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Publication numberUS2074121 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1937
Filing dateAug 11, 1936
Priority dateAug 11, 1936
Publication numberUS 2074121 A, US 2074121A, US-A-2074121, US2074121 A, US2074121A
InventorsGoodyear William H
Original AssigneeG R Kinney Co Inc
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US 2074121 A
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Mrch 1.6, 1937'.4

w. H. GooDYEAR SHOE Filed Aug. 11, 1936 meme is, i931 snor:`

William H. Goodyear, Carlisle, Pa., 'assignor to G.' RJ. Kinney Co., Inc., New York, N. Y., va corporation of New York Application August r1, 193s, serial No. 95.403

y2 claims.' (ci, :sc-zz) The present invention relates to shoes. o More specifically, the invention Arelates to insoles for shoes of the Goodyear welt-type which, as in common '-practice. embody a. lip cut from '.5 the material of the insole and Ato which the welt Vand `upper ofthe shoe are secured by suitable stitching. I

In welt shoes as at presentconstructed the insoles. include a lip or shoulder projecting downwardly from the sole inward of the margin thereof and extending around the" insole from points adjacent the forward edgeof the heel. Inf such insole constructions the spaeewithin the lip -from adjacent Athe shank of the insole to the toe thereof is filled with a plastic composition which, when dry, becomes hard and iim While these insoles well satisfy the"require ments of foundations for shoes of thewelt type, nevertheless they have been found objectionable y from the standpoint o f iiexibility and comfort of theshoes, due to the substantial rigidity ofthe insoles arising -from the continuous marginal lip, the hard composition filler, and the imperforate "insole body. f p Accordingly, a primary object ofthe present invention ist/he provision of an insole construe; tion for welt shoes,whereby the-above notedobjections are overcome. A

' `Other objects-and advantages of the .inven tion will become apparent as the description pro-` "I'he invention will vnow be described in connection with the accompanying drawing, wherein' is Vdisclosed a preferred embodiment of the im proved insole constructiomand wherein-like reference characters designate like parts.

In the drawing, I e Figurel is'a bottoml perspective viewo a preferred form-of my insole constructiomthe lining 40 and ller being omitted in this view;

. Figure 2 .is abottom plan view of the cornpleted insole; yand n A Figure 3 is a transverse section through a shoe at a position/.indicated byline 3-3 in Figure 2 andrshowing the relation betweenA my improved insole, the outsole, welt, and upper. l

Referring to the drawing, the lettervA desigfnates my improved insole which is constructed from any suitable material and which includes 5o a body portionJ which, as in usual practice, is

. provided with aflj I l-adaent the margin thereof. The lip may be provided in any desired manner, but preferably by cutting the body` portion III on each side of the lip, turning the cut oi portions outward and cementing them together.

Jwelt W.

In order to render the completed insole highly flexible and to provide in cooperation with the other associated elements a shoe of maximum comfort the insole is completed as follows'. 'I'he body portion I0 intermediate the shank and toe ,thereof and preferably ata position adjacent the ball ofthe foot ofa wearer is provided with a 'multiplicity of perforations II2 which may b@ of various sizes and which are relatively close to provide maximum ilexibility. Furthermore, the lip -\II is slashed at each side of the insole opposite the perorations as 'is indicated at I3 to` create a hinged effect and whereby the lip will not interfere with the desiredy flexibility as it has in prior constructions;

The 'insole' -within the confines of the lip II is provided with a suitable fabric reinforcing I4, and the space within the lip from` adjacent the shank to the toe is iilled with a felt layer I5 'which replaces the hard and ilrm plastic composition heretofore employed in insoles of this type.

`The improved construction herein disclosed provides an insole which possesses maximum ilexibility adjacent the ball 'of the foot of a wearer,

and. thefunction of such insole as afoundation' forGoodyearl welt shoes is maintained, as can -readily be seen upon 'inspection 'of Figure 3.

In said Figure v3 my improved insole is illus` trated in a completed. Goodyear weltsh'oe 'and wherein, in accordance with usual practice, the shoe upper U and the`\welt W are stitehedjto'the lip I l,whereupon theoutsole O is stitched to the Thus'it will be 'seen from Figures that the improved insole will not only provide a highly flexible shoe, but.- in addition thereto, the felt filler I5 disposedbetween the insole and the out' sole will 'provide a substantial cushion and the apertures I2, together with the felt layer I5, will provide ventilation whereby maximum comfortl will be experienced by wearers of shoes con. structed in accordance with my invention.

It'is to be understood that the form of my iiivention herein disclosed is to be considered as a preferred example of same and that various changes may be resorted .to without departing from the spirit of `the invention or thev scope of the subjoined claims.v

What I claim and desire'to secure by United States Letters Patent is: l

V1. A welt shoe construction comprising an insole provided with a. lip, an upper secured to the insole, and an outsole, a flexible and yieldable viiller between the insole and the outsole, a multiplicity of perforations in the insole in an area 55 thereof ndjacentlthe" ball of the foot o! a wearer. and toe thereof, s. plurality ot slashes in the lip and a vitality -of slashes in the lip at opposite at opposite sides o! the peri'orations, and ailexible of the perforated area. 'mier disposed within the contines of the lip and An insole fo welt shoes ,comprising n body `extending from the shank to the toe of the body 5 portion having a lip projecting downwardly adiaportion. -cent the margin thereof, a. multiplicity oi' perion- WILLIAM H. GOODYEAR. tionsinthebodyportion intermediate theshank

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U.S. Classification36/3.00B, 36/28, 36/17.00R, 36/30.00A, 36/22.00R
International ClassificationA43B9/06, A43B9/00
Cooperative ClassificationA43B9/06
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