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Publication numberUS2075529 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 30, 1937
Filing dateMar 22, 1935
Publication numberUS 2075529 A, US 2075529A, US-A-2075529, US2075529 A, US2075529A
InventorsSpencer Leubrie
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Juvenile book
US 2075529 A
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S. LEUBRIE JUVENILE BOOK Filed March 22,' 1935 March 30, 1937.

` lNvENToR .5pence/Le0br1e i BY Patented Mar. 30, 1937 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 6 Claims.

The present invention relates to improvements in tracing books of amusement and educational value more particularly designed for the use of juveniles.

While the following disclosure deals especially with books as above described, books incorporating some or all of the features hereinafter disclosed may be profitably employed in other elds. In the mercantile eld, they may be used as 10 order books and sales books; in schools or technical professions, as note books, etc.

The invention contemplates the provision of a book incorporating at least two major sections, one section comprising bound sheets embellished with drawings, paintings, diagrams, etc.; and

the other comprising bound sheets of tracing paper or the like arranged so that the top sheet of the latter section may be superimposed on either surface of any of the sheets of the firstmentioned section whereby the user may trace upon said top sheet of tracing paper, the illustration on the sheet which it is superimposed on.

More specifically, the invention contemplates the provision of a book in which one section of sheets is bound along one edge and another section of transparent sheets is bound along another edge so that the topmost sheet of the latter section may be superimposed on either surface of any of the sheets of the first-mentioned section,

said sections being each bound to a common member.

The invention further contemplates the provision of a book structure as above described in which is incorporated one or more sheets of carbon paper or the like, hinged along a line other than the mentioned bindings whereby said carbon paper may be associated with the other sheets when manifold copies are desired.

Other contemplated features of the invention such as the provision of binding means particularly adapted to the purposes of the invention; the provision of means to replace a' used up section in a quick and facile manner, etc., will become more readily apparent from the following specification and the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a top view of a book constructed in accordance with this invention.

Fig. 2 is a view in perspective of the book arranged for use.

Fig. 3 is a similar view of said book showing another condition of use.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary sectional detail view showing an alternate form of book structure.

Fig. 5 is a perspective View of a sheaf or stack of tracing paper as disclosed in Fig. 4.

Fig. 6 is an open plan view, partly broken, of a book incorporating carbon paper.

Describing the drawing in greater detail, and 5 with particular reference to Figs. 1, 2 and 3, the book comprises the two major sections I0 and II.

The section I0 preferably comprises a plurality of sheets I2, bound together as by means of the spiral binding or the like I3 so that the section may be opened between any of the sheets to lay fiat without bulging at the binding.

The section I0 is preferably bound together with a member I4 of somewhat greater thickness to afford rigidity to the book.

The section II is preferably comprised of a sheaf or stack of tracing sheets I5 bound together and to the backing member I4 by a spiral binding I6. In the present instance, this binding is preferably disposed at right angles to the binding I3 although it may be disposed parallel thereto if desired.

Some or all of the sheets I2 of the section I0 may bear on one or both surface illustrations or the like as indicated at I l. These may beV 25 in outline or colored; or may be diagrams or maps such as may be utilized in technical fields or in the study of geography, anatomy, etc.

From the foregoing, it is apparent that if any illustration, diagram or map is to be traced, the 30 section IIJ is opened to expose said illustration and the topmost sheet of the sheaf of tracing paper is superimposed over said exposed illustration, either as shown in Fig. 2 when the illustration is on the right hand side of the opened section or as shown in Fig. 3 when the illustration is on the left hand side.

After being so used, the sheet of tracing paper may be torn out of its binding I6 or may be thrown around to the back of the member I4 to expose for use the next sheet I5 of the sheaf The improvement illustrated in Figs. 4 and 5 comprises the book structure above described with the added feature which comprises means to quickly replace a used up sheaf of tracing paper. This sheaf I5 is bound together at I6 with a short relatively stiff auxiliary sheet I8 designed to be removably attached at I9 to* the backing sheet I4 of the book as by the means f shown at 20. In this form of book structure, it is apparent that the section Ill of the book may remain intact at all times and that the sheaf I5 which has been used may, without mutilation, be stored away for future use or reference.

