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Publication numberUS2075451 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1937
Filing dateMay 11, 1935
Priority dateMay 11, 1935
Publication numberUS 2075451 A, US 2075451A, US-A-2075451, US2075451 A, US2075451A
InventorsEdwin S Mix
Original AssigneeHickok Mfg Co Inc
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Wrist watch adapter
US 2075451 A
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' WRIST WATCH ADAPTER Filed May 11, 1935 Patented Mar. 30, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE Manufacturing Company,

Inc., Rochester,

N. Y., a corporation of New York Application May 11,

1 Claim.

The present invention relates generally to watches and watch guards and more especially to watches in connection with guards of that type supported at their upper ends through the but- 5 tonholes of coat lapels so that the watches may be carried in the upper outside coat pockets.

The increasing popularity of such guards, more especially those of strap form for use with sport attire for their pleasingly ornamental appear- 10 ance is limited to some extent by the fact that up to the present time they have been confined to use with pocket or bow watches, and it is the primary object of my invention to enlarge their field of use by adapting wrist watches to be car- 15 ried thereby with equal facility and ease as compared with the ordinary bow or pocket watches.

It is a further object to provide means for adapting wrist watches to the above use which will match up ornamentally with strap guards, as well as a means permitting of the use of either the present snap-on guard or a special guard with which the adapter is a permanent part.

It is moreover an object of my invention to 5 provide an adapter capable of effective use with wrist watches irrespective of variations in the size and shape of the watch cases, it being well known that wrist watches, especially those worn by men, are all provided with spaced apart end lugs and 30 strap or connecting bars between said lugs, each held in place by endwise projecting pintles spring-extended into openings of the lugs and shiftable to permit removal of the bars in the well known manner.

In the accompanying drawing, which forms a part of this specification, and in which I have shown the best mode so far devised for carrying my invention into practical effect:

Fig. 1 is a partial front view illustrating the 40 practical use of a strap guard.

Fig. 2 is a rear view of such guard in connection with a wrist watch having my improved adapter.

Fig. 3 is a rear view of the watch and adapter 5 f Fig. 2.

Fig. 4 is a side View thereof.

Referring now to Figs. 1 to 4, inclusive, I have shown in the first two figures, a watch guard A consisting of a strap in connection with the lower 50 end of which a ring a is supported. Suspended from this ring are a swivel a and a snap hook a the latter being ordinarily employed to engage the bow of a pocket watch. As stated, the guard A is of strap form, its upper end forming a 55 tongue a which in use, is extended forwardly 1935, Serial No. 21,055

through the buttonhole b of a coat lapel B and adapted for adjustable engagement with a buckle a with which the intermediate portion of the strap is provided.

To accord with the ornamental aspect of the guard A, as well as to permit of, and facilitate the carrying a wrist watch in connection with such a guard, the invention proposes an adapter for such watches consisting of a strap I!) having a buckle II at one end with a strap loop l2 around the same adjacent to said buckle. The strap I0 is of a width adapting the same to pass between the ends of a wrist watch D and the pintle bars 13 and 14 thereof which, as is usual, are held in place by extension of their endwise projecting spring contracted pintle pins within apertures in the spaced apart end lugs l5 of the watch case.

Thus, with the buckle ll adjacent to the upper end of the watch, the strap is first passed from front to rear between the watch case and the upper pintle bar [3, then downwardly along the rear face of the case, and thence forwardly between the lower end of the case and the lower pintle bar M. The strap It then reverts around the lower pintle bar and upwardly along the rear of the case over the previously applied portion thereof, and its apertured tongue end l6, after being passed through the retaining loop at the rear of the buckle, is engaged with the buckle in such manner as to form a ring holding loo-p l1, plainly shown in Fig. 4, adapted to receive and hold a ring [8 for the reception of the snap hook a of the guard.

Thus, since the adapter strap I0 is adjustable, it is obvious watches of different lengths may be readily and conveniently accommodated and easily and quickly attached to the guard, so as to be suspended with the watch face entirely exposed to view and in a manner which anyone may accomplish without the use of special tools.

Obviously the adapter as described may be matched with the guard both as to material and ornamentation, and the adapter constitutes an effective and efficient means adapting a wrist watch to be carried in the upper outside coat pocket with a lapel attached guard.

What is claimed is:-

In combination with a wrist watch of the type having pintle bars at the ends thereof, an adapter consisting of a strap extending between the said bars and the watch at each end thereof and along the watch between the bars and reversely along the watch from one of the end bars to and extended beyond the other end bar and. forming inner and outer plies, a buckle attached to the end of the inner ply of the adapter strap and located adjacent the watch, the extended end of the outer ply of the adapter strap 5 being reversed to form a loop and adjustably held. by the buckle, and a strap loop embracing both the inner and outer plies of the adapter strap for holding the same contiguous to the watch and also receiving the free end of the adapter strap after the same has been passed through the buckle.


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U.S. Classification224/180, 968/351, 224/903, D10/32, 24/265.0AL
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