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Publication numberUS2074248 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 16, 1937
Filing dateJan 18, 1936
Priority dateJan 18, 1936
Publication numberUS 2074248 A, US 2074248A, US-A-2074248, US2074248 A, US2074248A
InventorsBarbour Herbert C
Original AssigneeBarbour Herbert C
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Holder for a glass, tooth brushes, and a paste tube
US 2074248 A
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" "Marhla 1937. r H Q BMQBOUR` 2,074,248


` 20 and thus prevent i at structthe device that '45 thisfparticular shape.

Patented Mar.. 16, 1937 s, 'roo'.rninusnss, t

TUBE Y t n Y Herbert darbounmraso; Tex. e, Application January 1s,193e,seria1-N0.59,'149 aclantis'. c1.24s`1os)` -This inventionrelates to an accessory for the bathroomand consists of 9. holder adaptedto be firmly secured againsty a wall or other support and serve to hold `a glass and also as a holder for e tube of tooth paste.` t.

. `Another object of the invention isto `provide the improvedholder with improved means closingthe open end of a tube of toothpaste applied t to the holder, the meansfor closingthe'neck of 10,the tube also serving as lmeans Yfor A,supporting a tooth brush inposition beneath the'neckof `the tubegand allowing' the brush to be slidlongitue e dnally under theV neck soithat the paste will `be evenly distributed along the brushes it issqueezed @strom the tuba Another object Vof the invention `is to sol con` structand mount theV tube closure `and brush ,support that its=downward movement away from the neckof the tube will be` guided `and limited it from being bent out of shape `liyexcessive pressure proper position yto close the neck ofthe tube when `released by removal of the brush. w u f t i t ,Another object ofthe invention is to so cona glass may be very easily set ine-placenorgremoved from a ring-:which supports toothbrushes not in use and prevents a glassfronnbecoming wedgedinto place` y i Another objectg of the invention is to so con- 30 -structiths device that it may be formed of `sheet metal and thus manufactured at a low costand soldat a reasonable price. i t y I` l i The `invention is Villustrated in; the accompanying drawirlmwherein A Figure holden Y e i. t l e `Figure `2 is a sectional view taken vertically throughthe same. e l' ,4 e, Figure 3 is a'sectional `view taken transversely 40 through theholder along` the line 3--3aof Figure2. i i i This improved holderincludes fa hat Vbody I formedeof Vsheet metal and preferably circular in shape although. it is not essential thatit have It is, however, essential that the ilatbody have its intermediate portion cut` out to `form` a circular opening 2 `to receive a glass suchas shown :in dotted lines and indi'- catedby `the numeral 3. An arm' or tongue 4 50 projects radially from the annular bodyand adjacent the body isbent `downwardly toforxn a depending bracket 5 having openings 6 formed therein to receive screws or equivalent fasteners 1 bywhich theY holder is to be held in place 55 againsta wall. Arms or strips which are formed integral ,with the annular body atopposite sides vof the opening 2 are bent downwardly and at their lower ends are bent inwardly to form feet 9 projectingtowardieachother and adapted to en- 60 gage under a glass and support the same. In

and failing to return to its projects radially from lis a perspective view ofthe vimproved view of thefact that when the tongues or strips 8 are bent downwardly they project slightly into as infimes-ICE f i thelcircle definedby the annular body, a glass` will be prevented from having contact with the inner'annular edge of the body when set in place and, therefore, even a vented from having wedging fit in the glass receiving openingiwhichwould prevent easy removal of the glass.

This annularbody isintended to serve as a holder for a number of toothbrushes andftherefore, it has been cut from its outer marginal edge to form a plurality nerend portions Il serving as brush receiving sockets.l `Each slot has a flared outer end portion I2 defining an inwardlyiitapered entrance and, therefore, abrush `may have its handle passed easily through' one ofthe slots into the sockets formed by the enlarged inner end portion thereof `where `it will be suspended and prevented from accidentally slipping out of place.` A tongue i3 the annular body at the opposite sides thereof from and through thisltongue is formed an opening i4, theportion of the tongue through which the opening is formed'being thickened, as shown'at I5, and the opening being preferably'threaded in order that the threaded neck i6 of a tube i1 containing tooth paste may be vthreaded through the opening vfrom the upper end thereof and thus support the tube in an upright position' with the lower endliof the neck .projecting downwardly .fromxthe opening a `slriort distance, as clearly shown in Figure 2. i When the tube of paste isap- `plied/tothe holder, the cap originally closing its neck is discarded so that it will not be in the way and fhave to'be removed whenever tooth paste is to be discharged from the tube. rItv isimportarit` that the neck closedduring intervals between use of the tooth paste and thus prevent the tooth paste from drying. i In order to `close the tube there hasbeen provided a.v yoke |8 formed of :resilient sheet metal and having its `arms i9 and 20 extending upwardly from its* bridge which extends' diamettapered glass will be preof slots Ill having enlarged in4 the mounting bracket of "the tube be f rically of the glass receiving opening transversely e of the dependingarms or strips B and inla'plane lower than the inturned end portions 9 lof the arms 8 so that when a glass -i`s` se't in place and rests upon the feet 9 it will be supported above the bridge of the yoke.l The" upper end portion of the anni!! is bent outwardly to forman attaching portion 2| which is firmly secured against the under face of the annular body and adjacent portion of the tongue 4 bybolts 'or equivalent fasteners 22.1l Therefore, the yoke will be very firmly secured to the annular body of the holder but may be swung` downwardly so that the arm 2D will be movedV downwardly along the strip 23 carried by the annular body of the holder and passing downmal position, the yoke will be in the proper position for the extension 3| to enter and close the 'Y lower;4 end of the neck of the tube. Pressure exerted upon the tube by turning of the key will discharge paste outwardlyfbntlip 26 fat "the upper efndfor the opening 24 and thus prevent downward' exing of the yoke beyond the positionindicated by A dotted lines in Figure 2 and also prevent disengagement of this portion of the yoke from the strip 23. The upper portion of the arm 20 of the yoke is bent outwardly, as shown at 21, to form a tongue which has its free end portion .remove all surplus tooth Having thus described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A device of the character described comprising a body adapted to be connected with a support and formed with an opening adapted to receive the stem of a tube and support the tube in an upright position over the body with the neck serves as a support for a tooth brush 30 'when the tooth brush is in position to receive paste and When this device is in use it a wall or other support by the ls secured against lwhen 1n a normal position, said arm having an ly applied to the upwardly inclined end portion or lip 28 of the tongue 21 and disposed transversely thereof. Pressure is then applied to this projecting end portion of the tongue 21 to force of the ybill with the tongue carrying arm.

3. A device of the character described compris- HERBERT C. HARBOUR.

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U.S. Classification248/108, 211/65, 211/75, 248/311.3, D06/531, 248/111
International ClassificationA47K1/08
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European ClassificationA47K1/08