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Publication numberUS207256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1878
Publication numberUS 207256 A, US 207256A, US-A-207256, US207256 A, US207256A
InventorsSb Ymoub Crane
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Improvement in brushes
US 207256 A
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UurrnnSimms-PATENT l SEYMOUR cnnnnor Darmon, .MAssAcnUsErrs,


Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 207,256, datedlA11gust20,-187Sf; application led May 22, 1871:?.

To all whom it may Be it known that I, SEYMOUR CRANE, of Dalton, in the county of Berkshire and VState Ot' Massachusetts, have `invented. a-new `and usefullin'provement in Brushes for Mucilage, Varnish, and other Substances, of which the followingis a description, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, forming part of this specification,

This invention consists in a brush composed of a stem withattached tuft, a sheath loosely y iuclosing the stem, and a spring applied to thestem and sheath to force the latter outward, whereby the tuft is brought within the sheath when the spring is released, and is projected beyond it when the spring is compressed.

A mucilage-brush thus constructed renders unnecessary any wiping of the brush on the4 mouth of the cup to clear it, and so avoids objectionable accumulation of gum around or about said mouth; likewise does away `with irregular spreading, of the bristles, and prevents the brush taking up any excess of mucilage. F i V l These and'2 oth'er advantagesl not only per- 'i tain to the' brush when used for lnucilage, but

also when usedv for varnish and various other substances.

Figure l'represents a longitudinal exterior view .of a brush constructed in accordance with'my invention; and Figs. 2 and 3, longitudinal sections of the same in planes at right anglesto each other, and showing, respectively, the tuft of the brush as drawn wit-hin j the shield and as extended Vbeyond it.. Figi 4 is a vertical section of a mucilage cup or bottle of: peculiar construction, and lin connection i wlth which my improved brush can be used to great advantage.

The brush proper consists of a stem, A,

which maybe of wood, as usual,a tuft, B, of4

hair or bristles at one end of said stem, and a cap, b, at the head or other end thereof.4 C is atubular metal or other sheath, arranged to freely inclose the stem for the greater portion of its length, and preferably made with a iiat- Y tened outer extremity, c, to give' a flattened or spread form to the tuftB, which, when requiring to be used, is projected through it, and to form a clearer to the tuft'. D is a spring, attached at its one end yto theinner extremity of the sheath, and to' the capl b at its otherend, or otherwise applied to the vstem and sheath, to force the 4latter outward, or, in other words, to draw the tuft within the sheath, as shown in Figs. 1 and 2, but which spring, when compressed by the ngerapplied to the cap b,

serves to project the tuft through and beyond the outer extremity c of the sheath, as shown in Fig. 3. j

The mucilagc cup or bottle which I prefer to use in connection with the brush, and which I propose to make the subject ot aseparate application for Letters Patent, mainly consists of an outer reservoir or chamber, E, and a 1 well, F, to which the mucilage, that is supplied to the'reservoir by a duct, d, is admitted in small quantities, as required, by bearing down with the'outer extremity, e, of the sheath of 'Y the brush on a valvular bottom, G, to the well, closed by a spring', e.

\ Such a cup or bott-le I prefer, inasmuch as v it avoids smearing the brush-stem or its sheath,

with gum, as when dipping the brush into a full cup or bottle, as ordinarily constructed; but the brush may bc used in connection with any mueilage cup orbottle.

After the 'well F has been charged with a i working quantity of mucilagc, as desired, the

finger is applied to the cap b of the brush, to

project the tuft B through the mouth ofthe outer extremity, c, ofthe sheath, to take up the clearer to the tuft. Furthermore, the sheath not only acts asa clearerA of the tuft, but it keeps the latter in form and prevents all irregular straggling or spreading of the hairs or bristles; likewise prevents excess of gum being taken up by the brush, and operates as a regulator of the supply, thereby |doing awa f with that objectionable accumulation of gum.

l vbout the lmouth, of the cup or bottleiwuhieh is and aI spring applied to the stem `und sheath, l caused byywiping oion' said mouth surplus essentially as and for the purpose or purposes gum taken up by the brush. described. p

y I claim-,- Y. Y SEYMOUR CRANE.

A brush composed of a stem with attached Witnesses: A tuft, a sheath loosely inelosng the stem, and T. J. KEANE, receiving the Ytuft when not in` use within it, ALFRED BURHORN.,

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