention in place over the eyes of a user engaged in out door activity, such as swimming.

Fig. 2 is a front elevation of the embodiment shown in Fig. 1 on an enlarged scale.

Fig. 3 is a vertical section taken on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2, shown applied in use.

,Fig. 4 is a detail front elevation of another embodiment of the present invention.

Referring to the drawing, and particularly to Figs. 1, 2, and 3, at In is shown a sun-mask or eye-shield, embodying features of the present invention. The sun-mask or eye-shield Ill is indicated as formed of a material resistant to water and having the qualities of flexibility or pliability, and toughness, and yet having sufficient body to retain substantially its original configuration imparted in the production of the device. Preferably the material employed is sheet rubber, or rubberized fabric of sufficient, thickness and proper pliability and/or flexibility to impart the desired permanence of structure and also comfort to the user.

The material may be cut to provide an integra blank having a contour of the nature of an eyemask, and including means for retaining the completed article in place on the face of the user.

The mask like portion preferably takes the shape illustrated having the eye members II and I2 connected by the nose bridge l3; the members II and I2 are of an area sufilcient to cover the eye sockets of a wearer of the device, and are limited in extent proximate the eyebrows and the cheek bones.

The holding means may comprise the straps l4 and [5, extending integrally from respective lateral sidespf the mask portion.

The blank may then be subjected to a, vulcanizing forming treatment to shape it in accord with the general contour of the facial area at the location of application of the device, advantageously during this forming operation the bulge formation [6, Fig. 3, is provided in each of the cover members II and I2, to accommodate the mask to eyelash extension, and to the movements of the eyelash while opening and closing the eyes.

. shown at I8.

Openings of desired total area, configuration, slat, etc., are so positioned in the eye members II and 12 as to be in convenient registry with the eyes proper when the mask is in use. These openings may take a variety of forms consistent with their function of affording adequate visibility therethrough while at the same time excluding a substantial quantity of the glaring rays of light. The slits i9 and 20, shown. in Fig. 2, serve as an example of a practical type of light opening, indicating extent of total area, conflgu-Z ration, slant and/or location of openings relative to the eye center, etc.

In Fig. 4 is illustrated another embodiment of the invention wherein the mask portion 2| of the device formed, as before described, is retained in position when in use, by holding means such as elastic cord 22, shown separably attached thereto. Such cords 22 may extend continuously from one side of same to the other, the elasticity of the cords allowing for varying head sizes. The slits 23, in the embodiment shown in Fig. 4 are another example of the shape, size, location, etc. of openings of practical advantage.

Due to the inherent nature of the material that may be used in embodiments of my invention, a wide range of decorative effects may be attained in connection with sport attire or the like in addition to the distinctly practical advantages resulting from water and weather resisting attributes while the device is performing the primary function of protecting the eyes of the user from the glare of the sun during outdoor activities.

Essential features of the invention may be had 2,078,188 In the stage of final assembly, fastening in a variety of embodiments with respect both to the material used and to the structural characteristics of the resulting device, the embodiments heretofore set out being merely specific examples of preferred forms.

Thus, a normally transparent material such as a cellulose acetate plastic in sheet form might be utilized for the mask-like portion of the device, the same being, rendered translucent or opaque. as'for instance by impressing color and/or ornamental design, thereon, except for areas corresponding to the slits I! and 2|! as in Fig. 2, or the slits 23 as in Fig. 4, or their equivalent, which are retained in a transparent state to provide the desired degree of visibility.

Whereas, I have described my invention by reference to specific forms thereoffit will be understood that many changes and modifications may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention as defined in the following claim.

I claim:

A device for shielding the eyes, comprising a mask-like portion having two eye members and a nose bridge integral with the two eye members and interconnecting the same, each of said eye members being configured to substantially conform to an eye socket of the wearer for shielding the eye with a minimum of facial coverage, and further being concave-convex to engage, along its edges, the face of a wearer proximate the eyebrows and the cheek-bones and for affording clearance for eyelash extension and movement; the said mask-like portion consisting of wholly integral, flexible, water resistant material; slit openings, very small in total area compared to the total area of the eye members, disposed in the respective eye members for registry with the eyes of a wearer; and means for-securing the mask-like portion in place over the eyes of a wearer.


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