In certain instances, it may be desired to obtain more than one copy or tracing of the subject on any of the sheets I2. In that event, a structure such as shown in Fig. 6 may be employed. This structure is as above described with the addition of one or more sheets of carbon paper or the like 2| secured to a portion of the book such as I4 in a manner whereby it may be disposed o-ver the face of any one of the sheets I2 or I5. In this manner, also', copies of illustrations may be made not only on the thin tracing sheets I5 but also on the heavier sheets I2, some of which may be blank for the purpose. This book structure particularly lends itself to use as an order, sales or copy book as previously set forth.

While the invention has been shown and described in several of its preferred embodiments, immaterial structural changes may bemade` by those skilled in the art Without departing from the spiritv and' scope of the invention. The' prior art, therefore, rather than this specificv disclosure should' determine the scope of the following claims.

1. A book of the character described comprising a backing member, at least two sheafs` of sheets, one of said sheafs consisting of transparent sheets only and binding means uniting each sheaf to a different edge of saidV backing member for rotation through a complete angle of 360 whereby any selected transparent sheet of one sheaf'may be superimposed on any selected surface of any oneof thel sheetsY of the other sheaf in a ilat, unstressed and undisturbed state.

2; A book of thecharacter described comprising a backing member, a sheaf of sheets each having' a-n illustration onV both of its faces, a spiral binding uniting said sheaf to one edgefof the backing member, a sheaf of transparent sheets and another spiral binding uniting said latter sheaf to an edge of said backing member at` right angles to the first-mentionedV binding edge whereby any-selected transparent sheet may be arranged in contact with either illustration on any selected sheet of the first-mentionedr sheaf.

3. A book of the character described comprising a backing member, a sheaf of illustration bearing sheets bound along one edge of the backing member for rotation relatively thereto through an angleL of 360 free of distortion and stress, an auxiliary separate backing member, a-

sheaf of transparent sheets-boundv along one edge of said auxiliary memberv for rotation relatively thereto through an angle of 360, and means to removably unite the adjacent edges of said backing members toy each otherk and to the sheaf of transparent sheets whereby any transparent sheet may be superimposed in a at' and undisturbedV state over either surfaceA of any illustrated sheet.

4. In a book, a first series of sheets each having markingsA on both faces thereof, a backing sheet, spiral means forv separably bindingl said rst series of sheets along corresponding edges thereof to a corresponding edge of the backing sheet whereby said rst series of sheets are hinged to swing through an angle of 360 in one direction relatively to the backing sheet, a series of blank transparent sheets, and spiral means for separably binding corresponding edges of the blank transparent sheets to an adjacent edge of the backing sheet whereby the blank transparent sheets are hinged to swing: through an angle of 360 in a different direction relatively to the backing sheet and any selected one of the blank transparent sheets may be superimposed upon either selected face of any selected one of the rst series of sheets, said binding means securing said sheets to the backing member to form a unitary structure.

5. In a copying book, a plurality of illustrated sheets each bearing on each of the faces thereof an illustration to be copied to provide twice as many illustrations as there are illustrated'. sheets, a pluralityof blank transparent copy sheets, each of said copy sheets being of l'ess Width than'l that ofthe illustrated sheets, a backing member for the copy sheets, said backing member being of greater width than that of the copy sheets, said copy sheets and said backing member having registering spaced perforati'ons in the adjacent end: edges thereof, a spiral binding passing through' said perforationsg said' backing member having spaced perforations along a side edge thereof' beyond the adjacent side edges of the copysheets, andsaidillustrated-sheets having a series of corresponding spaced perforations along the corresponding side edges'- thereof adjacentv the perforated side edge of the backing member, and a second spiral binding passing through the sideV edge perforations of the' illus-I trated sheets andv of the backing member where-- by on rotation of said sheets and" said' backing.

member on said spiral bindings through the' proper angle andfin the proper direction any selected copy sheet may be superposed in: afiat, unstressed, and? undistorted state on a. selected face of a selected one of the illustrated sheets.

6; A- book of the character described-comprising abacking member, a sheaf of transparent' sheets, a spiral binding-'uniting said sheaf: to'an endedge of thebacking member, a second' sheaf' of sheets each bearing illustrations on both` faces` thereof, a second backing member separateffromA the rst backing member, and a second spiral binding uniting a sid'e edge' of thesecond shear to a side edge of the second backing memberand also joining the adjacent sid'e edges-of said backing members together whereby said.-l members may be relatively rotated througha` comiplete angle of 360- w-hile both of' said members remain flat andundistorted and whereby any selected transparent sheet mayl be` superposed in a ilatf state throughout on either face of anyselected illustration bearing sheet.


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